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Specials available from KEN'S:
Power Cords (50 styles stocked)
CBH2BP cigar liter plug power cord 2 pin
RM2PPC nice HD 2 pin power cord with fuseholder
SCAN-AC AC power cord scanners/boom boxes etc
SP-6 USA-made 8 Amp cigar liter plug
CB Mounting Brackets (many sizes available)
RMK-6 Metric 6MM mount knobs hold CB's to bracket
C-519 StainlessSteel 4-5/8" bracket for small CB's
WV-110034 gray mount bracket for 5-5/8" wide CB's
C-525 bracket for Cobra 25 & other 6-1/4" wide CB's
TR/C chrome mount bracket for 6-3/8" wide CB's
C-529 bracket for Cobra 29 & other 7-1/4" wide CB's
C29-X extra long heavy duty mount for 7-1/4" wide CB's
DX-1 bracket for 8" wide "Exports" & SSB Cobra 148
510009 bracket 8" wide old Robyn 510, Cobra 138
DX-X extra long heavy duty mount bracket for 8" CB's
GT/SX-401024 bracket for 8-1/2" wide CB radios
B-2030 adjustable screw-down swivel floor hump mount
Microphone Stuff
M4 Robyn relay switch mic (compatible Export CB's)
T240 Robyn ceramic mic for tube radios, CBC4 plug
410 Robyn mic, has up/down buttons, volume, CBC6 plug
CBC4M chrome popular 4 pin mic plug screw-lock
CBC4Y mic plug 4 pin "Y" shaped old Lafayette/Courier
CB5DF mic plug 5 pin twist-lok Craig/Johnson/Regency
CBC5 mic plug 5 pin fits many Sideband CB's
CBC6 mic plug 6 pin fits RCI 2950/2970
P5D DIN mic plug 5 pin for Realistic & cheapie CB's
70-222 Coiled Microphone Cord 6 wire 7ft stretched
MC-9C Coiled Microphone Cord 6 wire 9ft stretched
TEC-70 Long Coiled Mic Cord 4 cond 10ft stretched
E-Cobra Electret Mic Cartridge 10MM x 7MM
ECM-1-Ramsey Electret Mic Cartridge 10MM x 4.5MM
NC-Carol Dynamic Noise Cancel Cartridge 26MM X 13MM
S-Shokai Dynamic 500ohm Cartridge 32MM x 20MM
U-95-Uniden Dynamic Cartridge 28MM front x 23MM
W-Superstar Dynamic Cartridge 40MM x 19MM
Pilot Lights (125 lites avail)
L-BB123 micro-mini screw-in 13V 35Ma lites
E-13 grain-wheat 13V 75Ma 5.5MM X 14MM wire lead
CBL-1 grain-wheat 13.5V 100Ma 4.8 X 13MM wirelead
CBL-2 grain-wheat 13.5V 100Ma 4.2 X 10MM wirelead
FTB-14 fuse style lite, use to check CB's for shorts!
