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Replacement Antenna tuning tiprods & Whip-Holders
TIP-2 straight 18" tiprod .100" diameter High-Band VHF 1/4 wave $??
QM-22 straight 22-1/4" tiprod .100" diameter trim =2-meter $??
C-348 high-band 2-meter 5/8-wave straight 48" tuning tiprod .100" diameter $??
56SSWT tapered 56" =6-meter 1/4 wave rod .100" diameter $??
MW-CB52 3/8-24 Whip-Holder for .100" diameter rods 3/8-24 threads $??
AS-18 Chrome Plated Brass 3/8-24 whip-holder for .125" diameter rods $??
AS-149 3/8-24 Whip-Holder for .149" diameter rods $??
WEP-AS1 3/8-24 Whip-Holder for .200 diameter (102" antenna) rods $??

Antenna Mount Brackets & Hardware 3/8-24 +Miscellanous & BNC & SMA
BM-3B Chrome 2" Ball on 3" Mounting Plate $??
RAH-4 Robyn Antenna Hardware PL259 (screws into SO239) to 1/4-20 stud $??
RAH-4 fits Comet & Diamond mount; use with NUT-4 for 3/8-24 antenna
NUT-4 one-inch-long coupling nut 1/4-20 female to 3/8-24 female $??
C100 Trunk Lid Mount & 18-ft Coax for 3/8-24 thread antennas $??
C100-SO Trunk Lid Mount & 18-ft Coax for SO-239 (Comet & Diamond) antennas $??
AMH-P Antenna studMount Hardware for 3/8-24 to PL259 $??
HDM-1 Heavy Duty (5/8" hole) Mount for 3/8-24 to PL259 $??
WS-1 Wafer Stud antenna mount hardware for 3/8-24 antennas $??
PM-3 Three Inch magnet with 12 ft coax for 3/8-24 antennas $??
PM-5 Five Inch magnet with 18 ft coax for 3/8-24 antennas $??
S71BNC Three Inch Magnet with 8 ft RG174 for BNC antennas $??
S71SMA Three Inch Magnet with 9 ft coax for SMA antennas $??
Click here for Additional (3/8-24 etc) Antenna Hardware PRICES

NMO Antenna Mounting Hardware
NMO-1 Thru-3/4" hole mount hardware for "NMO-Motorola" style antennas $??
NMO-2 Thru-1/2" hole mount hardware for "NMO-Motorola" style antennas $??
NMO-3 adaptor use 3/8-24 antenna on NMO hardware $??
NMO-SO adapt PL-259 (SO-239) Comet & Diamond antenna to NMO mount
C100-NMO Trunk Lid Mount & 18-ft Coax for NMO ham & business radio antennas $??
PM-3NMO Three Inch magnet with 12 ft coax for "NMO-Motorola" antennas $??
PM-5NMO Five Inch magnet with coax for "NMO-Motorola" antennas $??
SSDR-2 Stainless Steel under-hood mount Dodge Ram & Dakota '97up 3/4" hole $??
WEP-RC-1 weather cap for NMO hardware use when antennna is removed $??

