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Cigar Cigarette Liter Lighter Accessory Plugs & Sockets, Multi-outlet Cigar lighter adapters
1265-167 =SP-6B Safco USA-made better quality 8 Amp cigar lighter accessory power plug $2,94
VA-P12L Cigar Cigarette Lighter Plug, indicator light, Screw-apart assembly $4,80
VA-P12R Dual Ground Cigar Cigarette Lighter Plug, Screw-apart assembly $3,40
VA-P12V =VE766 =ICCA-LP252 imported 6 Amp Lighter Plug short wires $4,07
VA=P12X imported lighter plug; crimp terminals for wires $2,61
6-820 Safco Lighter Plug with 8 ft of 20-ga black wire ($4.95)
CR90-611 =VA-P12A =AR46-505 Dual Ground 5A Fuse Screw-apart Lighter Accessory Plug $4,25
CEA-5F-CLEPC Cigar Lighter Plug to Socket 5-ft Extension Power Cord $16.97
CEA-10F-CLEPC Cigar Lighter Plug to Socket 10-ft Extension Power Cord $19.97
CR90-612 Dual Ground Screw-apart Cigar Cigarette Lighter Accessory Plug Assembly $3,00
CR90-615 Dual Ground Screw-apart Lighter Plug assembly $1,95
PH-TC600 Cigar Cigarette Lighter style plastic covered Inline Accessory Power Socket US$2.48
PH-TC610 Panel Mount (Metal) Cigarette Lighter Accessory Power Socket US$6.08
VA-P212 Cigar Lighter Accessory Outlet Y-cord 1 liter plug to 2 sockets ($7,07)
VA-P312 Three Way Cigar Lighter Outlet Y-Cord 1 liter plug to 3 sockets ($8,27)
WEP1-23 mountable Triple cigar liter accessory outlet; lighter plug in $12,60
1265-167 =SP-6BPH-TC600VA-P212WEP1-23
Cigar Cigarette Lighter Mobile DC Accessory Power Cables Cords for Amateur Ham Radio Hand Held Handi-Talkies
CEA-OPC-207 Icom CP-1 Fused Lighter Plug DC Power Cable Cord 2A fuse ICOM IC-02AT, 2GAT, 32AT, A20, A21 $22.98
CEA-OPC-254L Icom CP-12L liter plug DC power cable A23, A4, A5, F3, F3S, F4, F4S, F4SR, M3A, T2A/H T7A/H, T8A, T22A, T42A, T81A, W43A, $22.98
CEA-OPC-869 size-3063 coaxial DC negative ground power cable for ICOM R75 receiver $22.98
Heavy Duty DC Power Disconnect Connectors
DC-4 Extra Heavy Duty 2 pin 80A power disconnect accepts 4 ga (=.310") wire (each) $13.20
DC-6 Heavy Duty 2 pin 60A power disconnect accepts 6 ga (=.230") wire (each) $9.50
DC-4 and DC-6 mate to similar Anderson Power Products connectors
WEP-DC-1 power disconnects (compatible Anderson Powerpole AP-30A & PH49-324 connectors)
AP30A Anderson Powerpole 30 Amp (for 16 to 12-gauge wire) (1=Red +1=Black/pak) ($3.45)
PH49-324 Stackable Red/Black 30 Amp Power Connnectors 16-12 ga (compatible Anderson Powerpole AP-30A) (10=Red +10=Black/pak) US$27.24
PH49-336 Stackable Red/Black 50 Amp Power Connnectors 10 ga (1=Red +1=Black/pak) US$12.16
PH49-338 Stackable Red/Black 60 Amp Power Connnectors 8 ga (1=Red +1=Black/pak) US$12.16
PH49-340 Stackable Red/Black 75 Amp Power Connnectors 6 ga (1=Red +1=Black/pak) US$12.16
TP4Trailer-light Power flat 4-pin (.180") bullet disconnect with 1 foot long 16 gauge colored wires
TP4 typical trailer-light colors: White=ground/frame; Brown=tail & marker; Yellow=left turn/brake; Green=right turn/brake
use (four) 1N5400-series diodes to isolate separate turn & brake lights on towing vehicle to power combined trailer lights
TP16 =CES32=1016 =DM-900B =Vecor 759 Trailer Bullet disconnect 2-pin 16ga wire handles 7 Amps $1,89
TP18 =CES32-1018 Trailer 2-pin bullet disconnect leads 12" 18-ga wire $1,62
TP10-1 =CES32-1010 Heavy Duty 2-pin bullet disconnect 12" 10-ga wire handles 30 Amps $3.40
TP10-2 H.D. 2-pin Bullet Disconnect; 24" Red/Black 10 ga wire handles 30 Amps $5.28
TP10-4 H.D. Bullet Disconnect, 4ft Motorola Radius GM300 (add 20A fuse/holder) $6.40
VA-BT38 Gold Plated Accessory Connector, 3/8-16 thread (fits side terminal GM Battery) $4.40
FH-20 Inline translucent white plastic bayonet fuseholder use optional 3AG-style fuse 20ga wire
WEP-FUS1 Heavy Duty Nylon snap-together crimp/solder inline 3AG/AGC fuseholder $2,52
click here for fuse webpage
DC-4 Power DisconnectDC-6 Power DisconnectTP16 & TP10-seriesBT-38 FH-20
Two Pin 12 Volt DC Power Cables Cords for CB Radio & Amateur Ham Radio & Police Scanner
J123APC Johnson 123A CB Radio DC Power Cord phenolic bakelite inline 2A fuseholder 3/16" female blade $7.98
CEA-DC-ACT-LP DC Lighter Plug Power Cord Regency ACT-Scanner red=pushfit 1/4" female blade; black=spadelug $12.97
CBH2BP cigar liter plug light duty molded 2 pin cb radio power cable cord $5,07
CBH2BP is opposite polarity compared to Robyn, Royce, Wards CB's
R2PPC Robyn, Royce 1-650, & Wards CB radio power cable cord 2 pin take-apart plug, 2 Amp inline fuseholder $12.97
R2PPC-LP Robyn 2-pin take-apart CB radio DC power cable cord; cigar lighter plug, 2 Amp inline fuseholder $22.98
R2PPC-LP lighter plug power cable oord fits Montogmery Wards GEN716A & GEN730A etc CB Radios
R-3FSX-PC 3-ft 2-pin to 2-pin power cable cord connect Robyn SX-7, SX-10, SX-12 cabinets to matching CB radios $12.97
R-3FSX-PC power cord can connect Kenwood TS-520S to Kenwood DG5 frequency counter readout
CEA-E30-1648-05 Kenwood TR7600/TR9000/TR9500/TS670 Amateur ham radio DC power cable cord: 16ga 5-ft 4A fuse polarity=CBH2W $22.98
CEA-DC-SE2550 Shakespeare 04-14-0002-00 marine VHF FM radio DC power cord 5-ft 16ga 7-1/2 Amp polarity=CBH2W $22.98
CEA-DC-SE2550 fits Shakespeare SE2500, SE2500MD, SE2500S, SE2550, SE2550MD VHF marine; Azden PCS-2000, PCS-3000, PCS-4000 ham radios
CEA-DC-AR3300-30 Clear Channel Ranger 30 Watt ham amateur radio power cord 16ga 5-ft 7-1/2 Amp fuse polarity=R2PPC $22.98
CEA-DC-AR3300-30 DC cord fits Striker ST-7900; Ray Jefferson 6700 & 9100 marine VHF FM radios
CEA-DC-AR3500-100 Clear Channel Ranger 100 Watt ham amateur radio power cord 12ga 5-ft 15A fuse polarity=R2PPC $37.97
MK-2 Two-pin Power Disconnect 1/4" flat blade male & female check polarity $6,94
CEA-DC-2SEARS DC power cord fits Sears 934.38081700 CB radio 3-ft 2A fuse, flat T-style pins $22.98
CEA-DC-2MAGNUM Magnum Delta Force & Cobra 150GTL-DX power cable 5-ft 12 Ga 10A with flat T-style pins $22.98
CEA-DC200GTLDX Cobra 200GTL-DX amateur radio power cable 5-ft 12ga 15A with flat T-style pins $22.98
WEP-IC2000 VHF Ham Radio Heavy Duty 2-pin ham amateur radio power cable flat T-style pins, dual 10A fuses $22.98
IC2000 fits Alinco, ICOM, Kenwood, Maxon, Radio Shack HTX10, Yaesu 2-Meter & 440 VHF Ham Radios
IC-CONN pair of Male/Female T-style housings + Male/Female 1/4" flat push-fit blade connectors US$4.38
IC-CONN fits: ADI, Alinco, ICOM, Kenwood, Yaesu ham radios; Sears CB, Cobra 150GTL-DX, 200GTL-DX, Magnum Delta Force
IC-CONN-FH/MP two-pin T-style female housing with male pin connectors
IC-CONN Female Housing/Male Pins: build jumper for Toro Wheel Horse 13-38HXL seat safety switch
IC-CONN connector pair matches Electric PTO Clutch disconnect of Economy Power King Tractor
CB-UNIDEN BWZY1105001: red/black DC cord 4-ft 20ga; inline 2A fuse, molded bushing PRO505XL, PRO510XL, PRO520XL $2,34
CEA-STF-1M2 pair male blade crimp plugs (specify blade width) '98-'08 International 9200i & 9400i
