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Coax Connectors for Antenna Wire
AD-259 adapter Motorola/RCA plug to SO239 socket
CPL259-1 Crimp/Solder PL259 Connector For RG58/AU Coax
CPL259-17 Crimp/Solder PL259 Connector for Mini-8 & RG59
F71-063 Push-on PL259 SWR/Watt PL259 Connector For RG58
83-58FCP Amphenol Fast Connect PL259 for RG58 (no special tool)
83-1SP-1RFX Amphenol "Military style" PL259 connector for RG8
UG176 (83-168) reducer for Military Style PL259 to RG8X & RG59
UG175 (83-185) reducer for Military Style PL259 to RG58/AU coax
951NPB adapter BNC male to SO239 for walkie talkies etc
PL-258 double female barrel connector
RA-259 right angle coax adapter PL259 to SO239
Click Here for more Coaxial Connectors and Adapters with Prices
951NPB adapterPL-258 connector

Coax Cable Assemblies for CB Antennas on Trucks and Automobiles

Replacement Antenna "stinger" tuning tiprods
TIP-2 Hustler straight 18" tiprod .100" diameter 2-meter 1/4 wave $4.00
QM-22 straight 22-1/4" tuning tip-rod .100" diameter ($6.00)
24SSW replacement straight 24" tuning tiprod .100" diameter ($4.75)
K-10 replacement 35" tiprod for K-30 magnet antenna out (use 36SSWT)
300122 Little Wil straight 36" tuning rod .100" diameter out not available
36SSWT tapered 36-1/2" tuning tiprod .100" diameter out
EV483 replacement straight 39-1/2" tuning tiprod .100" diameter
900817 Wilson Center Load 39-1/2" for Wilson 1000 cut =36.75" for K40 $16.99
900921 Wilson 10" Stainless extension shaft Wilson 2000 $8.25
SUB-151 Avanti tapered 46" tuning tiprod .125" diameter ($5,40)
MW-C348 tapered 48" tuning tiprod .100" diameter ($8.34)
900905 replacement Wilson 2000 tapered 49-1/2" tiprod .125" diameter $12,20
HYG-52 replacement tapered 52" tuning tiprod .120" diameter($9,00)
500106 Wilson 500 straight 54" vinyl tip tuning rod .125" diameter use HYG-52
56SSWT replacement tapered 56" tuning tiprod .100" diameter ($8,67)
K-100 "K-40" straight 57" tuning tiprod .125" diameter ($9,00)
W1000-62 Wilson 1000 tapered 62-1/2" tuning tiprod .125" diameter out-not available
W1000-66 Wilson 1000 tapered 66" tuning tiprod .125" diameter out-not available
1/4-FOA Whipholder for .100" rod with Fold-Over Adapter E70-414 $($7.98)
M-450 Quick Release 1/4-20 whip-holder for .100" rod $7.99
70-412 Swivel ball 1/4-20 fits A/S Mobile Maggie load coil ($5.98)
WEP-CB52A 3/8-24 Whip-Holder for .100" diameter antenna rod $4,20
WEP-DDB Black 3/8-24 Mini Whip-Holder for .100" diameter antenna rod US$2.64
AS-18 Chrome Plated Brass 3/8-24 whip-holder for .125" diameter rods drill WEP-CB52A to 1/8"
AS-149 3/8-24 Whip-Holder for .149" diameter rods ($4,20)
WEP-AS1 3/8-24 Whip-Holder for .200 diameter (102" antenna) rods ($4,20)

CB Walkie Talkie Replacement Antennas
KR-1WP-3/8-24 Rubber 10" CB WT Antenna with 3/8-24 threads$9,98
KR-1W-5/16-32 Rubber 10" CB WT Antenna 5/16-32 threads fits TRC-225 $9,98
KR-1BNC Rubber 10" CB WT antenna with BNC male connector $12,00
