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Complete Non-Power Dynamic Hand Microphones
CEA-M3-CBC4 relay switching dynamic mic Robyn GT-7 GT-7B K-123 SX101 SX102 SX102B SX102D TR123D XL-1 XL-2 $19.98
CEA-401-MIC Dynamic 500 ohm, PTT=Relay switching, Mic Gain Knobl, CBC4 Robyn SX-401 $19.98
CEA-410-R-MIC Robyn GT410D microphone Up & Down buttons, Mic Volume, CBC6 plug $22.98
CEA-TRC476-410R fits Realistic TRC476: Dynamic Microphone, up & down buttons, P5D plug $32.98
DM-507A Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, Superstar "Group-A" CBC4 Dynamic Microphone $14,62
CEA-DM-507B old Midland & Cybernet CB's "Group-B" CBC4 Dynamic Microphone $20,62
CEA-BR-ROBYN AM500D, DG30, LB23, SB510D, SB520D, SX007, WV23 CBC4 Dynamic $24.62
CEA-BR-Robyn fits Midland 13-898/B, Ross CB1000, Royce 1-600 -601 -612 -620 -621 -625 -632 -648 -653 -673 -675 604 608 619
DM-507C Midland, Cobra, Uniden 5-pin DIN CB's Dynamic "C3/4" Microphone $25.04
CEA-DM-507D old Realistic & Sears CB's 5-pin DIN Dynamic Mic "Group-D" $25,34
CEA-CBM-5E Cobra, Uniden SSB CB's CBC-5 5-pin Dynamic Microphone "Group-E" $25.10
PH-CM43A Casket Style Dynamic 600 ohm 5 wire isolated common; no plug $20.30
CBM-2C ($17.80)
CBM-5C ($17.64)
CBM-5M ($15.87)
CBM-85C Professional Quality Casket Style Dynamic Midland/Cobra/Uniden P5D DIN plug ($24,80)
400 Buckeye Astatic Dynamic small hand microphone
DELCO-5 Delco/GM mic with round 5-pin 2505M plug; 70's/80's GM cars ($19.98)
DELCO-16 Delco; channel readout, squelch, Round 16-pin plug, 70's/80's GM cars ($29.98)
CEA-PM3-CBC4 Group P Pace CB-113 -144 -145 -161 -162 -166, 1000B 1000M 8041 8046 $25.98
CEA-PS-M33 Pearce Simpson Bearcat23/B, BengalSSB, CheetahSSB CBC3 Dynamic Mic $28.98
CEA-PS-M33 fits Cougar23, Director23, PantherSSB, SimbaSSB, Tiger23, Regency CR123B
CEA-LAF-43R Lafayette HB640 -740 -750 -940 -950, Telsat SSB-75 -80 -100 P5D dynamic $32.98
CEA-LAF-43R fits SSB-120 -140, Micro 223A -723 Telsat-1000 -1050 -1140 Questor Mark I
CEA-SBE-M4S SBE-6CB -7CB -8CB -10CB -11CB -12CB -14CB -16CB -18CB -21CB -26CB -29CB -30CB -41CB -42CB -44CB -45CB dynamic mic $22.98
CEA-PACE-TM46D 10-2 100ASA CB123A CB133 CB143; Surveyor 2100 2300 P6D hand mic $26.98
CR10-82 Dynamic 500 ohm Hand Mic, Music Mute Relay/PTT cartridge =77-80 Motorola CB's $20.50
CEA-M4I-PP3B dynamic Push-to-talk 500 ohm HandMic 1/4" 3-conductor plug $26.98
CEA-M4I-PP3B fits Cobra 138/A, Courier Caravelle/II, Centurion, Conqueror/II, Gladiator
CEA-M4I-PP3B fits Courier Sparton, Fanon Fanfare 350F, 880, Regency CR123, HR2MS
CEA-Group Q Dynamic hand microphone CB5DF; Craig 4101, 4102, 4103, 4104, 4201, L101 $34.98
M4-MICT240R-MIC410-R-MICDM507 series

Noise Cancelling Microphones for CB's in Noisy Semi-Tractors
VA-CBM74C Noise Cancelling mic "Group-A" CBC4 Cobra & Uniden CB's $27,94
NH2000B Noise cancelling mic similar to RK56

Electret Condenser Microphones for Low Priced CB Radios
CBM-2EC Gray Pushbar Electret Condenser "Group-A" CBC4 Cobra & Uniden Cheapie CB's $16,50
CBM-5EC Gray Pushbar Electret Condenser "Group-C-Electret" P5D Cobra & Uniden Cheapie $16,20

