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Ken's Electronics, (Wholesale & Retail Electronic Parts) Kalamazoo, Michigan

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CB Modification Stuff available from KEN'S:
Modification Stuff
SMSP-Kit SuperModulator SwingParts +Instructs for AM; not SSB $4.99
VTB-Kit Variable Talkback control +Instructions $12.99
TCS-SM35 Toggle Crystal Switch (1 orig + 1 new) $2.98
TCS-SM65 Toggle Crystal Switch (2 orig + 2 new) $3.55
TCS-SM96 Toggle Crystal Switch (3 orig + 3 new) $6.59
TCS-SM126 Toggle Crystal Switch (4 orig + 4 new) $7.98
10TS-Kit TenTurn Slider Pot, Choke +Instructions $19.99
SS-Kit Super Slider extended range choke +Instructions $10.99
TPCS-25 Translucent Plastic Crystal Sockets for HC-25/U crystals $0.50
HPCS-25 Hard Plastic Crystal Sockets for HC-25/U crystals $0.75
CCS-6 Ceramic Sockets for Large (HC-6/U) Crystals $2.00
Spec-Xtal Synthesis & PLL Crystals CB & Ham Xtal List
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