RI-W-1H 10-section WT, female (near 3MM) thread, length=6-1/2to47" diameter=.370"
RI-W-2H 11-section WT, female (near 3MM) thread, length=7-3/8to63-1/2" diameter=.450"
WEP-W-3H identical specifications to RI-W-1H Walkie-Talkie antenna
CAL-75-460 11-Section W-T Ant, Female (near 3MM) thread, length 6-1/4to54" diameter=.415"
CAL-75-470 13-Section WT Ant, Female (near 3MM) thread, length=5-1/4to47" diameter=.450" $5,55
CAL-75-471 Coil Load WT Ant, Female 3MM thread. length 7-3/4to46-1/2" diameter=.375" $9.90
DA-WAK-4C Coil Load WT Ant, similar CAL-75-471 but unthreaded sideways hole at bottom

Replacement K-40 Antenna parts
K100 antenna tiprod 57" straight .125 diameter whip (see tiprods above)
K200 replacement load coil with setscrew ($32.00)
K310 upper rubber washer ($1.00)
K320 snap ring ($1.50)
K330 plastic (cone-shaped) collar ($5.00)
K340 chrome-look Stainless Steel Trunk Mount bracket ($10.00)
K350 swivel adjustment locking plate with setscrew $3,50
K370 rubber trunk protection gasket ($4.00)
K380 adapter from mini-UHF female connector to PL259 for back of cb ($8.00)
K390 replacement 21 ft coax assembly special quick-release to mini-connector $24,00
10-32x1/8" Setscrew (holds whip on K30 coil & Wilson 1000 900209 whipholder) $1.00
K510 replacement 10-32x3/16 setscrew (holds whip in K-200 coil) ($1.00)
K520 replacement 10-32x3/8" setscrew for K-340 trunk lid mount bracket ($1.00)
K20 replacement whipholder "ferrule" for K-30 antenna ($8.00)
D40 weather seal donut--use when mounting K-40 antenna in a hole ($3.00)
W40 black weather cap to cover mount when K-200 coil is removed Out, not available

Antenna "Weather" Caps
EV-T1 black cap for 5/16 inch fiberglas antennas $0,75
EV-T3 black cap for 5/8 inch fiberglas antennas $0,75
RAC-S red cap for 1/4 to 5/16 inch fiberglas antennas $0,75
RAC-M red cap for 3/8 inch fiberglas antennas $0,75
RAC-L red cap for 1/2 inch fiberglas antennas $0,75
BAC-5 black plastic cover for 5/8 inch antenna mount hardware $0,75
C-515 red plastic weather plug 3/8-24 $0,45
PH-PCP2 =83-1AC metal weather cap 5/8-24 thread; also fits CBC-P series mic jacks Bin 86 $6,48
PH-PCP2 fits Antenna Specialists Antenna Hardware, also SO-239 Ham Antenna Mounts
83-1AC Metal Weather Cap
Anti-Scratch Pads for Magnet Mount Antennas
3-VD =DOT-3 Anti Scratch Pad for 3 inch magnets $1,00
5-VD =DOT-5 Anti Scratch Pad for 5 inch magnets $1,50

Antenna Mounting Brackets & Hardware
EV-104 Trunk Lid mounting Bracket with 3/8-24 hardware $8.64
A3WAM Mirror or Camper 4 bolt Bracket with 1/2 inch hole $5,79
RV-750 Mirror or Camper mount with Heavy Duty antenna hardware $18,39
A-CAM Camper Antenna Side Mount Bracket with 1/2" hole $5,49
RVD-P Horizontal-Arm T-Shape bracket 2 Antennas for No-Ground-Plane application $14,75
BM-3B Chrome 2" Ball on 3" Mounting Plate $15,29
C-32 chrome 1-5/8" ball on 3" mounting insulator $16,98