Popular Ham Radio Antennas
CEA-2M-QW Quarter-Wave 2-Meter antenna includes 3/8-24 whip-holder $??
CEA-2M-QW-MAG Quarter-Wave 2-Meter antenna, 3" Magnet Mount, 12' PL259 coax $??
CEA-2M-QW-MAG-BNC Quarter-Wave 2-Meter antenna, 3" Magnet Mount 12' coax BNC $??
CEA-2M-QW-GP Quarter-Wave 2-Meter Ground Plane Base Station Antenna $??
CEA-DB-GP Dual Band (2-Meter & 70CM) Ground Plane Base Station Antenna $??
CEA-2M-58-GP Five-Eighths Wave Two-Meter Ground Plane Base Antenna $??
CEA-2M-QW-series antennas can be cut/tuned for favorite 144-600mHz frequency
BS-150 Two-Meter 6 db Gain Colinear (5/8 over 5/8-Wave) Base Antenna $??
More Popular Ham Radio Antennas
CEA-6M-QW Quarter-Wave 6-Meter 56" antenna; 3/8-24 whip-holder $??
CEA-6M-QW-MAG Quarter-Wave 6-Meter 56" antenna 5" Magnet 17' PL259 coax $??
ANT-5/8 Mobile 2-Meter 5/8-Wave 3/8-24 bottom coil 52.5" antenna $??
ANT-5/8-MAG Mobile 2-Meter 5/8-Wave Antenna 5" Magnet 17' PL259 coax $??
DB-1 dual band 2-Meter (146mHz) & 70-CM (440mHz) 3/8-24 antenna 17.5" $??
DB-1-MAG dual band 3/8-24 mobile magnet mount 2-Meter 70-CM 19.5" $??
WEP12 (HR-12 & W-270-12) Flexible 2-Meter/440mHz 15" BNC antenna for handhelds $??
MB-1 Two-meter NMO 21.5" antenna (8MM whipholder) mount optional $??
NMO19.5 Two-Meter NMO 19.5" antenna use on mount of your choice $??
UVS-200 co-linear 8-ft base antenna for 2-Meter & 70 CM $??
T-601 discone base antenna Receive 50-900mHz; transmit 125mHz to 500+mHz $??
T-734 discone base antenna receive 25-1300mHz $??
UV-325 NMO 2-Meter/2.4db & 70-CM/4db no mount 38" antenna $??
W-144-3 rubber 4 inch BNC antenna for 2-meter handhelds $??
W-7000 telescoping 2-meter BNC antenna $??
WEP-7 thin flexible HT 2-Meter & 70-CM BNC antenna $??
SMA144-440 thin flexible 7" Handi-Talkie 2-meter & 70-CM SMA antenna $??
PH-2130CP ribbed Delrin insulators for (dipole) wire antennas $??
Delrin can be drilled to add eyebolt center support for dipole antenna
LAF-2130 ribbed Ceramic insulators for (dipole) wire antennas $??
ASPC-201 Rooftop Mobile Antenna for 3/8" hole
PH15-630 multi-strand Hard Drawn Copper antenna wire 14-AWG Guage 50 feet $??
PH15-635 multi-strand Hard Drawn Copper antenna wire 14-AWG Guage 100 feet $??

Building Antennas: just remember KENS EASY ANTENNA FORMULA: 54mHz=54 inches.
Forget those difficult antenna book formulas involving square roots etc--just compare the frequency for your antenna project--to that 54mHz=54 inches for a Quarter-Wave! Use a calculator for simple division & multiplication: Results 3mHz=81 feet; 9mHz=27 feet; 27mHz=108 inches; 108mHz=27 inches; 162mHz=18 inches; 486mHz=6 inches. A Half-Wave dipole has a Quarter-Wave Length each direction from the center insulator--so a 54mHz dipole has 54 inches each side of center =9 feet overall.

SWR Meters for VHF and UHF applications
102-Zetagi for 3-200Mhz
104-Zetagi for 120-500Mhz
SX144-430 VHF/UHF SWR & 500-Watt Meter 140-160mHz & 400-480mHz
Ham 6-Meter Gizmotchy 4-Element Horizontal & Vertical Beam Antenna $??

Lapel Speaker Microphones for Handheld Amateur Ham Walkie-Talkie Radios
DM-100 Lapel Speaker Mic Icom (Alinco Standard Yaesu) Mono 2.5MM Mic +Mono 3.5MM Spkr $??
DM-200 Lapel Speaker Mic for Kenwood handheld Mono 2.5MM SpkrPlug +Stereo 3.5MM MicPlug$??
DM-204 Mini Lapel Mic for Icom handheld Mono 2.5MM Mic & PTT +Mono 3.5 EarphonePlug
DM-300 Lapel Speaker Mic for Motorola handheld Mono 2.5MM +Mono 3.5MM plugs $??
DM-400I Earphone & Boom Mic handheld Icom Mono 2.5MM Mic & PTT +Mono 3.5 EarphonePlug
DM-500Y Lapel Speaker Mic for Yaesu handheld has 4-cond 3.5MM plug $??
DM700I Lapel Speaker Mic; Volume Control, Icom etc. Mono 2.5MM MicPlug +3.5MM SpkrPlug $??
DM800I Large Speaker Mic; Alinco, Icom, Standard, Yaesu; Mono 2.5MM Mic +3.5MM Spkr $??
MAD-1 Mad Max Superstar Headset $??
DM-100 Speaker Mic
Click here for Microphone Plugs, Connectors, & Adaptors
Click here for Microphones for CB & Marine Radios

