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Ken's Electronics, (Wholesale & Retail Electrical and Electronic Repair Parts) Kalamazoo, Michigan

Customer comments: (selected from 8,500+ customer "thank-you" Emails)
11/18/2015 Thanks Ken. There's almost nobody left that provides the level of customer service as you do. Nice to talk to a human! -- Jack S. Washington, USA

11/17/2015 Thank you for the quick shipping. I just tried the switch in my broken ceiling fan. After all my grief buying and trying switches from local hardware stores which did not work, I now understand the differences, due to the guidance on your website. Your site and part was exactly what I needed. I will spread the good word about your business. -- Mark R. Virginia, USA

About Ken and how he got started in business:
Ken's interest in electronics started in 1959 because he liked to read. His father taught him about bicycles, small engines, go-karts, etc and occasionally purchased magazines including Mechanix Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and Science & Mechanics. A retired teacher gave Ken more of these, along with a collection of 1954-1959 Popular Electronics. Ken read the "Carl & Jerry" column by John T. Frye and was fascinated by the escapades of these fictional characters, as they learned about and used electronic stuff in these stories. Ken built some test equipment kits and started fixing old (now antique) BC/SW radios for neighbors.
In college, Ken worked as the Electronics Lab Assistant fixing test equipment and helping other students understand what they were doing during lab classes.
Ken got his Commercial Radiotelephone Operator's License and was offered a job as installer at a business radio store. Ken's father encouraged him to get a tax license and run an electronic repair business at home. Three years later. a CB repair shop 15 miles away closed. Ken then rented the building and acquired the phone number of the defunct shop. A year later, Ken bought a building and moved (a half-block from the store that had offered him a job four years earlier).
In 1973, Ken moved to Kalamazoo. He soon needed help, so he trained a former TV repairman to fix CB's & had salesmen delivering CB's & accessories all over Michigan. Around 1980 the "CB boom" went bust! Ken phased out distribution of big ticket items, but continued selling parts to Repair Technicians. Ken put troubleshooting techniques & repair notes in his Commodore computer to help student technicians who were learning to fix CB radios, police scanners, & telephones. Numerous CB dealers asked Ken for technical advice, and he often gave them computer printouts of his repair notes to assist them. Eventually he organized the information into seven books. In 1997, kenselectronics.com went on the internet, making it easier for businesses and individuals to find electrical and electronic parts they needed!

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