SSM-1 Stainless Steel Ball 3-1/2" insulator; with Spring $66.00
C-CAM-P C-Clamp Antenna Mount temporary use; 3/8-24 to PL259use QRCS-3
DGFBM-P Double Groove Four Bolt Mirror Mount 1/2" hole US$11.48
FM12 Frame Mount flat 12x2" antenna mount bracket has 1/2" hole $7,50
use FM12 with spacer on '97-'04 Corvette for under-bumper antenna mounting
SSDJM Adjustable Stainless Steel Door Jam Mount (Jeep) with 1/2" hole $17,13
JM-1 Stainless Steel Mount for Jeep with 1/2" hole $9,72
DGMM Double Groove horizontal 2-Bolt Mirror Mount 1/2" hole $6,06
L-ATBMM Long Two Bolt Mirror Mount 1/2" hole $6,24
L-HMBM Long Under-Hood or Mirror Bolt Mount 1/2" hole $5,16
PSM-1 Black Plastic Side Mount for 3/8-24 antenna ring terminals $9,91
SBM Strapless Bumper Mount 1/2" hole $7,41
WEP-S30 spring for 3 foot fiberglass antenna $6.76
SHDS-35A Small Cheaper HD Spring for 4 ft fiberglas antenna $8,06
LDS-30 Small HD Spring for 3 ft fiberglass antenna $8,90
SHDS-35 Stainless Heavy Duty Spring for 4ft fiberglas ant $10,50
HUS-4375-1 Light Duty DFG & RFG Spring; has 1/4-20 stud to 3/8-24 opening $10.35
HU4375-8MM Spring for Honda Gold Wing Antenna Mount; 8MM to 3/8-24 threads $15.54
SPUGM-3/8 Stainless Steel Pickup Hood Groove Mount 3/8" hole$7,55
SSDR-1 Stainless Steel Under-Hood '90's Dodge Ram & Dakota 1/2" hole $9,85
SSDR-2 Stainless Steel Under-Hood '90's Dodge Ram & Dakota 3/4" hole
SS-184 Firestik Stainless Under-Hood Dodge PU '97up with 1/2" hole $12.75
DH-1 Stainless Steel Fender-Under-Hood recent Dodge Ram 1/2" hole $8,07
SH-3 pickup rubber-anchor stakepocket standup antenna mount$19,48
SH-4 rubber-anchor stakepocket flat mount fits under cap $16,86
SS-194A Stainless Steel pickup stake pocket Mount with SO-239 hardware $19.00
SVGM Stainless Steel Van Hood Groove Mount 1/2" hole $7,55
HMBBG1-P Horizontal Mount fits 2-inch round "roll-bar" $12,81
Antenna Mounting Hardware for 3/8-24 thread stud-type antennas
AMH-R Ring Terminal Antenna Stud Mount Hardware has 3/4" long nut, fits 1/2" hole; for 3/8-24 antenna $2,59
AMH-P SO-239 style Antenna Mount Hardware, 3/4" long 3/8-24 nut, fits 1/2" hole; use PL259 coax $3,77
SM-1F Antenna Mount Hardware has 1-1/2" long nut; Freightliner & other factory antenna mirror mounts $4.98
WS-1 Wafer style 3/8-24 antenna mounting hardware, fits 1/2" hole $4,72
SM-1L Right Angle SO-239 style Antenna Stud Moumt Hardware for 3/8-24 antenna, fits 1/2" hole $7,99
SS-750 Heavy Duty SO-239 style Antenna Mount Hardware fits 3/4" hole; for 3/8-24 antennas $13,95
RAH-4 Robyn Antenna Hardware: PL259 plug has 1/4-20 stud $5.00
NUT-2 three-quarter-inch-long coupling nut; has 3/8-24 female threads both ends $1,80
NUT-3 0ne-and-one-half-inch-long coupling nut; has 3/8-24 female threads both ends $2,98
C406 Swivel Adapter 3/8-24 male to 3/8-24 female $7,47
NSW-3812 Nylon Shoulder Washer for 3/8" stud fits into 1/2" hole $0,48
NSW-1438 Nylon Shoulder Washer for 1/4" stud fits into 3/8" hole $0,60