CBH2BP & CEA-CBH2WCBJ2B jackR2PPC with plug detail      DC2-Sears& IC2000STF-1M2
CBH2B, CEA-CBH2W, R2PPC viewed from wire end of plug--like looking into jack on back of radio.
CEA-CBH2C 12VDC, 2 Amp fuse, rounded corners Cybernet PLL-02A CB's: General Electric, RCA nla
CBH2C fits Bowman CB910, GE 3-5804/A/B/C/D/G, 3-5812A, 3-5813A/B, 3-5814A/B, 3-5815A 3-5816A
CBH2C: 3-5818A, 3-5819A, 3-5871A (EA68X-119), Penny 981-6218, Pearce Simpson Tiger 40 & 40A
CEA-CBH2C with 4A fuse fits Colt 485, 1200; GE 3-5817A, 3-5825B, 3-5826A SSB CB's
CEA-CB2A 12VDC 2-pin rounded sides power cord Gemtronics GT-44, GT-55, GTX-66 CB's nla
CBJ2C 2-pin rounded sides snap-in jack Bowman, GE, Gemtronics, HyGain, Lafayette, Pearce Simpson, Penneys, RCA $6,66
CEA-CBH2CCBH2C (GE/RCA) CordGemtronics CB2A Cord
CEA-CBH2W 2-Pin CB power cord, 2 Amp inline fuseholder take-apart plug to reverse polarity $14,97
CEA-CBH2W fits Audiovox BAY40, MCB40, Kenwood AT-120, AT-130, AT-250, R-600, R-1000, R-2000, R-5000, Lafayette Comphone 23A
R2PWSPP Robyn 2-Pin White SATO DC Power Plug (connector only of CBH2W CB & ham radio cord) $3,95
CEA-DCK-1 Kenwood 13.8 Volt 1A DC power kit: R-600, R-1000; DCK-2 for R-2000, R-5000 2A fuse $24.97
CEA-DC2SSB-MID Midland 13-893 & 13-895 12VDC 2-Pin 3 Amp CB radio Power Cord $19.97
CBJ2B keyed rectangular 2-pin 12VDC power jack Robyn & other vintage CB's, AR3300, AR3500 US$4.97
CEA-DC-RJ3200 Two-Pin 12VDC CB radio Power Cable Cord, 3-ft wire, 2A fuse Panasonic RJ3200 $27.89
CEA-DC-Loran C Two-Pin 12VDC Screw-Lock power cord Loran C 2831 Impulse fish finder 5-ft 3A fuse $27.89
CEA-DC-TS-660 Screw-Lock two-pin 12VDC Kenwood QRP Ham radio power cord 5-ft 4 Amp inline fuse $28.89
CEA-HD-RJ5148 Screw-Lock Two-pin 12VDC Marine VHF FM Radio Power Cable Cord 5-ft 16-ga wire, 4A fuse $28.89
CEA-KDK-FM-2015R Screw-Lock 12VDC KDK-2015R Ham Radio 2-pin DC Power Cable Cord, 5-ft 16-ga, inline 5 Amp fuse $28.89
many Marine VHF FM Radios, including Raytheon R201 use same cord but with 7-1/2 Amp fuse
CEA-HD-RJ5148 (with fuse change) fits Kenwood TR7400, TR7620, TR7800, TR9130, Raytheon R201, Ray Jefferson 5180
CEA-HD-TR7950 Screw-Lock 2-pin 12VDC Kenwood TR7950 Ham Radio Power 5-ft 14-ga wire, 10A inline fuse $28.89
CEA-DC-Yaesu-T900 =T9002805 CBC2 two-pin 16ga 5-ft power cable 5A fuse Yaesu FT-127, FT-227, FT-230(10 Watt) FT-480R, FT-627 Ham Radios $28.89
CEA-DC-Yaesu-230 =T9006710 two-pin 14ga DC power cable 5-ft, inline 10 Amp fuse fits Yaesu FT-230(25 Watt) Ham Radio $28.89
CEA-DC-RJ3200 & HD-RJ5148
Johnson, Motorola, Icom, RCI Two-Pin DC Power Cords
CEA-OPC-008-2A =JM2MH-FP-2A 12VDC cord fits 1977-1980 Johnson, Motorola, Gemtronics, Shakespeare CB radio 1 $27.89
CEA-OPC-008-5A ICOM 20L, 30L, 50L, 22A, 230 amateur ham radio DC power cord 16ga wire 5A fuse see JM2MH-FP drawing $27.89
CEA-JM2MH-FP-2A fits: Gemtronics 106-135: GTX23, GTX36, GTX2325, GTX3323, GTX4040
CEA-JM2MH-FP-2A fits: Shakespeare GBS1500, GBS2500 AM CB's
CEA-OPC-008-2A fits: Johnson 230, 260, 270, 430, 4120, 4125, 4135, 4140, 4145, 4170, 4175, 4230
CEA-CEA-JM2MH-FP-2A fits Motorola CM540, T4000A, T4005A, T4009A, T4010A, T4020A, T4022A, T4025A AM CB's
CEA-CEA-JM2MH-FP-4A fits Motorola CM550, CB555, SSB CB radios
CEA-OPC-008-2A fits Craig 4350, 4350A, 4354 police scanner radios
CEA-JM2MH-FP-LP Lighter Plug 12VDC Power Cord for 1977-1980 Johnson & Motorola Mocat AM CB radios $29.89
CEA-DC-RCI6500 Ranger RCI-6500 VHF FM marine radio DC cord 5-ft 16ga wire 7.5A fuse JM2MH-FP drawing $29.89
      CEA-JM2MH-FPpower cord  V-703 (Royce CB's)CEA-DC-8010
Two pin DC cords for Royce & Pace CB's, Kenwood Business & President HR2510 Ham Radios
V-703 hook/lock 2-pin cord Royce 604, 608, 609, 611, 619, 639, 642, 1-648, K-Mart D40, Kraco KCB4001, Wards (unknown model)disc-nla
CEA-DC-8010 power cord Sharp CB700, 750A, 800, 2170, 2260, 2460, 4370, 4470, 4670, 5470; Pace CB185, 8010, 8015, 8041, 8046, 8047 $29.89
CEA-12V-KOOL Cold/Warm power cord; lighter plug, 6A fuse fits Coleman, Igloo etc portable cooler $29.98
KW-KCT-6 Kenwood E30-2078-15 double-D housing round pin power cable fits Kenwood 705/730/805/830 business radios $16.50
KW-NEW Kenwood E30-3339-05 rectangular pin power cord; Kenwood 790/880/890/7150 business radios $19.50
CEA-CB2510 two-pin ham radio power cable round + D-pins Uniden President HR2510, Lincoln, HR2600, Emperor TS-5010 $27.89
CB2510 power cord also fits Uniden AMH350, IMH300D, IMU250K, SMH400D & other 1990's 50W land mobile radios
KW-KCT-6  KW-NEW  CB2510 13.6VDC cord    CEA-DC-IC3200Apower cord
Three Pin CB radio, Marine radio, & Amateur Radio DC power cords & connectors
CEA-CB3-XS Cobra 19XS & Colt 355 CB's 2-wire cord has D-shaped pins (stock polarity) $12.89
CEA-CB3-XS-P Cobra 19XS CB power cord Lighter plug TWO wires Three D-shaped Pins $22.98
CEA-GE3-5809C-DC Three D-Shape pin General Electric 3-5809B & 3-5809C 12VDC cord (reverse polarity) $19.89
CEA-GE3-5809C-LP Three D-Shape pin lighter plug power cord General Electric 3-5809C (reverse polarity) $22.89
WEP-CB-33B =CBH3D Three D-shaped Pin 3-wire cord memory wire electronic tuned CB's $22.89
CEA-CBH3W/B 3-pin 2A CB cord Lafayatte HB23, 525, 625, 640, 650, LM100, 200, 300, Telsat 150, 1000, 1023, 1050 $15.89
CEA-CBH3W-3A 3-pin 3A 12VDC cord Lafayatte Telsat SSB50A, SSB75. SSB100, SSB140 & Midland 13-892 $15.89
WEP-CB3 =VA-CBH3A Standard 3-pin power cord; 2A fuse Cobra, Midland, Uniden AM CB's $7.89
CBH3A fits AM CB's; WEP-CB3A fits SSB CB's; USHM-66 fits Marine Radios; CB3AXX fits Ham Radios
WEP-CB3P =CBH3AP standard 3-pin Cobra & Uniden AM CB power cord; 2A fuse & lighter-plug US$9.89
CBH3C 3-Wire memory version of CBH3A electronic tuned CB's: Cobra 25+, 29 Plus, 40+ $12.89
WEP-CB3A (=VA-CBH316) Heavy 16 Ga screw-type 3-pin 5-ft cord 4A fuse Cobra & Uniden SSB CB radios, Hygain V etc $9.89
WEP-CB3AP Heavy Duty 16 Ga screw-type 3-pin 6-ft Lighter Plug power cord, 4A inline fuse Cobra & Uniden SSB CB radios $11.89
CEA-CB3RCC 3-pin cord, cut-off corners fits General Electric 3-5801A Polarity reverse compared to Cobra & Unider CB's
CEA-DC13-510 Heavy Duty 16-ga 5A power cable for Midland 13-510 Amateur Ham radio $12.89
CEA-DC-HTX-100 Heavy Duty 16-ga 6A 3-pin power cable: Radio Shack HTX100 ham radio $12.89
CEA-USHM-66 Three-Pin VHF Marine radio 7-1/2 Amp 16ga 5-ft cord Unimetrics Sea Hawk Mini-66 $12.89
CEA-USHM-66 fits: Cybernet CTX40-4; Uniden Sea Hawk 90; Uniden Polaris MT5510XL, MT6000XL; Sea Ranger 3000, 6000, 7800
CEA-USHM-66 =BWZY0893001: Uniden President 120, MC480, MC580, MC610, MC620, MC680, MC690, P512, P580
CEA-USHM-66 =Ray Jefferson #PU168 cord; for 5000M & 7878 VHF FM 25W marine radios
CEA-USHM-66 fits Lorad Stinger XT marine; Radio Shack HTX-100; Ranger RCI2950 Ham Radios
CEA-CB3AXX Heavy Duty 12 Ga cord Magnum S380 Amateur Ham & "Export" radios, dual 12 Amp fuseholders black/red wire $18.89
