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CB Linear kits We recently acquired many repair parts for ABC Electronics and D&A Manufacturing: Chassis & Cabinets, Circuit Boards, Tube Sockets & Plate Caps, Schematics & Instruction Manuals, Tuning Capacitors, Knobs, Switches, Relays, Power Transformers, RF Plate Chokes, Fan Motors, Relays, Filter Capacitors, Rectifier Diodes, Terminal Strips, Power Cords, Pilot Lights & Sockets, Rubber Feet, etc. These could be used to build Ham 10 Meter Linears. FCC Regulations permit licensed hams to build and/or sell one Ten Meter linear per year for other licensed ham radio operators. FCC regulations prohibit us packaging everything as a "linear kit" however we can sell individual repair components when you tell us what part you want.
Kens Electronics does not sell linears capable of operating on either the 10 or 11 Meter bands & does not condone illegal use of equipment purchased from competitors that modify Ham Radios for CB'ers
Instruction Manuals & Schematics for Tube Linears
OSM-6706-6801 ABC Owners Manual/Schematic small 2 tube linears $8.00
OSM-6915 (150) ABC Owners Manual/Schematic 4 tube base linear $8.00
OSM-7107 ABC Owners Manual/Schematic 2 tube 100W mobile linear $8.00
OSM-7204 (500) ABC Owners Manual/Schematic 5 tube base linear $8.00
OSM-7210 (250 Plus) ABC Owners Manual/Schematic 4 tube base linear $8.00
Click here for list of D&A schematics available
Click here for Hygain Afterburner schematics available
click here for a book containing 60 schematics of linears
Power Transformers for Tube Linears
T1-ABC-150 (6915) AC Power Transformer $42.05
T1-ABC 250 Plus (7210) AC Power Transformer $50.90
T2-ABC-500 (7204) High Voltage transformer for Contex 500 $66.05
above T1 & T2 ABC core: 2"thick, 5-1/4"long, 4-3/8"wide, mounting4-3/8x3-1/2"
T1-ABC-500 (7204) Filament transformer for Contex 500 $??.??
T2-ABC-6706 AC Power Transformer for 2-Tube base Linear $??.??
T1-ABC-6801 High Voltage Transformer for 2-Tube mobile Linear $24.80
T1-ABC-7107 High Voltage Transformer for 2-Tube Mobile Linear $??.??
D-250-XMFR power transformer for Demon 150 & 250 base linears$60.00
above D-250-XMFR core: 2"thick, 4-1/2"long, 3-3/4"wide, mounting3-5/8x3"

click here for Coils and Plate Chokes for linears

Transistors used in linears
2N2222A metal transistor used for relay keying or preamp circuits
PN2222 plastic transistor used for relay keying or preamp circuits
2N2905 metal transistor used for relay keying or preamp circuits
2N3904 NPN small transistor used for relay keying or preamp circuits
2N4048 P.S. Oscillator transistor used in ABC/other tube mobile units see original transistor webpage
Relays used in linears
303D10-3PDT-12VDC CDE open frame relay (transistor keying circuit) see NTE relays
303D10-3PDT-110VDC CDE open frame relay (tube keying circuit) see NTE relays
Switches used in linears
35-642 small rocker in Palomar Red Devil & many other transistor mobiles
35-694 rocker SPDT hi/med/low PalomarElite250 & SuperStar200
35-644 small SPDT rocker switch in White Tornado 225 & other transistor mobiles
SM35 SPDT mini toggle in Hooker, Magnum, & many other transistor mobiles
SM65 DPDT mini toggle in Hooker, Magnum & many other transistor mobiles
SM75 DPDT/off mini toggle in Hooker, Magnum & many other transistor mobiles
SW2 SPST standard toggle on/off used in many tube linears
SW6 DPDT standard toggle switch in Pride P150V & many tube linears
SW7 DPDT/off standard toggle switch used in many tube linears see switch webpage
Click here (then scroll to bottom of page) for our capacitor webpage.