6HUB Hub: 3/8-24 thread use with AMH-P; build starduster-style antenna $9,21
B212 Pickup Truck Bed Corner Antenna Mount with 1/2" hole $10,29
B312 Pickup Tool Box antenna mount Bracket with 1/2" hole $10,29
SHTS3 Stainless Steel Hood Groove mount adjustable angle $8,43
QRCS-3 Stainless Steel Quick Release Clamp Antenna Mount $15.68
B212 Corner MountTool Box MountSHTS-3 groove mountQRCS-3 quick release mount
C100 Trunk Lid Mount & 18-ft Coax for 3/8-24 thread antennas $17,55
S-BAS Small Barrel Antenna Spring with 1/4-20 threads $3.00
HDM-1 Heavy Duty (5/8" hole) Mount for 3/8-24 to PL259 $11,79
HDM-2 Heavy Duty "teardrop" Mount for ring terminals on coax $10,38
WEP-PM3 Three Inch magnet & 12 ft coax for 3/8-24 antennas $15.40
WEP-PM5 Five Inch magnet & 18 ft coax for 3/8-24 antennas $20.54
LP-3M LaunchPad plate (3) 5" magnets & SM-1L ant hardware $49,92
SSBMA right angle stainless steel bracket for ball mount discontinued
SSBMF flat stainless steel bracket for ball mount $15,75
W-KD1 Knurled Brass Kwick Disconnect for 3/8-24 antenna $6,60
QDS-1 Stainless Steel Antenna Quick Disconnect $10,14
HDQDS Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Antenna Disconnect $18,92
WEP-RM2 Four Way Nylon Ratchet Mount for Marine Antennas $17,22
HTGM hood or trunk groove mount; 1/2" hole for mount $7,54
UBAM U-Bolt Antenna Mount bracket, has 1/2" hole $6,81
SSHT-1 pickup hood groove mount bracket, has 1/2" hole $8.19
SS-3-1 mount SSWKL-1 mountSSWKH-1 mountSSBMA mount
SSBMF mountSSVAN-1 Van hoodgrooveS-35 SpringDAMTM-3
DGRA-PTBRA-PUBAMVGAM-PSSHT-1 pickup hoodgroove

Popular Mobile CB Antennas
SP-5000 Big Air Coil antenna for 10 or 11 meter mobile $36,75
102-SSWA Stainless Steel 102" antenna (mail 6-lots only) $19,98
K-40 premium grade trunk lid 57 inch antenna $64,98
M-40 black magnet mount to add to K-40 trunk lid antenna $31,98
WEP-FW-2B Black top-load 2-ft US-made fiberglas antenna $13,98
WEP-FW-3B Black top-load 3-ft US-made fiberglas antenna $14,98
WEP-FW-4B Black top-load 4-ft US-made fiberglas antenna $15,98
VMT24 Micro-Tuned base-loadcoil 27" stainless 3/8-24 antenna$14,12
VMT36 Micro-Tune base-loadcoil 36" stainless 3/8-24 antenna $15,98
VMT43 Micro-Tune base-loadcoil 43" stainless 3/8-24 antenna $16,40

Signal Splitters for Disguise/Hidden CB use
H40CHAN cheap splitter to use CB antenna & add AM/FM radio $15.98
ASC100 signal splitter for disguise AM/FM antenna: use with CB also
Broadstick Fiberglas Antenna
SP-5000Wilson 1000 MagnetWilson 2000K-30 antennaK-40 antenna

Omnidirectional CB Base Station Antennas and related stuff
Bandit II Base Station "3/4 wave stick" 18 ft tunable antenna $69.98
click here to see the Gizmotchy Beam Antenna $299,98
A-28 =LAC-1 Lightning Arrestor static discharge for base antennas PL-259 to SO-239 $5.40
LAC-2 Lightning Arrestor static discharge for base antenna SO-239 to SO-239 ($4.50)
CS-201 heavy duty 2 position Ham/CB antenna switch $?.??