CBJ3A 3-pin metal+plastic power jack Cobra Midland Uniden: use CBJ3B power jack
CBJ3B Stronger 3-pin power jack Cobra Lafayette Midland Radio Shack Robyn Uniden CB's $3.89
CB3PP-FP take apart 3-pin plug, fresh pins crimp/solder onto wire to build power cord $3.95
CEA-CB3-XSCBH3D  CBH3A & CEA-USHM-66CBJ3A power jackCBJ3B power jack
More Three Pin DC CB Radio & Marine Radio DC power cables & connectors
CEA-Polaris3FH-MP Regency MT5100 MT5300 MT5500XL MT6500 Marine Radio cord 5-ft 16ga 7-1/2Amp $28.89
CEA-Polaris3FH-MP fits Regency XL2000 (XLH250B), RELM-RH256B business/fire radio; Wilson WH2510 Citi Com S
CEA-P3D884 DC Power Cord, 3-Pin DIN, 2A fuse Midland 13-884, Western Auto DC4760 & MCC4760A67 $28.89
CEA-Polaris3FH-MPpower cordCEA-P3D884
Three & Four Pin CEA-DCY CBC4Y CB, Ham & Police Scanner Power Cords & connectors
CEA-DCY-TRC30A Three-pin "Y" 12VDC cord 2A fuse Realistic Navaho TRC30A, TRC431; Teaberry T-Command $37.89
CEA-DCY-Pro2001 Custom DC Scanner Power cord Realistic Radio Shack Pro-16A, Pro-2001 $37.89
CEA-DCY-DX160 Three-pin "Y" 12VDC cord 1/2 Amp inline fuse Radio Shack DX160 SW receiver $37.89
CEA-DCY-MPA30-LP 13.8VDC Power Cord Radio Shack MPA-30 PA amplifier with Lighter Plug $39.89
Squarish AC power cords with four flat pins; Beau, Cinch, Tocon connector
CEA-4P-AC#6 AC powercord Bearcat, Regency, Robyn police scanner. 4-Pin Flat-Blade Cinch, Beau, Tocon $37.89
CEA-4P-AC#6 fits Electra Bearcat II, III, IV, Regency R1, R2, TME & TMR-series, SBE-12SM, Browning XM888
CEA-4P-AC#6 also fits Pace 108, 201, 216, 308; JC Penny 681-4061/2/3/4/5/6; Realistic TRC-48, Robyn BB123, HL8+8
CEA-4P-AC#9 AC powercord Yaesu FT-221R, FT-225R, FT-625RD; Kenwood TS-700, TS-780 4-Pin Cinch, Beau, Tocon $37.89
Squarish 12 Volt (13.8 Volt) DC power cords with 4 flat pins; Beau, Cinch, Tocon plug
CEA-4P-DC#1-US-Scan =CR90-838 Bearcat III, IV, Regency TME & TMR series: 13.8VDC cord; 1A fuse Cinch, Beau, Tocon $37.89
CEA-4P-DC#1 power cord fits Pace Scan 108, 208, 208A, 216, 308 crystal police scanners
CEA-4P-DC#2-Robyn HL8+8 police scanner: 4-pin Flat-blade 13.6 VDC power cable cord; $37.89
CEA-4P-DC#2-Robyn fits Robyn 100, 100B, 200, 216, (later)1000, 4000, HL8+8, HL8+8/16 police scanners
CEA-4P-DC#2-BB123 Robyn BB123 Base CB radio 12 Volt to 13.8 Volt DC power cable cord $37.89
CEA-4P-DC#2-TRC48 Realistic TRC48 SSB-CB 12VDC cord 5ft 16ga 5A fuse Cinch, Beau, Tocon $37.89
CEA-4P-DC#3 DC power cable Yaesu FT-221R, FT-225R, FT-625RD 5-ft 16ga 7.5A fuse 4-Pin Cinch, Beau, Tocon $37.89
CEA-4P-DC#4-6A DC power cable: Yaesu FT-77S, FT-757SX & Heath SB-1400, 5-ft 16 ga wire, 6A fuse, 4-Flat-pin Cinch, Beau, Tocon $36.89
CEA-4P-DC#4-20A ham radio power cable Yaesu FT-77, FT-707, FT-757GX 12-ga 20A fuse 4-Flat-Pin Cinch, Beau, Tocon $37.89
CEA-4P-DC#5-6A DC power cable cord Kenwood TS-700, TS-780; Yaesu FT-726R, FT-747SX 5-ft 16ga 6 Amp fuse 4-Pin Flat-Blade Cinch, Beau, Tocon $36.89
CEA-4P-DC#5-20A DC power cable Yaesu FT-107M & FT-746GX 5-ft 12ga 20A fuse 4-Pin Cinch, Beau, Tocon $37.89
CEA-SATO-Robyn-AC/DC diagram: Robyn (early)1000, 2000B, 3000, & (early)8+8/16 Scanners with white SATO 4-round-pin plug disc-nla
four-pin 12 VDC (13.9 Volt) power cables cords for VHF Marine Radios and vintage ICOM amateur ham radios
CEA-DC-MC625 Uniden/President MC625 MC635 MC1010 MC1020 LTD715 LTD950 Marine Radio 4-pin 16 ga 7.5A power cord $28.89
CEA-DC-MC625 (Amp 4-pin female housing; .083 male pins) fits Sea Ranger SR9901, Uniden UM415 Oceanus, West Marine Aurora Plus
KW2004 ICOM -718, -7000, -7200, -7300, -7410, -7600, -9100; Four-pin ham radio power connector; Female contacts $11.89
KW-2004 four-square-pin male housing with female contact pins also fits Kenwood TS480; Yaesu FT450, FT950, FR2000
CEA-DC-King-VHF7000 Four-pin CBC4-style power cable cord 5-ft 14-ga 7-1/2 Amp fuse King VHF7000 marine radio $26.89
CEA-OPC-023A cord 4-pin 5A ICOM AT100, AT500, IC-series: 45A, 120, 220, 221, 225, 245, 251A, 255A, 260, 280, 290H, 451A, 490, 560, 1200 $28.89
CEA-OPC-023B four-pin 10A fuse 14 ga DC power cable ICOM IC22S, IC25A, IC27A, IC27H, IC37A, IC125, IC211 $28.89
CEA-OPC-023C four-pin 13.8VDC power cable 3A fuse ICOM R7100, R8500, R9000L multimode communications receivers $28.89
CEA-OPC-023C fits Icom R70, R71A, R7000 with EX-299 DC power cable mounting kit installed
CEA-DC-SE2000 marine radio power cord Shakespeare 04-21-0006-00 fits SE2000, SE2000EX, SE2001 Red/Black 16-ga 7-1/2 Amp $28.89
CEA-DC-SE2000 marine radio power cord has same connector as CEA-OPC-023 cable; but wired differently
CEA-DC-MC625 13.6VDC cordVHF7000 power plug   CEA-OPC-023 series13.6VDC powercords
Six Pin Amateur Ham Radio DC Power Cables Cords & Connectors
RCI2970/KW2000 Alinco, ICOM, Kenwood, Yaesu HF includes KW2000A +KW2000B with 5-ft 12 ga DC power cord $26.98
RCI2970/KW2000 fits: Alinco DX70, DX77, ICOM IC720, IC735, IC745, IC756, Yaesu FT840, FT847, FT857, FT897, FT920
RCI2970/KW2000 fits: Kenwood TS50, TS120, TS130, TS140, TS180, TS430, TS440, TS450, TS570, TS850, TS870
KW2000A male 6-pin plug housing with 4-female pins mate to KW2000C $8.89
PH61-290B replacement female socket-pins fit KW2000A connector (each) $0.63
KW2000B male 6-pin plug housing with female pins see picture below $8.89
KW2000C replacement female panel mount receptacle with male pins mate to KW2000A discontinued
PH61-280B replacement male pins fit KW2000C connector (each) $0.63
MK-6 Six pin autosound power & speaker connector cord; male & female housings $9.89
CEA-RAY-53 Twelve Volt DC marine radio power cable fits Raytheon RAY-53
Eight-Pin King VHF Marine Radio 13.8VDC Power Cable Cord
CEA-DC-King-VHF7001 5-ft 14-ga 8-pin power cable cord, 7-1/2 Amp inline fuse fits King VHF7001 marine radio $26.98
Spade Lugs, Ring Terminals, Push-Fit Connectors, Bullet Connectors
click here for crimp connector webpage
BL-1 Male BulletPush-Fit Male BladePush-Fit Female
MK-series (Auto Sound) power & speaker disconnect cord assemblies
MK-3 Three pin power & Speaker disconnect with male & female housings $6.36
MK-4 Four pin power & Speaker disconnect with male & female housings $7.20
MK-4L large 4 pin power & Speaker disconnect with male & female housings $5.76
MK-9 Nine pin Kubota Tractor autosound power & speaker connector male & female housings nla
Coaxial DC Power Cables for "12 Volt" mobile police scanners. CB walkie talkies and other Electronic Equipment
CEA-DC-SCAN10-4 Mobile Police Scanner Coaxial Size-2155 Power Cable Cord Pace Scan 10-4 inline 1A fuseholder $12.89
CEA-CBWT-12VDC Mobile Coaxial (Size-2155) Power Cable Cord 2 Amp fuse fits many CB Walkie Talkies $12.89
CEA-DC-SCAN-2555 Uniden BWZY0647001: BC350A BC350C BC355N BC560XLT BC750XLT BC785D BC796D BCT7 BCT8 $12.89
CEA-DC-B12TV-LP Positive Ground 6-ft Auto Liter Plug Power Cable Cord Bentley 100A & 100C portable TV's $16.89