Hand Microphones for Icom Amateur Ham Radios
CEA-DM507B fits Icom 1050 dynamic "group B" 4-pin 500 ohm hand microphone $??
CEA-IC-HM5-M3 Icom IC22S, IC202, IC211, IC215, IC225, IC240 dynamic 4-pin 500 ohm hand mic $??
CEA-IC-HM5-M3 fits Icom IC245, IC275, IC280, IC402, IC451A, IC502, IC551, IC560, IC575, IC701
Hand Microphones for Trio-Kenwood Amateur Ham Radios Assembled-in-U.S.A.
CEA-MC30S-M3 Kenwood TR7200 TR7400 TR7500 TR7600, TS511 TS530 TS600 TS700 TS800 500 ohm $??
CEA-MC35S-M3HZ Kenwood TS120S TS130S TS180S TS520S TS820S TS830S 50K Microphone $??
CEA-MC35S-M3HZ also works on Heath HW-5400
CEA-KW-M45 fits Trio-Kenwood TR7600 & TR7625 5-pin CBC5 500 ohm Hand Microphone $??
CEA-KW6-410R Kenwood 9000 etc dynamic mic has CBC6 plug with up/down buttons $??
some Kenwood TR7600 use 4-pin (CEA-MC30S-M3); other TR7600 use 5-pin (CEA-KW=M35) microphone
CEA-SG-2000-M3 Dynamic 4-pin Push-To-Talk microphone for early SGC-SG-2000 transceiver $??
CEA-KW-MC43-410R Kenwood TS-140 TS-430 TS-440 TS-930, TS2000 Up/Down CBC8 500 ohm mic $??
CEA-KW-MC43-410R replaces SGC 52-26 microphone for 8-pin SG-2000 transceiver
Hand Microphones for Vintage Yaesu-Musen Amateur Ham Radios Assembled-in-U.S.A.
CEA-FT101-M3HZ Yaesu FT-101E, FT-101ZD, FT901 Dynamic 50K-ohm 4-pin hand microphone $??
CEA-YE7A-M3 Yaesu FT-7B, FT-200R, FT-201, FT-221R, FT-224, FT225R, FT-225RD Dynamic 500-ohm CBC4 hand microphone $??
CEA-YE7A-M3 also fits Yaesu FT-625, FT-901DM, FT-902DM
CEA-YM-37M38 Yaesu FT-One, -77, -102, -480R, -707, -747, -757, -990 -2700 Dynamic 500 ohm CBC8 hand microphone $??
CEA-YM-47-410R 500 ohm dynamic 7-pin hand microphone with up/down buttons fits Yaesu FT-230R, FT-290R, FT690R(MkII), FT-790R $??
Hand Microphones for Ranger Ten-Meter Amateur Ham Radios Assembled-in-U.S.A.
CEA-2950V-410R Ranger RCI2950 -2990 Sommerkamp 2000DX 6-pin up/down hand microphone $??
CEA-AR3500-M4 early 4-pin Clear Channel Ranger AR3300 & AR3500 500 ohm 4-pin hand microphone $??
CEA-AR3500-M38 later 8-pin Ranger AR3300 & AR3500 500 ohm 8-pin PTT microphone $??
CEA-AR3500-410R Clear Channel Ranger AR3300 & AR3500 500 ohm 8-pin, up/down microphone $??
Hand Microphone: Azden Amateur Radio 2-Meter FM Transceivers Assembled-in-U.S.A.
CEA-PCM463-410R Azden PCS -4000 -5000 -6000 -7000 500 ohm 8-pin, up/down microphone $??
Hand Microphones: Radio Shack Realistic Amateur Ham Radios Assembled-in-U.S.A.
CEA-HTX10DM6 Realistic HTX-10 Push-To-Talk 6-pin Electret Hand Microphone (no Up/Down buttons) $??
CEA-HTX100-410R Realistic HTX-100: 500 ohm hand microphone, CBC8, up/down buttons $??
Hand Microphones for Uniden President & Emperor Amateur Ham Radios Assembled-in-U.S.A.
CEA-HR2510U-410R Uniden HR2510, HR2600, Emperor 5010 500 ohm microphone, up/down buttons $??
Hand Microphones: Swan & Siltronix Amateur Ham Radio Transceivers Assembled-in-U.S.A.
CEA-Swan-M3HZ-G 250C/350/500/700CX/100MXA/102BXA/103; Siltronix 1011C/D 47K ohm 1/4" plug $??
CEA-Swan-M3HZ-G also fits Atlas TX110 TX180 TX210 TX215 TX350XL; Hallicrafters HT-46; Henry Tempo One & Twins; National NCX200; Yaesu FT-200, FL-DX400; Sommerkamp FT250
Hand Microphones: Collins & Drake Amateur Ham Radio Transceivers Assembled-in-U.S.A.
CEA-Drake-M3HZ-206 Drake TR-3 TR-4B/C T-4XB/C Hand Mic 100K ohm PJ068 size .206" plug $??
CEA-Drake-M3HZ-206 also fits Collins KWM-1, KWM-2 KWM-380, KWM-390 & S-Line Ham radios