ML1224 grain-wheat 13.8V 60Ma 3.2 X 8MM wire lead
76-73 push-in FordCarRadio, RegencyScan, TexasStar
WV-DIAL axial lead dial lites 13V 75Ma
RBW-6V Robyn Blue Wire 6.3V 75Ma pilot lite, 2950
Channel Readouts (60 types stocked)
LED-3074 RedDualDigit 18pin (+/A) =FND6710, LL2253
LB402DA Orange 16 pin Common Annode chan disp
LB402MA Green 16 pin Common Annode chan disp
LB402VA Red 16 pin Common Annode chan display
LB402 =TLR321,LDG202,LTD482,UR202,SEA4612
TLR306 single digit 10 pin com annode (+) ch disp
Modulation & Power Transformers
110004 Robyn sub=TF129 for 25&29GTL/LTD & PC66/76
E35-002 ModXmf Pace123A RobynTR123C Surveyor2300
240011 TubePwr GTX5000 Comstat35 T123B T240D "T"
TF085 SSBpwrXmfr 139XLR, SB520D, Washington
Replacement Meters
240038 T240D S/RF meter fits many other tube base CBs
702003 WATT meter for Robyn MT-702 wattmeter
702004 SWR/MOD meter for Robyn MT-702 wattmeter
703003 SWR meter for Robyn MT-703 wattmeter
703004 MOD meter for Robyn MT-703 wattmeter
Cobra 2000: use 702 or 703 series; transplant scale/face
Relays Relay Information (100 types stocked)
240017 open frame 110VDC 3PDT Tube CB, linears
401013-S (=MH4P) for CB's & linears 12VDC 4PDT
Replacement Speakers (30 types/sizes)
G4AF1 square 4" speaker fits Cobra 25 & 29
R2.5SP round Robyn 2-1/2" speaker
R3.5SPS square Robyn 3-1/2" speaker
Service Info, Schematics, Layout, Alignment (3000 manuals avail)
Sams Manual Stock List
21LTDclassic & 19LTDclassic schematic, partslist
25GTL-LTD & PC66 +repair notes
29GTL-LTD & PC76 +repair notes
148GTL & Grant +repair notes +slide +chan
Connex-Galaxy EPT360014B schem & repair note pak
TRC453 & PC122 +repair notes +slide info
Other Manuals cost X number of pages available at
Black Book Of CB Linears (60 schematics)
Red Book Of CB Modification & Repair
Orange Book Of Police Scanner Repair
Yellow Book: Beginning CB Repair
Antenna Stuff
CPL259-1 Crimp PL259 Connector For RG58/AU Coax
CPL259-17 Crimp PL259 Connector for Mini-8 & RG59
F71-063 Pushon PL259 SWR/Watt Connector For RG58
A3WAM-P Mirror/Camper 4-bolt Bracket 3/8-24 to PL259
3FCC-PFPF Coax Assembly 3 ft with Pushon connectors
17FRC-PP Coax Assembly 17ft PL259 to angle PL259
S-RAS Small Barrel Antenna Spring 1/4-20 thread
CB Modification Stuff
SMSP-Kit SuperModulator SwingParts +Instructions
VTB-Kit Variable Talkback control +Instructions
TCS-SM35 Toggle Crystal Switch (1 orig + 1 new)
TCS-SM65 Toggle Crystal Switch (2 orig + 2 new)
TCS-SM96 Toggle Crystal Switch (3 orig + 3 new)
TCS-SM126 Toggle Crystal Switch (4 orig + 4 new)
10TS-Kit TenTurn Slider Pot, Choke +Instructions
SS-Kit Super Slider extended range choke +Instructions
Spec-Xtal Synthesis & PLL Crystals CB Xtal List
Integrated Circuits (1000 types stocked)
TA7205AP audio IC older Cybernet CB's
TA7217AP replace KIA7205 & K!A7217 Korean CB's
TA7222AP audio IC in many mobile & base CB's
TDA2002 common 5 pin TO220 IC in cheap/small CB's
UPC1242H audio IC in 146GTL, TRC453, PRO540e
UPC1182H audio IC in many SSB & export CB's
Transistors and Diodes (3000 types stocked)
PPD125 polarity protect diode fits most CB radios
2N3055 pass transistor T0-3 15A for reg pwr supplies
2N3904 general purpose NPN small signal transistor
2N4401 general purpose NPN small signal transistor
2N4402 general purpose PNP small signal transistor
2SA473 PNP voltage & modulat regulator SSB CB's
2SB754 PNP modulation regulator in export units
2SC495 RF driver transistor in many older AM CB's
2SC799 RF output transistor for many old CB's
2SC1061 pass/regulator transistor in older SSB CB's
2SC1096 audio output or RF driver in older CB's
2SC1226 RF driver or audio output in older CB's
2SC1419 NPN regulator pass/modulation in SSB CB's
2SC1674 small signal NPN transistor
2SC1678 AM RF output transistor in 40 chan CB's
2SC1728 AM RF driver transistor 23 & 40 chan CB's
2SC1973 RF buffer transistor for many SSB CB's
2SC1969 SSB RF output for many SSB CB's
2SC2166 AM RF output or SSB driver transistor
2SC2314 popular recent CB AM RF driver transistor
2SD235 regulator pass or audio output transistor
2SD471 small regulator pass transistor
Final-235 AM final or SSB driver (sub for 2SC1306)
Final-236 SSB final (sub for 2SC1307)

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