Click Here for More Coaxial Power Connectors used on portable stuff

Visit our Transformers page for plug paks with bi-pin (2-pin) coaxial power plugs

2-Pin NEMA 1-15P AC Power Cords for CB Base Radio, Police Scanner, Boom Box, Tape Recorder
PH48-517 travel adapter flat pin NEMA 1-15R USA 117VAC socket to round pin Europe "Type C" 230VAC plug US$3.24
PH48-518 =CR45-811 travel adapter round pin Europe AC socket to flat pin NEMA 1-15P USA 117VAC plug US$3.24
PH48-519 travel adapter round pin (Europe) & flat pin (USA) socket to angled pin "Type I" Australia plug US$3.24
PH48-520 travel adapter flat pin (USA) socket to Three Pin British "type G" plug (Uganda) US$4.80
DP-89 Daiwa AC Power Cord, type IEC-60320-C1, with NEMA 1-15P USA 117VAC plug ($15.00)
DP-89 small electric shaver size fits 6.6 x 11.2mm opening, 5mm pin spacing. Zenith 7000 receiver

Many AC power cords have been made to IEC-60230 standards since 1970. Odd numbers are power cords, even numbers are inlet connectors.
"-C1" is a small obsolete electric shaver size cord. The mating inlet socket is "-C2"
"-C5" is commonly referred to as "Mickey Mouse" or "Cloverleaf" or "Shamrock" style. The PH-2455PB cord is an example of the "-C5" cord. This has 3 pins with the 3rd pin being "ground." The mating inlet socket is "-C6"
"-C7" is commonly referred to as "figure 8" style. The PH-2464PB is an example of the "-C7" style cord. The mating inlet socket is "-C8"
"-C7P" is a polarized version of the "-C7" with one end flat instead of rounded so it can't be plugged in "wrong." The PH-2467PB is an example of the "-C7P" style cord.
"-C13" is the common "Computer style" 3-pin "grounded" cord. The PH-C250 is an example of the "-C13" style cord. This has 3 pins with a center "ground pin" connection. The mating inlet socket is known as "-C14"
Many other 2-pin AC power cords exist that are not standard IEC standard types: Some common examples of the non-IEC-standard cords include the SCAN-2P-AC (commonly found on Japan-made 1970's equipment).
A wider pin-spacing version of the SCAN-2P-AC is the CEA-CRST-AC cord. These fit 1950's to 1970's USA-built equipment.
The PH-2465P is an example of the "Sony style" polarized cord; it has a keyway notch on one side of its rectanguler shape.

