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"CBC-series" Japan-style "Foster" Microphone Plugs & Jacks for CB & Ham Radios
VA-CBC2 =PH61-602 screw-lock 2-pin female microphone plug $3,30
CBC2 plug is used for power cord for Panasonic CB's; KDK; Kenwood; Yaesu Ham & Marine Radios
CBC2 looks like power cord connector for Daiwa electric reel fishing rod
VA-CBC2P =PH61-622 Male 2-pin chassis panel mount 2 pin power & microphone socket jack $2,61
CBC2P and similar microphone jacks fit in 5/8" =16mm round hole
PH61-632B =VA-CBC2E Male inline 2-pin microphone socket build extension cord US$9.40
VA-CBC3 =PH61-603 =CR30-451 mic plug screw lock "Foster" 3-pin Pearce Simpson CB's $3,45
C-3RB right angle 3-pin female rubber boot microphone plug
VA-CBC3E CR30-451M =PH61-633 inline 3-pin male microphone socket build extension cord $5,61
VA-CBC3P CR30-452 =PH61-623 panel mount 3-pin male microphone jack mate-CBC3 $3,30
CBC3P and similar microphone jacks fit in 5/8" =16mm round hole
VA-CBC2 plugVA-CBC2P jackVA-CBC3 plugVA-CBC3P jack
DCC4 Diecast stronger most popular 4-pin screw-lock microphone plug $3,87
VA-CBC4E =CR30-453M =PH61-634 inline 4-pin microphone socket build extension cord $5,97
VA-CBC4M =PH61-604 =CR30-453 =MIC-4 chrome popular 4-pin "Foster"mic plug screw-lock $3,67
VA-CBC4P =PH61-624 =CR30-454 panel mount rear nut 4-pin male microphone jack $3,72
Recent CBC2P, CBC3P, CBC4P, CBC5P, CBC6P, CBC8P mount nut & lock ring 5/8-24 thread
Ancient Japan CBC3P, CBC6P etc: mount nut fine metric thread; lock ring =5/8-24 thread
PH-PCP2 =83-1AC metal weather cap 5/8-24 thread fits CBC-P series mic jacks Bin 86 $6,48
CBC4PFN =EX06N41020 front nut panel mount 4-pin male mic jack Ranger, General Lee, radio boxes $6.83
VA-CBC4RB =PH-T609RA right angle 4-pin rubber boot plug; 4 position keyway-notch $5,97
WEP-CBC4RC right angle 4-pin cable-clamp plug; 4-position keyway-notch $4,72
C4PM4M mic adapter use group A Cobra/Uniden mic on Group B Midland/Cybernet 4-pin CB's $6,96
C4PM4M also adapts group B Midland/Cybernet mic to Group A Cobra/Uniden 4-pin CB's
CP4 Straight 10-inch microphone extension cord for Group A Cobra/Uniden 4-pin CB's radio boxes $10,80
EX4 Coiled 4-ft microphone extension cord for Group A Cobra/Uniden 4-pin CB's $14,10
VA-CBC4 plugVA-CBC4EVA-CBC4M plugCBC4RB plug CBC4RC plugCBC4P jack
VA-CBC5 =PH61-605 chrome 5-pin microphone plug 142, 148, 2000, Stalker XV, XX. Grant, Madison, Washington, HR2510 $3,75
PH61-605 replaces connector on cord of "Power Box" Cobra HH-40 & HH-75
DCC-5 Diecast/stronger 5-pin microphone plug Sideband CB's
VA-CBC5P =PH61-625 =CR30-519 panel mount rear nut 5-pin male mic socket $5,07
CBC5P and similar mic jacks fit in 5/8" =16mm round hole
CBC5PFN =EX06N41094 chassis mount "front nut" 5 pin male mic jack $6.83
CBC5RB right angle 5-pin rubber boot plug for SSB CB's $7,29
WEP-CBC5RC mic plug 5 pin right angle with cable clamp $6,05
VA-CBC5E =CR30-518M =PH61-635 inline 5-pin male mic jack build extension $6,27