We custom wire microphones for many Vintage Amateur Ham Radios. Please provide ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION--see owners/service manual for microphone wiring diagrams & specifications: Ceramic, Dynamic (high or low impedance?); Electret Condenser? relay, electronic or special switching (up & down buttons?); type of microphone plug (3-conductor 1/4 inch; 4-pin, 6-pin, 8-pin?); touch tone pads etc.?

Microphone Plugs and Accessory Plugs for popular Ham Radios:
PH-2317J =75MC1F =2501F =CM-1 =CR30-432 center contact Microphone PA & test equip $??
PH-2317J =Amphenol 75MC1F & Switchcraft 2501F plug fits many 1950's ham transmitters
PH524WT replaces PJ-068 shielded metal .206 inch 3-conductor microphone plug $??
PH524WT fits: Collins KWM-1 & 2 KWM-380 & 390, S-Line; Drake TR-3, TR-4B/C, T-4XB/C
PP-12 Metal 1/4 inch 3-conductor Transceiver PTT straight microphone plug $??
PP-12 fits: Swan 250C, 350, 500, 700CX, 100MXA, 102BXA, 103; Siltronix 1011C/D
PP-12 fits: Atlas TX110 & 180 & 210 & 215 & 350XL; Hallicrafters HT-46; Henry Tempo One; Yaesu FT-200, FL-DX400; Sommerkamp FT250
VA-CBC4 very popular Diecast =stronger 4-pin screw-lock microphone plug $??
VA-CBC4 fits Icom IC22S, IC202, IC211, IC215, IC225, IC240, IC245, IC275, IC280, IC402, IC451A, IC502, IC551, IC560, IC575, IC701, 1050
VA-CBC4 fits Kenwood TR7200, TR7400, TR7500, TR7600, TS120S, TS130S, TS180S, TS511, TS520S, TS530, TS600, TS700, TS800, TS820S, TS830S
VA-CBC4 fits Yaesu-Musen FT7B, FT101E/FE/ZD, FT200R, FT201, FT221R. FT224, FT225RD, FT625, FT901/DM, FT902DM
VA-CBC4 microphone plug fits Clear Channel Ranger AR3300 & AR3500
VA-CBC5 chrome 5-pin plug and DCC-5 Diecast =stronger microphone plug $??
VA-CBC5 & DCC-5 fit Trio-Kenwood TR7600 & TR7625, Uniden HR2510, HR2600, Emperor 5010
VA-CBC6 female 6-pin screw-lock microphone plug $??
VA-CBC6 fits Kenwood TR7730 TR7800 TR7850 TR7930 TR7950 TR8400 TR9000 TR9130 TR9500
VA-CBC6 fits Ranger RCI2950, RCI2970, RCI2990, Realistic HTX-10, Sommerkamp 2000DX
VA-CBC8female 8-pin screw-lock microphone plug $??
VA-CBC8 fits Trio-Kenwood TS-140 TS-430 TS-440 TS-930 TS2000 TM-201A/B TM211 TM221 TM231
also: TM241 TM242 TM321 TM331 TM401A/B TM421 TM431 TM441 TM521 TM531 TM541 TM621 TM631 TM701
also: TM721 TM731 TM2530 TM2550 TM2570 TR50 TR75 TR851 TS50 TS60 TS140 TS430 TS440 TS450 TS570
also: TS660 TS670 TS680 TS690 TS711 TS780 TS811 TS850 TS870 TS930 TS940 TS950; TS2000 TW4000/4100
also: TS-930 TS2000 SGC-SG2000
VA-CBC8 fits: Yaesu FT-One FT77 FT102 FT480R FT707 FT747 FT757 FT2700
also: later Clear Channel Ranger AR3300 & AR3500 Azden PCS4000 PCS5000 PCS6000 PCS7000 Realistic HTX-100
VA-P6D =CR30-499 =PH-ETA9 =40-1104 male 6-pin DIN microphone plug $??
VA-P6D fits Accessory Jack: Kenwood TS-450/570/690/850/870/950
PH-EMA6 =CR30-326 =CT-MD-6P Male Mini-DIN 6-pin plug $??
PH-EMA6 fits DATA jack of Yaesu FT-450
VA-P7D =CR30-495 =PH-ETA10 Male 7-pin DIN microphone plug $??
VA-P7D fits accessory socket of Yaesu FT707 & Kenwood TS780
PH-EMA8 =CR30-330 Mini-DIN 8-pin male plug $??
PH-EMA8 fits Yaesu FT-857 AUX; TUNER of FT-450; PC-DATA of Kenwood TM-D710
VA-P13D =PH-ETA13 male 13-pin DIN Kenwood Ham Radio accessory $??
ETA13 fits Trio Kenwood TS140, TS440, TS450, TS570, TS680, TS690, TS711, TS790, TS811, TS850, TS870, TS940, TS950