12-939 polarized "TV cheater power cord" mount ears, 5/16" spacing, for .093" & .139" pins $4,99
WEP-P4-2 Polarized AC Input Jack .093" & .139" pins TV & Police Scanner $2,99
58-274 Cinch =EIA 866 non-polarized 7A 125VAC Input Jack mate to CEA-CRST-AC TV & Police Scanner $9.99
CEA-LC1 =Phino PHS-205 =Kawasaki KS-18B =TY-123 AC cord 7A 125V 16x8MM (Scan-2P-AC)
CEA-LC1 fits Fisher, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp and other boombox tape player radios
PH-8466B replacement AC/DC connector, similar to "radio" end of VA-LC1 US$2.88
Scan-2P-AC Rectangular 2-pin AC power cord: Tokuden TS-031 8x16mm plug, 7.5mm =.290" pin centers, 2.7mm =.100" holes $11.89
Scan-2P-AC fits AC input of Japan units without DC/AC switching including Realistic MPS-20

Tech Tip: SCAN-2P-AC AC powercord fits Grundig 2440; boomboxs & cassette units having 2474J style power inlet with change-over contacts [DC to AC when AC Cord is plugged in]
SCAN-2P-AC fits many base CB's: CPI-BC2000, GE 3-5871A, Hygain 3078, 3084A, Lafayette SSB140, Midland 13-895B, 13-898B, Pace CB113, CB162, 1000B, President Madison, Realistic TRC30/A, TRC457, TRC458

CEA-CRST-AC AC powercord .110" pins spread 3/8" fits AC pins of Hitachi-5 & Sears-6 $12.98
CEA-CRST-AC fits Bearcat BC210, Heath GR78, HD1410, SB301, SB400, SB401, Regency ACT-C-4HLU, ACT-E-10HLU, ACT-R10HLU, ACT-Touch K100, Tram Titan II, D201/A
CEA-CRST-AC fits Salton warming tray; Wollensak 715, 1580 1950's US Hi-Fi Stereo & TV's
2P-ACT AC 2-pin; 3/8" pin centers. Regency ACT-series Police Scanner use CEA-CRST-AC
CEA-LC1 cordCEA-LC1 DetailScan-2P-AC
PH-2464P =CR45-822 =VA-LC4 =PHS-205A =SP-013 16.2 x 7.8 mm (.630" x .300") 8.6 mm (.330") pin centers US$6.52
PH-2464P is non-polarized IEC-60320-C7 "figure 8" power cord (Panasonic Technics Sanyo)
IEC-60320-C8-SM figure 8 panel mount inlet socket snap-in mount ($5.00)
IEC-60320-C8-BM figure 8 panel mount inlet socket bolt-style mount ($5.00)
PH-8465 non-polarized IEC-60320-C7 "figure-8" 8x16mm AC power plug 8.6 mm centers US$3.44
CEA-AP-1 Kintron 2-pin qi50's Appliance cord rectangle 1x9/16" plug, 1/2" centers .130" holes out-nla
PH-2464PIEC-60320-C7CR45-822 cordCR45-822 DetailKintron CEA-AP-1

PH-2465P Unirise UE-225, Phino PHS-202: "Sony style" AC power cord snug fit CBJ2B & PH-2474J US$6.52
PH-2465P =Belden 17106, Electricord ECM-106: .545"x .316" (13.8x8 MM) with .079" holes, 7 MM centers
CEA-LC6 AC 2-pin power cord; .520" wide x .310" thick (13.5 x 7.8 MM) .093 holes on 7 MM centers; fits CBJ2B & PH-2474J; Drake TR33; Lafayette Telsat SSB140 & other Base CB's $10.59
PH-8464B take-apart 13.5x7.8 MM Polarized AC or DC Power Connector fits .093 to .110" round pins at 7 MM spacing US$2.88
PH-8464B is unit-end power connector; order CEA-LC6 if you need an AC powercord with wire & NEMA 1-15P AC plug
PH-8464B: build DC cord; Azden PCS3000/4000, Shakespeare 2500/2550, Ranger, Robyn
CR45-823 =KKDK KKS-18W =Phino PHS-205D elongated-D shape discontinued
PH-2467PB =CR45-824 "Sony/Toshiba" D-shape +round polarized 6-ft IEC-60320-C7 US$6.52
PH-2467B (polarized version of "figure 8" cord) fits Kenwood R-5000 (E30-2071-05), =Phino PHS-205V, =Kawasaki KS-15W
Philmore 2467PB fits Home Stereos, CD Players, Sewing Machines: Bose AWR1-1W, CD-2000, CD3000. Brother Sewing Mchines: CS-770 CS-6000i, EX2000 EX2000, HC1850, HS2500, HS9500, PC8200, PC8500, PE750D, PL2000, PL2100 SE270D, PQ1300, SE-350, SE-400, SM6500PRW SQ4040 SQ9000, SQ9050, XR7700. Denon AVD2000, AVD2020, CDR1000, DP1610. Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines: Designer 1, Designer 2, 715, 1040, 1050, 1100, 1200. JVC: BC50R, EM55FTR, FS-2000, FS-2000GD. Panasonic DMP[BD35, SE-CA1060, SE-CH515D, SE-CH535, SE-CH717, SE-HM09A. Pioneer: CDJ-200, CDJ-400, CDJ-800, CDJ-2000. Sharp LC-37D43U, LC-46SE94U, LC-52D43U, LC-52D62U, LC-52SE94U, LC-52XSIU-S, LC-60C46U, LC-62C42U, LC-C4643U. Singer Futura Sewing Machines: CE150, CE250, CE350, SES2000.
CEA-LC6 cordCEA-LC6 DetailCR45-823 CR45-824
Replacement NEMA 1-15P & 1-15R 2-Pin AC power cords, plugs & receptacles
PH-1051B NEMA 1-15P non-polarized brown AC power plug $2.32
PH-8400 Cube Tap adapter non-polarized 2-pin AC type $2.70
PH-8901 jiffy AC plug for SPT-1 lampcord $2.28
RB-LCD5 Black 5-1/2 foot NEMA 1-15P Molded AC Plug, 18-ga AC power lampcord SPT-1 wire $4,25
RW-LCD5 White 5-1/2 foot NEMA 1-15P AC Power Cord, Molded Plug, SPT-1 18ga lampcord ($5,86)
WEP-LC25-BR Brown 25-ft type SPT-1 18 ga lampcord (no ends) ($5.00)
WEP-LC25-WH White 25-ft type SPT-1 18 ga lampcord (no ends) ($5.00)
PH-SPT1182-6WH White SPT-1 type molded 7 Amp 18 ga AC power cord 6 foot long $3,15
PH-2474J panel mount 2-pin AC inlet power jack (SPDT switching AC/battery) mate to PH-2465P US$5.02
PH-R118J =ACR-2 Bolt-on Panel Mount NEMA 1-15R AC auxillary power socket for 20 x 11mm hole US$3.60
GC-L3-757 female 2-prong AC extension cord socket 1-1/4x3/4" $3,66
PH-R118J =ACR-2       TEAC-AC-INPUT     NEMA 1-15 INPUT  
Grounded 3-pin NEMA 5-15P or 5-15R AC Power Cords, Surge Supressors, & adapters
VA-NSS-1 noise & surge supressor block 3-prong AC style $6,36
RCA-SCP40 6-outlet AC (+telephone) Surge Protector with 4-ft cord ($12.00)
PH43-333 =CR95-794 Triple tap 3-prong outlet adapter $4.30
PH-8419B =CR95-795 replaces Leviton 274 3-prong socket to 2-prong+Ground adapter plug $2,10
PH-SJT163-6 Black 6-ft 3-conductor NEMA 5-15P 13 Amp 16ga AC powercord $5.88
PH-8535B black Zing Ear ZE-3B =ACR-3 =CR95-790, NEMA 5-15R AC receptacle, 15A, 1/4" blade connect, fits 1" x 7/8" hole $2,65
PH-8540B black Zing Ear ZE-3B-3, NEMA 5-15R snap-in 15A AC receptacle, punch-down connect; fits 1-3/16" x 15/16" hole $3,08
PH-8545B black Zing Ear ZE-3B-2, NEMA 5-15R snap-in 15A AC receptacle, 6" 16ga wires; fits 1-3/16" x 15/16" hole $3,24
PH8535B =Zing Ear ZE-3B
PH-8522 straight IEC-60320-C13 female socket computer audio video 10A AC cord end $3,63
PH-8523 straight IEC-60320-C14 computer audio video 10A shrouded male AC cord end $5,25
PH-8527 =TU-301-S =Rong Feng SS-120, IEC-60320-C14 Snap-in Panel Mount AC inlet US$3.92
PH-8529=TU-301-A =ACR-4 =Rong Feng SS-7B, IEC-60320-C14 bolt mount 10A AC inlet US$3.48
PH-8922 right angle down IEC-60320-C13 computer audio video female 10A cord end $4,53
PH-8923 right angle IEC-60320-C14 shrouded male computer audio video cord end $5,97
PH70-249B angle NEMA 5-15P plug to angle IEC-60320-C13 computer audio video 18" cord $8,85
PH-C250 =CR55-782-6 6-ft AC Power Cord NEMA 5-15P male to IEC-60320-C13 female $7.38
PH-C250 fits Kenwood R-600, R-1000, R-2000 shortwave radio receivers
OPC-034 Icom AC cord R71A, R7000, R7100, R8500, R9000L, R9500SE, AT100, AT500 PH-C250
PH70-254B =CR55-783 IEC-60320-C13 to IEC-60320-C14 6-ft AC power ext cord $8,01
CEA70-254B3 computer audio video Power Extension Cord 3-ft long ($8.00)
PH70-256 Accessory Converter Cord IEC-60320-C14 Male plug to NEMA 5-15R female $6.22
PH8522PH8922PH8523PH8923PH8527 PH8529
PH-C250 cord
Three-wire NEMA 5-15P and 5-15R Appliance AC Power Cords and Cables
AC-3G socket discontinued: (install PH-8529 socket; use computer audio video power cord)
Wollensak T1515-5 & 5740 reel to reel tape recorder: replace AC-3G inlet with PH-8529
17952 discontinued: (replace AC-3G socket with PH-8529 to use computer audio video cord)
Heath late GR-79 & SB-303: 17952 cord =Heath part # 89-30; socket =Heath part # 432-76
17952 fits 1960's Appliances & Test Equipment; (Mexico) Tram D201A, Conn ST-11 Strobotuner
PH-2466PB 3-pin "cloverleaf, mickey mouse" IEC-60320-C5 AC Cord equipment end: 1/2" x 11/16" US$12.72
(ignoring ground pin): The AC pins of PH-2466P cord have .400" pin center spacing
60320-C6 socket for "cloverleaf, Mickey Mouse style" Direct TV & Laptop power cordno stock
AC-3G Socket17952 cordIEC-60320-C5IEC-60320-C6
More AC Power Cords for Vintage Old Radios & TV's
CEA-CRST-AC .110" two hole AC cord spread 3/8" to fit AC pins of Hitachi-5 & Sears-6 $12.98
CEA-CRST-AC fits Hitachi-5: Cobra 85, 86XLR, 135, 135XLR, Sears 562.3820700, Penney, RCA, Zenith
CEA-CRST-AC fits SEARS-6: CM2358S, 934.38270700, Penney -6241, -6060, Realistic TRC46, TRC55, TRC455
Gemtronics GTX3000 two versions: CEA-CRST-AC fits 2-Pin AC version; also AC pins of SEARS-6 version
CEA-SEARS-5DC custom two wire DC power cord fits DC pins of Hitachi-5 & Sears-6 power sockets $22.98
Hitachi-5 power socketSEARS-6 power socket