CX-3 antenna switch 3 position $?.??
FT-311 Lo Pass TVI Filter 100 Watt 50db $14,98
M-27 Antenna Matchbox 100 Watt (use Bandit II from 23 to 60Mhz)
TVI-2K Lo Pass TVI Filter 2000 Watt PEP 65db $39,98
W-58 Aluminum 5/8 Wave Co-linear 26-35mHz base antenna $102.66

Click here for antenna switches

Antenna Specialists special
AS-M-73 Mobile Maggie Base Loaded Trunk Groove Mount Antenna $49.95
AS-K-100-WB Wideband CB 40 channel Mobile Maggie load coil, spring-loaded contact pin, weather seal ($24.95)
AS-ASC-105 Whip 39-3/4 to 45-3/8 for Bottom-Load Coil ($10.50)
M-126 =K126 Spring Kit; 1/4-20 thread; K50 whip holder Antenna Specialists "Mobile Maggie" Antenna ($12.25)
AS-M-127 Trunk Groove Mount Mobile Maggie with spring ($54.95)
AS-MR-131 Gutter Clamp Mount Mobile Antenna ($49.95)
AS-M-147 Universal Double Stainless Strap Bumper Mount ($25.95)
AS-M-175 "Quick Grip" Trunk Lid Mobile Maggie Base Loaded Antenna; 39-1/2 inch tapered rod ($54.95)
AS-M175+K126 hole or trunk-lid mount antenna for "Smokey and the Bandit" Trans Am ($60.00)
AS-MT-178 No Hole Magnet Mount Mobile Maggie Antenna with Mini-UHF take-apart coax ($49.25)
AS-M-179 Flipper Gutter Mount with coax for 3/8-24 antenna ($25.85)
AS-MR-180 Flipper Gutter Clamp Antenna ($44.25)
AS-M-190 Single Strap Bumper Mount ($26.50)
AS-MR-210 Waterproof Wide-Band Luggage Rack Mobile Maggie Base Loaded Antenna ($49.95)
AS-ASM-223 Half-Wave marine application 8-1/2 ft CB antenna ($89.95)
AS-ASM-223 fits on optional ASM-57 Accessory Mounting Kit
AS-ASC-233 Small Chrome Ball Mount ($19.25)
AS-M-236 Mobile Gutter Clamp Mount/coax for Mobile Maggie base-loaded antennas ($18.95)
AS-M-237 Dual Mobile Co-Phasing Harness ($24.95)
AS-MS-264 AM/FM/CB Disguise Antenna ($55.25)
AS-MR276 Trunk Lid Mount Base-Loaded Mobile Maggie CB Antenna use M175 +K126 spring
Wrong info on other websites: 4 of 7 cars in "Smokey & Bandit" had hole mount antenna! use M175+K126
AS-M-304 Quick Grip Trunk Lid Mount White Antenna ($49.95)
AS-M-310 Trunk Lid Mount Mobile Antenna
AS-MR-312 Hatchback & Trunk Groove Mount Antenna
AS-M-313 Dual Gutter Clamp Mount ($45.95)
AS-MS-315 Dual Mirror Mount center Load Truck Antenna ($77.95)
AS-M-316 Center Load Mirror Mount Truck Antenna
AS-M-326 Mirror Mount Antenna ($39.75)
M-360 AM/FM/CB Disguise Antenna for narrow fender
AS-M-412 Roof Hole Mount (Big NMO Mount Coil) Big Momma Antenna ($54.95)
AS-MR-415 Super Cans Dual center-Load Mirror Antenna ($77.95)
AS-M-488 Dual Gutter Mount 21" Antenna ($42.50)
AS-15-125-5 coax assembly PL259 to Motorola plug for M265 & M266 & M269 & MS264 ($16.55)
AS-15-205-6 coax assemply PL259 to mini-UHF plug ($16.55)
AS-15-205-11 coax assembly PL259 to mini-UHF socket Mobile Maggie & Big Momma trunk lid antennas ($16.55)