DC-4 Extra Heavy Duty 2 pin 80A power disconnect accepts 4 ga wire $??
DC-6 Heavy Duty 2 pin 60A power disconnect accepts 6 ga wire $??
DC-4 & DC-6 mate to similar Anderson Power Products brand connectors
DC-4 Power DisconnectDC-6 Power Disconnect
2-Pin (Flat T-Position pins) DC Ham Radio Power Cords
CEA-DC2Magnum Cobra 150GTL-DX & Magnum Delta Force 6-ft 12-ga 10A inline Fuseholder $??
CEA-DC200GTLDX DC Power Cord fits Cobra 200GTL-DX 6-ft 12-ga inline 15A fuseholder $??
IC2000 HD 2-pin power cord flat T-position pins dual 20A fuses $??
IC2000 fits Alinco, Icom, Kenwood, Maxon, Radio Shack, Yaesu 2-Meter & 440
IC-CONN pair male & female T-shape housings +male & female 1/4" flat push-fit blade connectors $??
SCAN-AC Rectangular, Tokuden TS-031 16x8MM, 8MM=.310" center spacing, .108" holes $??
SCAN-AC fits 1950's non-polarized "TV cheater cord" sockets; also older Heath SB-301 & SB-401
CEA-DC-AR3300-30 2-pin power cord 16ga 5-ft 7A fuse $??
CEA-DC-AR3500-100 2-pin power cord 12ga 5-ft 15A fuse $??
CEA-CBH2W take-apart plug to reverse polarity 2-Pin 2A power cord R2000 $??
CEA-DC-PCS4000 Azden 2-pin power cord 14ga 5-ft 10A fuse $??
R2PWPP Robyn 2 Pin White Power Plug connector only of CBH2W $??
CBJ2B popular 2-pin DC power jack Robyn & many other CB's $??
CEA-HD-RJ5148 DC Power Cord: 2-pin screw-lock, 5-ft 14-ga wire, 8A fuse, inline fuseholder $??
CEA-HD-RJ5148 power cord fits Kenwood TR7400, TR7800 & other Ham & Marine Radios
CEA-HD-TR7950 2-pin screw-lock DC Ham & Marine Radio Power Cord 5-ft 14-ga wire, 12A inline fuseholder $??
  CEA-CBH2W   CBJ2B jackCEA-DC-AR3300 with plug detail   CEA-HD-RJ5148
CEA-CBH2W & CEA-DC-AR3300 viewed from cord end of plug--like looking into jack on back of radio.
More Two-Pin Amateur Ham Radio Power Cords
CEA-DC-IC230 Icom 230 power cord 6-ft 16-ga Red/Black Wire, 5A fuseholder $??
TP10-2 H.D. Bullet Disconnect; 24" Red/Black 10 ga wire Motorola Radius GM300--add fuse $??
TP10-4 Heavy Duty Bullet Disconnect, 4-ft Red/Black 10-ga wire handles 30 Amps $??