click here for Computer Accessory Plugs & Cords, Insulation Displacment Connectors, Ribbon Cable Connectors, Circuit Board Headers & Sockets, and DePluggable Circuit Board Terminal Blocks

Note about Mini-Molex, "Cisco V35" or "CPC" (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) & Molex pin sizes:
Mini-Molex male pins are round .062" diameter contacts to fit .065" hole in the connector housing.
"Cisco V35" or "CPC" (HVAC) male contacts have .083" diameter; fit .088" hole in the housing
Molex male pins have .093" contacts and fit in a .125" hole in the housing.

Mini-Molex style power connectors 5-Amp/pin contacts fit .062 holes
PH61-401 pair round 1-pin Mini-Molex .062 plug & socket, =CR80-1PRT =B5120 =Waldom 76650-0062 US$2.24
PH61-402 pair Mini-Molex (polarized pointed rectangle) 2-pin Male +Female US$3.48
PH61-402 =CR80-2PRT =B5121 =Waldom 76650-0063, HVAC furnace ignitor
PH61-180B mini-molex .062 female socket crimp contact fits PH61-401, 61-402 (each) US$0.51
PH61-190B mini-molex male crimp connector .062" pin fits PH61-401, 61-402 (each) US$0.51
PH61-401 =CR80-1PRTPH61-402
PH61-403 pair Mini-Molex pointed-rectangle 3-pin Male & Female US$3.48
PH61-403 =CR80-3PRT =B5122 =Waldom 76650-0064; Heath HD1410 & IM41 power cord
PH61-404 pair 4 male pins +4 female socket contacts Mini-Molex pointed-rectangle US$4.20
PH61-404 pak: =CR80-4PRT =B5123 =Waldom 76650-0665
PH61-405 Pair 5 male pins +5 female contacts; Mini-Molex pointed-rectangle US$5.04
PH61-405 =CR80-5PRT =B5125 =Waldom 76650-0066; Alinco DX-70 accessory
PH61-180B mini-molex .062 female socket crimp contact fits PH61-403, 61-404, 61-405 (each) US$0.51
PH61-190B mini-molex male crimp connector .062" pin fits PH61-403, 61-404, 61-405 (each) US$0.51
PH61-406 pair rectangular 6 male +6 female contacts; Mini-Molex plug & socket US$5.40
PH61-406 =CR80-6PRT =B5126 Waldom 76650-0067
B5127 pair inline 8 male pin +8 female contact Mini-Molex .062 plug & socket $3,87
PH61-409 pair of square 9-pin Mini-Molex plug & socket =CR80-9PRT =B5128 =Waldom 76650-0068US$6.92
PH61-409 fits Lincoln, HR2510, HR2600 speaker & accessory; Yaesu FC-757AT antenna tuner power
PH61-180B mini-molex .062 female socket crimp contact fits PH61-406, 61-409 (each) US$0.51
PH61-190B mini-molex male crimp connector .062" pin fits PH61-406, 61-409 (each) US$0.51
PH61-412 rectangular 12 male pin +female socket contacts, Mini-Molex pairUS$8.24
PH61-412 pak =CR80-12PRT =B5129, Waldom 76650-0069
PH61-132 panel mount .062" 12-pin plug, mount ears US$8.84
PH61-172 panel mount .062" 12-pin receptacle US$8.36
(CR80-15PRT) rectangular 15 male pins +15 female contacts Mini-Molex e .062 plug/socket =B5130
PH61-180B =CR80-60S mini-molex .062 female socket receptacle crimp contact: length =11/16" US$0.51
PH61-180 =CR80-60S mini-molex .062 female socket receptacle crimp contact; length =11/16" 25/pak US$6.36
PH61-190B =CR80-60P mini-molex male crimp connector .062" pin length=5/8" US$0.51
PH61-190 =CR80-60P mini-molex male crimp connector .062" pin length=5/8" 25/pak US$6.36
PH61-412CR80-15PRTPH61-180 & PH61-190
"CPC Style" (HVAC) Circular Plastic Connector (.083") 10 Amp socket pins fit .088" hole
CT40-101 = Waldom Amp Molex 66592-1 short CPC female socket contact; 13/16" length 18-22ga (25/pak $13.70)
CT40-102 = Waldom Amp Molex 66591-1 male-pin 1-1/16" length; contact=.060x5/16" 18-22ga (25/pak $8.30)
CT40-103 = Waldom Amp Molex 66590-1 short crimp socket; 13/16" length; 16-18ga (25/pak $9.80)
CPC-female female 10 Amp contacts for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning connectors ($0.60)
CT40-104 = Waldom Amp Molex 66589-1 male pin 1-1/16" length; contact=.060x5/16" 16-18 ga (25/pak $9.40)

Note about Mini-Molex, "Cisco V35" or "CPC" (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) & Molex pin sizes:
Mini-Molex male pins have contact diameter =.062" & fit .065" hole in the connector housing.
"Cisco V35" or "CPC" (HVAC) male contact pins =.083" diameter; fit .088" hole in the housing
Molex male pins have contact diameter =.093" and fit in .125" hole in the housing.