Free Technical Repair Tip: Tube replacement notes: The 6KG6/EL509 tube still made in Europe & Russia can be used as a heavy duty replacement for a 6LQ6 & many other "sweep" tubes. A 6KG6 is about 1/2" taller than a 6LQ6 so you first need to see if you have room for a conversion. The socket pin connection change is easy: Pin 3 of the 6LQ6 was the cathode while pin 9 of a 6KG6 is the cathode; move the lead formerly on pin 3 to pin 9 (not used on the 6LQ6); add a jumper from pin 3 to pin 2 on the socket. You may need to squeeze or swap the plate cap to fit the 6KG6. The pins of a 6KG6 are a little larger than the pins of a 6LQ6; however--with a used socket--the pins just fit a little tighter in the socket! In some units it may be necessary to shorten the "pi-net" coil by 1 turn or add a 100 to 200pf Silver Mica 1000V capacitor in parallel across the antenna-load capacitor to bring the "tune" & "load" capacitors into the proper tune-up positions.

GE 8908 (HyGain 760002) tube replacement: The best choice to replace the no-longer-available 8908 is to change the socket and plate cap to use a 6KG6/EL509. Both tubes are the same height and both are rated at 40W plate dissipation. The Novar sockets we have available fit in the same size hole as the octal socket you are removing so these are a direct bolt-in replacement--no drilling necessary to mount the new sockets! Virgin Novar sockets need to have the pin connector holes enlarged a little--use an awl or large needle--before you attempt to plug in the 6KG6/EL509 tubes.

Tuning Capacitors for "CB and Ten Meter" Linears
8908 tube 6KG6/EL509 tube
Pin 1=G1 Pin 1=G1 (also--Pin 8=G1)
Pin 2=G3 Pin 2=G3 (also--Pin 7=G3)
Pin 3=G2 Pin 3=G2; (also--Pin 6=G2)
Pin 4=cathode Pin 9=cathode
Pin 5=G1 Pin 8=G1 (also--Pin 1=G1)
Pin 6=G3 Pin 7=G3 (also--Pin 2=G3)
Pin 7=heater Pin 4=heater
Pin 8=heater Pin 5=heater
3/8" Plate Cap 1/4" Plate Cap

Free Technical Repair Tip: Substitution ideas for tubes in former "CB Linears" now owned by licensed ham radio operators
6JB6A: generally interchangable with 6JF6, 6JU6, & 6KM6.
6JE6/6LQ6: none available at old-cheap prices anymore! generally interchangable with 6ME6 & 6MJ6. In some "5-tube" units it is possible to rewire the heater pins (in series across 120VAC instead of parallel across 6.3VAC) to use 24JE6/24LQ6 tubes. In some "3 tube" or "6 tube" units it may be desirable to rewire sockets (three heaters in series across 120VAC instead of all in parallel across 6.3VAC) to use 40KG6 tubes; in many other units 6KG6 tubes are the best choice.
6JG6A: generally interchangable with 6JR6, 6JT6A, & 6KV6A.
6LF6: generally interchangable (no changes) with 6KD6, 6LX6, & 6MH6; also (may require minor changes?) 6JS6C, 6KN6, 6LB6, 6LR6
12JB6A: units with (2) tubes can have heaters rewired in series to use 6JB6A etc.
8950 & M2057: Obsolete 12 volt duodecar tubes; In most cases the heater pins can be rewired in series-parallel to use similar 6 Volt tubes such as 6KD6, 6LF6, 6LX6, or 6MH6.
8975: was used in Hygain Galaxy linear. the ratings are similar to the 6KG6 tube; the 8975 is a 12 pin tube but the 6KG6 is 9 pin that has slightly larger pins than the 481A4 Novar sockets we have in stock. Substitution for the 8975 requires installing new tube sockets--see also the note about the 8908 replacement in the paragraph above.
Purchase and read the BLACK BOOK OF CB LINEARS for specifications & more substitution ideas.

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