40-628-2 Mate-N-Lock=Waldom/Amp 628-2 Two D-shape TenTec Argonaut & Scout power discontinued
          DC-IC230 powercord  TP10 & TP10-440-628-2
Two-Pin Business and Amateur Ham Radio Power Cords
KW-KCT-6 double-D housing-round pins E30-2078-15 Kenwood 705 730 805 830 business $??
KW-NEW rectangular pin cord E30-3339-05 Kenwood 790 880 890 7150 business radio $??
CB2510 Heavy Duty fits HR2510, Lincoln, & HR2600; 1-round & 1 D-pin $??
KW-KCT-6  KW-NEW  CB2510    DC-IC3200Apower cord
Three Pin AC & DC power cords & connectors for Amateur Ham Radios
CB3AXX Extra Heavy Duty 12-Ga Ham Radio DC cord, dual fuseholders black/red $??
CEA-PWR2950 Power cord 5ft 16ga 7A fuseholder fits RCI2950 etc $??
CBJ3B stronger replacement 3-pin DC power jack Cobra/Midland/Uniden/RCI etc $??
17952 cord  CB3AXX & PWR2950CBJ3B
Four Pin Amateur Ham Radio AC & DC Power Cords & connectors
S304CCT Four Pin Cinch-Jones female connector with cover use JCJ4F
JCJ4F Japan Copy of Jones 4 pin Female connector compare to S304CCT $??
CJ-4M Male 4 Pin Cinch-Jones male chassis mount Yaesu FT-225R use JCJ4M
CEA-AC-FT225 AC powercord Yaesu FT-225R & Kenwood TS-780 4-pin Cinch-Jones plug $??
CEA-DC-FT225 DC powercord Yaesu FT-225R 5-ft 14ga 10A fuse Cinch-Jones style plug $??
CEA-DC-FT707 DC powercord Yaesu FT-707 & FT757GX 5ft 12ga 20A fuse Cinch-Jones style $??
CEA-DC-TS780 DC powercord Kenwood TS780 5-ft 14ga 7A fuse Cinch-Jones style plug $??
CEA-DC-IC27 power cord Icom IC25A, IC27A, IC27H, IC255A Red/Black wire & fuseholder $??
S304 pinoutJCJ4F pinoutS304CCT & JCJ4FDC-IC27 powercord
Six Pin Amateur Ham Radio DC Power Cords & connectors
RCI2970/KW2000 H.D. 6-pin cord Alinco DX-70, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu HF rigs $??
RCI2970 PowerKW2000 Power
S308CCT Eight Pin Cinch Jones female socket/cover ancient Tube units discontinued not available
JCJ12F Japan Copy of Jones 12 pin Female connector Yaesu; compare S312CCT (out of stock)
S308CCTP308CCTS312CCTJCJ12F pinoutS312CCT pinoutS318CCT