Waldom Amp Molex style power connectors 12-Amp/pin contacts fit .125" hole in housing
PH61-501 =CR80-1619PRT pair round 1-pin molex .093 plug & socket US$2.64
PH61-202 Waldom Amp Molex (Two) flat 2-pin Molex-style inline female housing with male pins US$3.52
PH61-222 Waldom Amp Molex (Two) 2-pin panel mount female housing with male pins US$3.52
PH61-222 has mount ears. replace power jack Heathkit HW-9
PH61-242 Waldom Amp Molex 2-pin inline male housing +female pins =Heathkit 432-196 for HW-9 US$3.60
Waldom 76650-0060 panel mount 2-pin male/female housings +pins/sockets =PH61-222 +PH61-262
PH61-262 Waldom Amp Molex (Two) 2-pin panel mount male housing with female pins US$3.60
PH61-502 Amp Molex Flat +pointed 2-pin pair of male & female connector housings with pins US$3.52
PH61-502 fits Craig, Gemtronics, Heathkit, Icom, Johnson, Motorola, Ranger, Shakespeare
PH61-280B replacement male pins fit PH61-262 & PH61-502 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-290B replacement female pins fit PH61-262 & PH61-502 connectors (each) US$0.63
Tyco 7.2V R/C battery connector
PH61-203 Waldom Amp Molex (2)3-pin inline female housing +male pins US$4.24
PH61-223 Waldom Amp Molex (2)3-pin panel mount female housing +male pins US$4.28
PH61-243 Waldom Amp Molex (2)3-pin inline male housing +female pins US$4.20
PH61-263 Waldom Amp Molex (2)3-pin panel mount male housing +female pins US$4.20
PH61-503 Amp Molex Pair 3-pin male & female housings +female & male contacts US$4.40
PH61-503 fits Regency Polaris, Relm, Wilson: Business, Fire, Marine Radios; =Waldom 76650-0058
PH61-280B replacement male pins fit PH61-243 & PH61-503 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-290B replacement female pins fit PH61-243 & PH61-503 connectors (each) US$0.63
CR80-90 pin/socketCR80-1619PRTCR80-1545PRTCR80-1396PRT
PH61-204 (Two) 4-pin Molex-style inline female housing with male pins US$5.04
PH61-224 panel mount 4-pin plug with mounting ears US$5.20
PH61-244 (2) 4-pin inline male housing, female contacts build IC27 powercord US$4.96
PH61-504 Molex-style pair 4-pin male & female housings with female contacts & male pins US$4.96
PH61-504 fits Shakespeare Marine, Icom Ham & Shortwave Receivers; =Waldom 76650-0059
PH61-280B replacement male pins fit PH61-204 & PH61-504 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-290B replacement female pins fit PH61-244 & PH61-504 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-225 (Two) 5-pin panel mount female housing with male pins US$6.80
PH61-245 (Two) 5-pin inline male housing with female pins US$5.48
PH61-505 =CR80-1653 =P5108 pair Molex 5-pin male & female housings + female & male contacts US$5.56
PH61-504 =CR80-1490PRTPH61-505 =CR80-1653PRT
PH61-206 (Two) 6-pin inline female housing with male pins US$6.36
PH61-226 (Two) 6-pin panel mount female housing with male pins US$6.36
PH61-246 (Two) 6-pin inline male housing with female pins US$6.36
PH61-246 mates to power connector of Lunar 6M10-120P 6-Meter linear amplifier
PH61-266 (Two) 6-pin panel mount male housing with female pins US$6.36
PH61-506 Molex pair rectangular 6-pin male & female housings +female & male contacts US$6.48
PH61-506 fits Heathkit HW=7, HW-8, compare Waldom 76650-0054 & CR80-1261PRT Amp
PH61-229 (Two) 9-pin panel mount female housing with male pins US$7.80
PH61-249 (Two) 9-pin inline male housing with female pins US$8.20
PH61-269 (Two) 9-pin panel mount male housing with female pins US$7.76
PH61-509 Amp Molex pair squarish 9-pin male & female housings with female & male contacts US$7.96
PH61-509 compare to Waldom 76650-0055 and CR80-1292PRT
PH61-280B replacement male pins fit PH61-229 & PH61-509 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-290B replacement female pins fit PH61-249 & PH61-509 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-506 =CR80-1261PRTPH61-509 =CR80-1292PRT
PH61-512 =Waldom 76650-0056 =CR80-1360PRT pair 12-pin .093 male & female housings +contacts US$9.84
PH61-280B replacement male pins fit PH61-512 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-290B replacement female pins fit PH61-512 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-515 =CR80-1375PRT pair male & female 15-pin .093 housings +female & male contacts US$11.48
PH61-280B replacement male pins fit PH61-515 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-290B replacement female pins fit PH61-515 connectors (each) US$0.63
PH61-280 crimp 12-Amp .093 metal male connector pin mate to 61-290 (25/pak) US$7.80
PH61-290 crimp 12-Amp .093 female/socket fit 61-502, 61-503, 61-504 etc (25/pak) US$7.88
International 3191 Style .093" Combo packs isolated (D-shape +round) pin-housings
PH61-302 =28-9470 inline two-pin female housing mate to CB2510 power cord US$3.72
PH61-322 round +D-shape panel mount power socket Lincoln, HR2510/2600, TS5010 US$3.72
PH61-342 2-pin (round +D-shape) for DC cord HR2510, HR2600, Lincoln, Emperor TS-5010 US$3.72
PH61-702 inline two-pin (round +D-shape) plug & receptacle with contact sockets & pins US$3.72
PH61-303 three-pin connector US$4.88
PH61-323 three-pin connector US$4.88
PH61-343 three-pin connector US$4.88
PH61-703 inline three-pin (2=round +D-shape) plug & receptacle with contact sockets & pins US$4.68
PH61-304 US$5.92
PH61-324 US$5.92
PH61-344 US$5.92
PH61-704 inline four-pin plugs & receptacles with contact sockets & pins US$5.84
PH61-306 six-pin connector (mates to 61-326) US$7.40
PH61-326 panel mount connector fits 5/8 X 1" opening mate to (Part-A) 2970/2000 cord US$7.40
PH61-346 six-pin connector (mates to 61-326) US$7.40
PH61-706 inline six-pin (round + D-shape) plug & receptacle with contacts US$6.92
PH61-709 inline nine-pin plug & receptacle with contact sockets & pins US$8.64
PH61-712 inline twelve-pin plugs & receptacles with contact sockets & pins US$12.20
Waldom Amp Molex MATE-N-LOK style power connectors
CT40-201 =Amp 614-1 Waldon Molex 60619-1 female 11/16" long 12-amp contacts (10/pak) ($6.00)
CT40-203 panel mountable 3-pin connector pair connectors of Command PQD-3W ($4,47)
CT40-206 panel mountable 6-pin power connector pair ($6,48)
CT40-224 inline 4-pin female housing 1-480426-0, WST P4-A00202 AT/ATX peripheral (salvage)
CT40-627-1 =Amp 350550-1 universal 3/4" long socket contacts 14-20ga (10/pak) ($3,57)
CT40-628-1 Mate-N-Lock =Waldom 628-1 single pin square connector pair ($2,97)