AS-M-199 WT Antenna
Avanti special
this space for stock on hand but not yet typed in
519-119-1 fiberglass rod for PDL-II & AV140
Cush Craft
Gold Line
GLC-1043 Signal Hunter Direction Finder Loop Antenna (bulky--expensive to ship) $49.95
Hustler special
HUS-BM-1 Stainless Steel Strap Bumper Mount with ball ($23.99)
HUS-C30 Large Chrome Spring ($18.67)
HUS-C32 Small Mounting Plate Chrome Ball Mount ($18.67)
HUS-CB-111 Deck/Fender Mnt Mobile 74" 3/8-24 base ($45.34)
HUS-CB-211 Foldover Mast for Bumper Mount 74" 3/8-24 Bottom ($47.99)
HUS-COIL-1 Coil & Tiprod for RTG/DTG/RTS antennas ($9.95)
HUS-DFG (38" +Mount) Gutter Mount Double-Talk Antennas Dual 17' Coax has 15 inch x .062" tiprod ($59.95)
HUS-DTG 25" Double-Talk Rain Gutter Mount Dual 12' Coax/Springs/Swivel has 8 inch x .062" tiprod ($49.95)
DTG is dual version of RTG27L antenna; includes 5743 co-phase harness
HUS-DTLS Dual 18-ft CoPhase Coax Assembly for DoubleTalk Antennas ($22.67)
HUS-EX-48 custom 48" extension coax for HTM-1 & HSM-1 ($11.99)
HUS-FG27s Stainless Steel upper-load 48" antenna; has 13 inch x .062" tiprod ($19.99)
HUS-3242-12 tiprod 12-7/8" x .0625" fits FG-27S, FGB-27M, SDT-S, SPS, TGF-27LS, TLA-27LS
HUS-GCM-1 Rain Gutter Antenna Mount; swivel angle-adjust ball ($13.34)
HUS-GCM-38 Rain Gutter Mount with 3/8" hole ($9,98)
HUS-HFT Scanner Antenna High/Low Bands with Trunk Lid Mount ($27.99)
HUS-HHT27 Hustloff HOT Trunk Lid Mount with HQ27 Power Packer Stainless Steel Antenna ($46.67)
HUS-HLM Trunk Lid Mount has angle-adjust ball & take-apart coax ($23.99)
HUS-HOT Hustloff Trunk Lid Mount has angle-adjust ball & take-apart coax ($25.34)
HUS-HQ27 Power Packer 52" Heavy Duty Upper-Load Antenna ($29.95)
HUS-HQ27M Power Packer 54" Deluxe Trunk Lip Mount Antenna ($43.99)
HUS-HSM-1 Husky 51" Mirror Mount CB Antenna 12' Coax ($34.67)
HUS-5459 tiprod 17-13/16" x .100" fits HSM-1 & HTM-1
HUS-HT27 Hustloff HOT Trunk Lid Mount with FG27s 48" Antenna 17' Coax ($45.33)
HUS-HTM-1 Dual Husky 51" Mirror Mount CB Antennas Dual 18' Coax($59.99)
HTM-1 is dual version of HSM-1 antenna; includes 5736 dual 18 foot co-phase harness
HUS-MAST38 Antenna 38" long 3/8-24 thread Mast/tiprod portion RFG & DFG; has 15 inch x .062" tiprod ($19,95)
3242-5 tiprod 15" x .0625" fits CLM-1, DFG, RFG, TLS-27L, TMF-27L
HUS-NRK No-Rob Knob 1/4-20 thread for Gutter Antenna Mounts ($1.50)
CEA-PM5-MAST38 Bulk Special 38" Antenna has 15 inch x .062" tiprod with 5" magnet 18-ft coax $38.47
CEA-PM5-FG48 Bulk Special 48" Antenna has 13 inch x .062" tiprod with 5" magnet 18-ft coax $38.51
CEA-PM5-HQ51 Bulk Special 51" Heavy Duty Antenna with 5" magnet 18-ft coax $45.19
