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Welcome to Ken's Technical Book section.

Unlike most "Hackers Guides" the (COLOR) BOOK OF ---- are written to be "user-friendly" so it is easy to find information you need, either by circuit type, or by make & model of unit (unlike disorganized competitive books where it is nearly impossible to find what you are looking for).

These books tell how to repair units that have been to the "CB Butchers" rather than urging you to "Hack" or "Chop" them! We believe you want to make units work as well as possible with clean crisp sound (not muffled & hard to understand). There is a minimum of wasted space; the (COLOR) BOOKS are concise & to the point. These books contain the most comprehensive treatment of the subjects covered; making them the next-best thing to a personal tutor! Many customers who had one of these books have told us how happy they were with their previous purchase when they called to order additional books.

If you are a hobbiest: the price of these books is less than the cost of one professional repair or installation. If you are in business: the technical information in these books is worth $10,000 to $30,000 per book (figured at $25 per repair)!

Each color specializes in a particular type of unit; reprints are revisions with the latest information added. For example: the first edition BLUE BOOK OF PHONE REPAIR had 400 models, the fourth printing has information on nearly 1000 models!

The Blue Book of Phone Repair See Details on:
Blue Book of Phone Repair
Specific Repair Notes on 900+ Models of 1 & 2 Line Answering Machines, Cordless & Wired Telephones *Fourth Edition* (Sorry--Out of Print).
Black Book of Linears See Details on:
Black Book of CB Linears.
Contains Tube and Transistor Linear Circuit Explanations with part values, 60 Schematics, Repair Notes On Nearly 100 Additional Models.
Green Book of CB Repair See Details on:
Green Book of CB Repair.
Make or Save Money On 2380+ Models. Information Compiled On Specific Repairs That You Are Likely To Run Into!
Gray Book of Export CB & Ham 10-Meter Repair See Details on:
Gray Book of Export CB & Ham 10-Meter Repair.
Repair Notes & Parts Sources--150 Models, Microphone Wiring/Repair, Antenna Rotors, Power Supplies, Frequency Counters, Marine & Business Radio Notes, Radar Detector Repairs. (Sorry-Out of Print).
Orange Book of Scanner Repair See Details on:
Orange Book of Scanner Repair.
Technicians Repair And Modification Notes For Hundreds Of Police Scanners! *Fourth Edition*
Red Book of CB Modification & Repair See Details on:
Red Book of CB Modification & Repair.
Information & Voltages For 100+ Audio IC's, also Charts for 100 PLL & VCO IC's, Frequency Synthesis & Mixer Crystal Lists, Sliders, Troubleshooting Receiver & Transmitter Problems. *Second Edition*
Yellow Book of Beginning CB Repair See Details on:
Yellow Book: Beginning CB Repair
Getting Started in CB Repair: Antenna Location-Test Results, Boosting, CB Power Cords, Channel Roadmap, Frequency Synthesis, History & Future of CB, Make Money Doing Installations, Microphone Wiring, Getting Rid Of Noise, Sliders, SWR Adjustment, Technical Slang, Transistor & IC Secrets, Troubleshooting Common CB Repair Problems etc.
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