CT40-628-2 =Waldom 628-2 "D-shape" 2-pin connector Ten-Tec Argonaut, Scout, Omni VII out/nla
CT40-628-9 Mate-N-Lock =Waldom Amp Molex 628-9 9-pin D-shape +round panel mount pair $7,26
CT40-628-12 Mate-N-Lock =Waldom Amp Molex 628-12 D-shape +round panel mount pair $8,04
Custom AC & DC CB Radio Powercords for Old Vintage Tube CB Radios
CEA-AC-T240D AC powercord 8-pin Octal fits Robyn T240D & T123B tube Base CB's $26.97
CEA-AC-25A35 Powercord Lafayette Comstat 23, Comstat 25A, Comstat 25B, Comstat 35 $26.97
CEA-AC-25A35 fits Gemtronics GTX2300, GTX5000, Kris 23+, Lafayette HB400, HB444/25A
CEA-AC-HB333 AC Powercord for Lafayette HB333 tube base CB's $26.97
CEA-AC-Comstat 19 Powercord Lafayette Comstat 19, Comstat 23 Mark V, Comstat 23 Mark VI $26.97
CEA-AC-PSBC23 Pearce Simpson Bearcat 23 & Bearcat 23B octal CB Base AC powercord $26.97
CEA-AC-RA717 AC powercord 8-pin octal fits Olson RA717 CB Base Radio $26.97
CEA-AC-TeaberryT Teaberry T (23&4011) tube base 8-pin Octal CB Base Radio Powercord $26.97
CEA-AC-SS Citifone SS and CD-5 tube base radios 8 pin Octal CB Radio AC Powercord $26.97
CEA-DC-T123B Robyn T123B & T240D tube CB 12VDC 8-pin power cord, inline fuseholder $26.97
CEA-DC-25A35 DC Power Cord Lafayette Comstat 25A; 25B; 35 fuseholder red/black wire $26.97
CEA-AC-8898 Cobra Cam 88, Cobra 98, Allied A2567, Knight KN2565, KN2567 tube base CB's 11-pin Octal AC Powercord $26.97
CEA-AC-C22 Knight C-22 CB radio 11-pin Octal AC Powercord
CEA-AC-MC11A "11-pin Octal" AC cord General Radiotelephone MC11/A, MC12, SB72A CB's $26.97
CEA-AC-MC8 "Octal 11-pin" AC cord General Radiotelephone MC8, MC9, VS4, VS5. VS6, VS7 $26.97
CEA-AC-FS23-OCTAL Sonar FS23 (8-pin Octal) AC powercord SJT163 wire; NEMA 5-15P plug $26.97
CEA-Star-AC Demco Star CB Base Radio AC Powercord: uses 78S11 "11-pin octal" connector $26.97
CEA-Super-AC Demco Super Satelite Transmitter 11 pin AC cord transmitter powers receiver $26.97
CEA-AC-23Plus Aircastle 23, Courier 23, 23 Plus, Ranger 23, Royale, Echo Excellenz AC powercord nla
CEA-AC-Viking Johnson Viking Messenger I, Messenger II tube CB base radio AC cord nla
CEA-AC-T240D Powercord CEA-AC-23PlusCEA-AC-25A35CEA-AC-8898 CEA-AC-TeaberryT CEA-AC-Viking
Power Cord Connectors for Old Vintage Electronic Equipment
78S4 Black Phenolic Round 4-pin female "tube socket" Pearce Simpson Guardian 23 ($15.00)
86P4 Black Phenolic Round 4-pin male chassis mount power plug ($15.00)
78S5 Round 5-pin female "tube socket" connector for vintage antique radios ($15.00)
86P5 Round 5-pin male panel mount connector for old Tube Radios disc-nla
86RCS6 chassis flange-mount vintage antique 6-pin female tube socket ($15.00)
86P6 Round 6-pin male panel connector for old Tube Radios disc-nla
78S7 Phenolic Round 7-pin female vintage antique tube socket, fits Farsia Compact Duo ($15.00)
86P7 Round 7-pin male inline power & accessory connector plug for antique Tube Radios disc-nla
78S8-NOS Octal "tube socket" 8-pin inline female power connector--old Tube CB's ($15.00)
78S9 "9-pin Octal" round female power connector Courier 23, Johnson Messenger I, II disc-nla
[1] 86P9 "9-pin Octal" round Collins 51-S1, Gonset G-76, Johnson Ranger, Valient, Swan ($15.00)
78S11-NOS Black Phenolic Sub-Magnal "11-pin Octal" female socket--Tube CB's, Relays (US$14.98)
R95-119 plastic "11-pin octal" solder lug panel mount relay socket $4.50
[100+] 86P11 Amphenol =Cinch 11PB "11-pin Octal" male plug Tube CB's & Ham Radios ($14.95)
78S-RT retainer clip to chassis mount 78S & 86P power connectors ($1.00)
78S-CFM flange bracket to chassis mount 78S & 86P power connectors ($2,00)
61-61 recessed chassis mount flange for 78S & 86P series power connectors disc/nla
8PF747-SATO Robyn SS-747 & SS-747B CB Radio 8-pin female power connector ($12.00)
CEA-AC-8PF747 AC Powercord wired for Robyn SS-747 & SS-747B CB Radio $26.89
86RCP586PM461-6178S8 +78S-RT86RCP88PF747
3-13 Rear Grommet cover for 78S & 86P series inline connectors use 3-RPC
3-RPC (plastic version of 3-13) Rear-hole Plastic Cover 78S & 86P series $4.97
3-17 Side Grommet cover for 78S & 86P series inline connectors use 3-RPC
3-24 Rear Cable Clamp cover for 78S & 86P series inline connectors $6.97
86-897 Amphenol =GRAP-9 =VA-AP9 9-pin Plug fits miniature tube socket (SRW4 $10.97)
Kenwood E05-0901-05 for TS520S, TS700A, TS820S use 86-897 in VFO socket
3-8583-133-173-2486-897 Plug78RCS8
CJ-P302CCT-L male 2-pin plug with cover & locking ring $6.97
CJ-S302CCT-L female panel mount socket mate to CJ-P302CCT-L $6.97
CJ-PC-3 male plug; remove center pin to use as Pioneer Speaker Plug $9.97
CJ-PC-3 fits SA100 SA302 SA500 SA600 SA700 SA800 SA900 SA1000 SX300 SX400 SX424
SX440 SX525 SX626 SX727 SX3000 SX1000 SX9000 QA800 QX4000 QX9000 QX-9900
S304CCT Four-Flat-Blade-Pin Cinch, Beau, Tocon female power connector with cover JCJ4F
P304CCT Four-Flat-Blade-Pin Cinch, Beau, Tocon 4-Flat-Blade-Pin male with cover JCJ4M
JCJ4F Tocon Japan copy Cinch, Beau-Mallory 4-Flat-Blade-Pin Female compare S304CCT (out)
CJ-4M Male 4-Flat-Blade-Pin Cinch, Beau, Tocon chassis power connector--police scanner ($27.97)
JCJ4M Tocon copy Cinch, Beau 4-Flat-Blade-Pin Male compare P304CCT ($27.97)
P308-AB Male Panel Mount Eight-Flat-Blade-Pin Cinch, Beau power connector mate S308CCT out
S308CCT Eight-Flat-Blade-Pin Cinch, Beau female socket/cover ancient Tube CBs out
JCJ12F Tocon Japan copy Cinch 12-Flat-Blade-Pin Female connector compare S312CCT (out-nla)
S304CCT & JCJ4FS308CCTP308CCT (nla)S312CCT (nla)S318CCT
S304 pinoutJCJ4F pinoutJCJ12F pinoutS312CCT pinout

OPC-346 Icom: (15? or 20 Amp fuse) 3 meter =9.8 foot long T-style 2-pin DC power cable for Delta 100, 207H, 281H, 481H, 2000H, 2340H, 2350H, 2700H, 2710H, 2800H, F320S, F420S

OPC-347 Icom specs: extra long 7 meter =23 foot T-style 2-pin DC power cable with 20A ATC fuse (same radios as OPC-346)
OPC-515L Icom specs: DC coaxial style (unknown size) powercord 4 Amp 9.8 ft long fits Battery Chargers BC-191, BC-192, BC-193
OPC-1132 Icom specs: two pin T-style 9.8 ft long DC powercord with 15 Amp fuse
OPC-1380 Icom specs: DC powercord 30 Amp 9.8 ft long
OPC-1457 Icom specs: four square-pin DC power cable ATC-30A fuse
OPC-2361 Icom specs: four square-pin DC Power Cable 25 Amp for IC-718, 7300, 7600, 9100

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