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Gizmotchy Antenna Models & accessories M.S. list Spec -15%
"CB Gizmotchy Three" CB base station 3-element horizontal/vertical beam antenna $300,00$255.00
"CB Gizmotchy Three 5KW" CB 3-element H/V beam antenna; 5KW Gamma Match $328,00$278.80
"CB Gizmotchy Four" CB base 4-element beam 3 element +Booster Kit $396,00$336.60
"CB Gizmotchy Four 5KW" CB 4-element =3 element +Booster +5KW Gammas $424,00$360.40
"CB Gizmotchy Five" CB 5-element beam =3 element +(2)Boosters +Support Kit $572,00$486.20
"CB Gizmotchy Five 5KW" CB 5-element =3 element/5KW +(2)Boosters +Support $600,00$510.00
CB Booster Kit--45" boom extension with set of additional director elements $96,00$81.60
CB Support Kit use to make Gizmotchy into 5 element antenna $100,00 $85.00
CB Extended Support Kit Complete Support package for 6 element antenna $120,00$102.00
G1000 Complete 1KW Gamma Match Assemblies Horizontal or Vertical $90,44$76.88
G5000 Complete HD 5KW Gamma Match Assembly Horizontal or Vertical $104,30$88.66
order (2) G1000 or G5000 to get both Horizontal AND Vertical Gamma Matches
"Upgrade CB-5KW Gamma Match" sleeves & tubes to increase power handling $61,88 $52.60

Electrical Specs--Gain: Forward gain 12 dB (3 element) or 15dB (4 element)
F/B ratio 28 dB (3 element) according to tests by CB Magazine published Feb 1981.
Horizontal & Vertical 1000 Watt gamma matches fed by separate coax cables (switch optional extra)

DX tip ever notice how "skip" fades in and out? Usually--when the signal is weakest--it has changed polarity--the Horizontal/Vertical feature of the Gizmotchy can help you bring those WEAK signals back to STRONG again!

Mechanical: Boom 108" long 1-1/4" OD .058 wall Alcoa seamless aluminum.
Inner elements: (9) 48" peices of 1/2" OD .058 wall tubing.
Outer elements: (9) 64" peices of 3/8" .035 wall tubing.
Reflector elements 109" long for CB. (TenMeter-TechPlus=103.5" or Ten-FM=100")
Driven elements 105" long for CB. (TenMeter-TechPlus=99.75" or Ten-FM=96")
Director elements 100" long for CB. (TenMeter-TechPlus=95" or Ten-FM=91.5")
Element Spacing: Director to Driven = 3 foot 8 inches; Driven to Reflector 5 foot 2 inches
four element--front director 97" long for CB; five element--front director 94" for CB
Assembled weight (3 element) 12 lbs. Shipping =13 lb. Carton 65" x 5.5" x 3.5"
Estimated assembly time 2-1/2 hours.

Omnidirectiona Base Station Antennas and related stuff
Bandit II WEP-666 CB Base Station "3/4 wave" 18-ft omnidirectional tunable fiberglas stick antenna $69.98
The Bandit II is similar comparable to the Solarcon Antron A99 CB base antenna
C-2 antenna coax switch 3 position with output indicator light $24.98
GLC1087 Goldline 300 Watt Antenna SWR Meter & Matchbox 14-54mHz $69.98
MaCo CB Base Station Antennas (some formerly Wilson CB base Antennas)
Maco V-Quad 2-element CB Base Station Beam Antenna $181.00 Spec=162.90
Maco Y-Quad 2-element CB Base Station H/V beam antenna $225.00 Spec=202.50
Maco Comet 3=Vertical +3=Horizontal element CB base beam antenna $295.00 Spec=265.50
Maco Shooting Star 4=Vertical +4=Horizontal CB base Beam antenna $410.00 Spec=$369.00
MaCo V-QuadMaCo Y-QuadMaCo CometMaCo Shooting Star
Maco Laser 400 6=Vertical +6=Horizontal CB base beam antenna $750.00 Spec=$675.00
Maco Laser 500 8=Vertical +8=Horizontal 40-ft long CB beam antenna (truck) $992.00 Spec=$898.65
Maco M103 3-element Yagi CB base station beam antenna $180.00 Spec=$162.00
Maco M104 4-element Yagi CB base station beam antenna $274.00 Spec=$246.60
Maco M105 5-element Yagi CB base station beam antenna $373.00 Spec=$335.70
MaCo Laser 400MaCo M-103MaCo M-104MaCo M-105
Maco M106 6-element Yagi CB base station beam antenna $466.00 Spec=$419.40
Maco M107 7-element Yagi CB base station beam antenna $579.00 Spec=$521.10
Maco M108 8-element Yagi CB base station beam antenna (truck) $868.00 Spec=$781.20
Maco Flat Six 6-element Horizontal CB beam 5K Gamma$551.00 Spec=$495.90
Maco Flat Eight 8-element Horizontal CB Beam 5K Gamma (truck) $954.00 Spec=$958.60
Maco Stack 3'S stacked M103 CB base beam antenna $480.00 Spec=$432.00
Maco VQSK stacking kit for V-Quad or M103 CB beam antennas $120.00 Spec=$108.00
Maco YQSK stacking kit for Y-Quad CB base beam antenna $268.00 Spec=$241.20
Maco MBSK stacking kit for M103-M107 CB beam antennas $257.00 Spec=$231.30
Maco GPRK Boomer Ground Plane Radial Kit $64.00
Maco 2600 5K upgrade Gamma Match (each) $58.00
Maco 2600V 5K upgrade Gamma Match for V-Quad (each) $60.00
Maco 4600 complete 10K Gamma Match (each) $88.00
Maco 6600 complete 30K Gamma Match (each) $217.00
Maco V58 26-33mHz commercial colinear 5/8 wave omnidirectional antenna $111.00
Maco V5000 26-33mHz commercial colinear 5K omnidirectional vertical antenna $176.00 Spec=$158.40
MaCo M-106MaCo M-107MaCo V58MaCo V5000
Maco-45 Three-position coaxial antenna switch $31.00
Maco-91 CB 300 Watt antenna matchbox $34.00
Maco-150 CB base 27mHz receive amplifier $134.00
Maco-2400 Watt Meter shows Forward & Reflected Power $125.00
Maco M103C-HV dual polarity 10/11-Meter Maxibeam $297.00 Spec=$267.30
Maco 45Maco 91Maco 150Maco M103C-HV
Maco M105C-HV dual polarity 10/11-Meter Maxibeam antenna $624.00 Spec=$561.60
Maco M106C-HV dual polarity 10/11-Meter Maxibeam antenna $750.00 Spec=$675.00
Maco M108C-HV dual polarity Maxibeam antenna (truck) $972.00 Spec=$923.40
MaCo M-105C-HVMaCo Flat-6
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