Replacement Microphones for Fixed-Mount VHF Marine Boat Radios
CEA-MTX100M3 Realistic MTX100 VHF marine radio; Dynamic 500 ohm; CBC4 plug $29.98
CEA-MTX100M3 also works on 4-pin version King VHF-7000 marine VHF radios
CEA-MC680 Dynamic CBC4 President MC480, MC580, MC610, MC680, MC690, MC722; Regency Polaris MT5510XL, MT6000XL $34.98
CEA-MC680 also fits Apelco 82, VXL9100; Sea Ranger 7800, Ray Jefferson 5000, 5900(Saturn), 6700, 7878 VHF-FM Marine, Clear Channel Ranger AR3500-M4
CEA-SMR780 CBC4 Dynamic 500 ohm; SMR Stryker 550, 780; Hy-Seas 12, 55 Marine VHF $29.98
CEA-K7001M5 Dynamic 500 ohm: CBC5 plug 5-pin King VHF-7000 & 7001 Marine Radio $34.98
CEA-PolarisM45 Regency BTH MT5300 MT5500 MT6500 XL2000 Dynamic 500 ohm; CB5DF $37.98
CEA-RAY-400-Mic Dynamic 500 ohm CB5DF microphone Raytheon RAY400 Loudhailer PA $39.98
Click here for Microphones wired ready to use on Ham Radios
Headsets & Tour Bus Public Address microphones
CEA-XLR4F-BUS-PA replace Coach Series Greyhound & charter bus PA Push To Talk; hook-lock plug $39.98
CEA-DLX-CBC4-BUS-PA better quality hand mic fits recent Jensen/Voyager tourbus PA system $34.98
CEA-CBC4-BUS-PA basic replacement Jensen/Voyager BVMH01M tourbus PA mic screw-lock plug $24.98
CEA-CRC-103M-401 Handheld tour/schoolbus PA Dynamic 500 ohm, Volume Knob, screw-lock plug $29.98
CEA-CBC4E-CBC4-10F ten-ft coiled extension cable use to extend CBC4-BUS-PA microphone $27.95
CEA-CBC4E-XLR4F ten-ft coiled adaptor cable use CBC4-BUS-PA on XLR4 PA system $33.95
CEA-XLR4F-10F-XLR4M ten-ft coiled extension cable use to extend XLR4F-BUS-PA microphone $33.83
CR15-144 Headset: 32 ohm stereo headphone, 300 ohm dynamic microphone $33.00
PH70-025 Computer Headset (Headphones +Electret Condenser Microphone) with volume control $12.90
PH70-025 has pink 3-conductor 3.5MM mic plug and green 3-conductor headphone plug
PH70-020 Computer Gooseneck Electret Condenser microphone pink 3-conductor 3.5MM plug $7.96
M3-PA Push-to-Talk 500 ohm hand mic 1/4" mono plug; Restaurant PA replace Speco DM-520P $29.98
M3-PA compatible with Calrad, Philmore, Speco Mobile & dual (12VDC/117VAC) PA Amplifiers
Plug on CEA-XLR4F-BUS-PA    Plug on CEA-CBC4-BUS-PA

Click Here for pictures of many popular microphone plugs

Ceramic High Impedance mics
J123A-MIC Johnson Ceramic Hi-Z 6 wire hand microphone no plug $22.98
J-124M-MIC fits Johnson 40, 50, 80, 230, 250, 260, 270, 430, 4170, 4175
P5550 Astatic-made Pace 2300 Hi-Impedance CB4D similar shape--636 $24.98
P5550 fits Browning Eaglette, Eaglette-II, Pace CB76, DX2300B, 2300

DM-SS Silver Salute "Group-A" Cobra/Uniden desk power mic similar D104 Silver Eagle $99,98
DM-SS Silver Salute

Amplified "Power" & Echo Power Hand Microphones
custom rewiring available to fit other CB's (specify make/model)
CBM-34C Economy power handmic 1.5V battery "Group-A" CBC4 Cobra/Uniden ($21.70)
CBM-34M Economy power handmic 1.5V battery "Group-B" CBC4 Midland, Cybernet ($21.70)
CBM-35C Economy power handmic 1.5V battery "Group-C3/4" P5D Cobra, Uniden, Midland ($25,74)
CBM-35SB Economy power handmic 1.5V battery "Group-E" CBC5--SSB Cobra/Uniden ($24,27)
DM-452A =CBM6CE Echo 9V Power Hand Microphone "Group-A" CBC4 Cobra/Uniden $44,42
DM-452C =CBM65CE Echo 9V Power Hand Mic "Group-C3/4" P5D Midland/Cobra/Uniden $44,85
D104M6B Astatic Power Hand Mic unwired (requires 9V battery) $49.98
D104M6B-DX1 Power 9V hand mic "Group-A" CBC4 Cobra & Uniden $54.98
CBM-34 & CBM-35DM-452 EchoDM-1000 Echo DM-2000EchoRogerBeepD104M6B

Tape Recorder Microphones
CTR-500DM Dynamic microphone, stop switch for portable cassette tape recorder $6.00
CR10-29 Dynamic 200 ohm mic, stop switch for portable cassette recorder $7.90
MD358 Dynamic low impedance mic, stop switch for portable cassette recorder $7.42

"Top Twenty" CB Microphone Wiring Information

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