Cigar Lighter Mobile Power Cords for Amateur Ham Radio Hand Held Handi-Talkies
CEA-IC-CP1-2155 Fused Lighter Plug Straight Power Cord 2A fuse fits IC-02AT $??
CEA-IC-CP-12L-1335 fused cigar lighter plug straight power cord fits Icom IC-T7H $??
Coaxial Power cords used on some Ham Radio Equipment
PH-TC-204 fits Alinco EDX-1 Antenna Tuner (12VDC negative ground)
PH-TC240 EIAJ-II powercord 6ft 24ga Right Angle Plug 1.7MM hole 4.0MM OD $??
EIAJ-III connectors fit many Amateur Ham Radio Handheld "Handi Walkie Talkies"
PH-TC275 EIAJ-III powercord 6-ft 24-ga wire Angle 1.7MM hole 4.75MM O.D. $??
PH-TC210 powercord 6-ft 24ga Right Angle 2.1MM hole 5.5MM O.D. $??
PH-TC218 powercord 6-ft 18ga straight plug 2.1MM hole 5.5 MM O.D. $??
PH-TC250 powercord 6-ft 24-ga wire; Right Angle 2.5MM hole 5.5MM O.D. $??
PH-TC258 powercord 6-ft 18-ga wire; straight plug 2.5MM hole 5.5MM O.D. $??

Click Here for More Coaxial Power Connectors used on portable stuff

Click Here for Additional Power Connectors used on Vintage electronic equipment

Accessory Connectors for Amateur Ham Radio Transceivers
PH61-405 =80-5PRT =B5125 Mini-Molex Flat 5-pin Male & Female connectors $??
PH61-405 fits Alinco DX-70 accessory connector
PH61-409 =80-9PRT =B5128 square 9-pin Mini-Molex plug & socket $??
PH61-409 fits accessory & speaker connector of Lincoln & HR2510 & HR2600
5AB2 Cinch Drake R4C accesory "universal car stereo" cord out of stock
PH-EMA6 =CR30-326 =CT-MD-6P Male 6-pin Mini-DIN plug $??
PH-EMA6 fits Accessory Socket: Kenwood TM-251/451/G707/V7
CR30-499 =PH-ETA9 =P6D =40-1104 (6-pin DIN) $??
CR30-499 fits Accessory Socket: Kenwood TS-450, 570, 690, 850, 870, 950
CR30-495 =PH-ETA10 =P7D (7-pin DIN) $??
CR30-495 fits Kenwood TS-120/130/140, 180, 430, 440, 450, 450, 530, 570/680, 690, 830, 850, 870, 940, 950
Kenwood TS-520 & TS-820S require GRAP-9 =86-987 =VA-AP9 "miniature tube" plug in remote VFO socket: jumper pin 8 to 9 discontinued
PH-ETA13 male 13 pin DIN plug $??
PH-ETA13 fits Kenwood accessory TS-140, 440, 450, 570, 680, 690, 711, 811, 850, 870, 940, 950
PH61-405PH61-409GRAP-9 Plug5AB2 Cinch

Surplus Radio Free Technical Repair Tip: Motorola Syntor-X trunk mounted "110 Watt" trunk mounted (1975-1985) police/fire/business radios can be used for Ham FM operation even though the Motorola Software to reprogram the E-PROM doesn't cover ham bands! Contact "john73west@yahoo.com " to get this done. The Low Band version can cover both the 10-Meter and 6-Meter Bands, the High Band version can operate on 2-Meters, & the UHF version can operate on the 70CM band. They come with 2, 4, 8, or 16 channel control heads; but they can have 32, 64, or even 128 channels; with switchable output of 1W, 10W, & 100W (up to 150W). The buffer IC =NTE74LS367 may need replacement.

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