HUS-RFG Hustle-Away (38" +Mount) Gutter Mount Antenna 13' Coax has 15 inch x .062" tiprod ($34.67)
HUS-RM-11 Eleven Meter Resonator
HUS-RTG27L 25" Mobile Antenna Gutter Mount has 8 inch x .062" tiprod; (single version of DTG) ($31.99)
HUS-RTS27L 25" Mobile Roof/Hole Mount Antenna Spring has 8 inch x .062" tiprod ($31.99)
HUS-SDTs Deluxe (FG27s) 48" Dual-Trunk Groove Mount Antennas ($59.99)
HUS-SDTs includes (2) FG27s antenna, (2) TGM1 mounts, (1) 5734 co-phase harness
HUS-SPS Speedy Seizer Universal Swivel Edge Mount 46" Antenna 17' Coax ($26.67)
HUS-SPSH Speedy Seizer Universal Swivel Edge Mount 55" Antenna 17' coax ($35.99)
HUS-TGF27Ls Single Trunk Groove (FG27s) 48" Antenna 16' Coax ($39.99)
HUS-TGM-1 under-hood or Trunk Groove Mount with swivel angle-adjustment ball (for 3/8-24 antenna) ($14.67)
HUS-TLA27Ls (FG27s) 48" Antenna with (TLM) Trunk Lip Mount 17' Coax attaches to trunk lid with setscrews ($35.99)
HUS-TLM Trunk Lid Mount includes 17-ft take-apart coax attaches to trunk lid with setscrews ($23.99)
HUS-TLS27L Trunk Lip Mount Antenna attaches to trunk lid with setscrews ($31.99)
HUS-TMR27 short back-of-set CB antenna has 8 inch x .062" tiprod ($14.67)
HUS-XBLT3 Bottom Load 48" trunk lid mount with spring 17-ft coax ($44.95)
HUS-4375-1 DFG/RFG spring for 2 to 3 foot light-weight antennas; 1/4-20 stud to 3/8-24 female threads ($9.54)
HUS-BM-1 Bumper Mount
HY-415 Stainless Steel Strap Bumper Mount ($22.95)
HY-427 Mother Trucker II Dual antenna with cophose harness & mounts
HY-515 Mother Trucker II 6 ft 1500W 27MHz antenna
HY-Hellcat 4 Hygain CB Mobile antenna
HY-590 Hellcat X economy trunklid setscrew mount 52" antenna ($19,95)
HY-Hellcat 10 Hygain CB Mobile antenna
2005-up Freightliner, Kenworth. Peterbilt factory OEM dual CB antenna information
Kenworth K365-56 center 1 foot RG59 Y-splitter PL-259 to two Motorola sockets
Kenworth K365-87 outer 8 foot RG59 PL-259 to Motorola Plug (takes two)
Shakespeare special
S266 Shakespeare Antenna $?.??
500/6W Rebel 6' Tapered White Whip $15.95
500/6B Rebel 6' Tapered Black Whip $15.95
500/6O Rebel 6' Tapered Orange Whip $15.95
4050B 3' Marine CB Ant for Boats/RV/Cars/Trucks $59.95
5055 Wht or Blk 4' Dbl Hd Mirr Mt Ant 750W DC w/Cable $60.95
366H Marine Ratchet Chrome 4-Way Ratchet $49.95
CB4000MAG Magnet for Quick Mount Antenna 1/4-20 stud
CBWM-50 Window Mount for CB Mobile Antenna
533SS Valor Centerload Stainless Steel CB Antenna
V-757 Scoop Loop capacitive hat =Zing Ring $9,98
1405 Gutter Mount
1409 Trunk Lip Mount
Illustrations from Antenex for reference only we do not stock antennas with all of these connectors
Illustrations from Antenex for reference only we do not stock antennas with all of these connectors
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