CR30-518M replaces connector on cord: Handheld Cobra HH-70 & HH-75
Kenwood MC-50 desk mic has "squashed-X" jack: replace jack with CBC5P to mate with CBC5 plug
RMC1.7X7.7S Replacement Metric Clamp Screw fits CBC2, CBC3, CBC4, CBC5, CBC6, CBC8 plugs $0.50
WEP-C4P5C mic adapter use 4 pin group A mic on 5 pin Cobra SSB radio $6,96
WEP-C4PHR5C mic adapter to use Group A mic on 5-pin HR-2510 & HR-2600 etc Radios $6,96
VA-CBC5 plugVA-CBC5P jack
VA-CBC6 =CR30-455 =PH61-606 microphone plug 6-pin "Foster" female screw-lock RCI 2950/2970 $4,35
VA-CBC6P =PH61-626 =CR30-456 chassis panel rear nut mount 6-pin male mic jack $5,37
CBC6P and similar mic jacks fit in 5/8" =16mm round hole
CBC6PFN =EX06N41052 front nut chassis mount 6 pin jack fits RCI-2950 etc. $6.34
CEA-CBC6RC right angle 6-pin female screw-lock microphone plug adjusts 4 directions $9.98
VA-CBC6E =CR30-455M =PH61-636 inline 6-pin male microphone jack build extension $7,62
WEP-C4PRCI6 mic adapter use Group A Cobra/Uniden mic on RCI-2950 6-pin radio $7,20
WEP-C4PDF6 mic adapter use Group A Cobra/Uniden mic on Magnum 257 & Delta Force 6 pin radio $7,20
CEA-C5P-RCI6 custom mic adaptor use Group E Cobra/Uniden mic on RCI2950 6-pin radio $20.00
C4PRCI6 & C4PDF6 can be custom modified to 4-pin(input) with 8-pin(output) ham radio plug
VA-CBC6 plugVA-CBC6P jack
VA-CBC7 =CR30-510 =PH-T707 ham radio mic plug 7-pin "Foster" screw lock mic plug Yaesu FT-230R, FT-290R, FT-690R, FT-790R $4,80
VA-CBC7P =CR30-511 =PH-P707 mic jack 7-pin panel mount $4,80
VA-CBC7E =CR30-510M =PH-L707 male inine 7-pin socket make extension cord $5,40
VA-CBC8 =PH61-608 =CR30-512 ham radio 8-pin "Foster" female screw-lock microphone plug $5,67
Heil Sound's "Stealth 8-pin Foster microphone connector" sells at $9 +shipping at several competitors
CEA-CBC8RC right angle 8-pin female screw-lock microphone plug adjusts 4 directions $9.98
C4PRCI6 & C4PDF6 can be custom converted as 4 pin jack to 8 pin ham radio plug
VA-CBC8P =PH61-628 =CR30-513 chassis panel nut-mount 8-pin male mic socket $4,80
CBC8P and similar microphone jacks fit in 5/8" =16mm round hole
VA-CBC8E =CR30-512M =PH61-638 inline male 8-pin mic connector build extension $5,85
VA-CBC8 plugVA-CBC8P jack
DIN style plugs & jacks
VA-P3D =CR30-435 =PH-ETA1 Male 3-pin DIN 180 degree plug $2,40
VA-J3D =PH-ETS1 chassis panel mount female 3-pin DIN socket jack $1,83
VA-JI3D =PH-ETL1 inline 3-pin DIN female connector build an extension use VA-JI5D
VA-P4D =PH-ETA5 male 4-pin DIN 210 degree plug $2,97
VA-J4D =PH-ETS5 chassis panel mount female 4-pin DIN socket jack $1,71
VA-JI4D =PH-ETL5 inline 4-pin DIN female connector build an extension $2,13
4-pin Mini-Din connectors also known as S-VHS or S-Video connectors
VA-P3D plugVA-P4D plugVA-J4D jackVA-JI4D inline jack
VA-P5D =CR30-436 =PH-ETA2B Male 5-pin DIN mic plug Realistic & cheap CB's $2.38
P5DQ male 5-pin retainer hook DIN 180 degree microphone plug $3.06
VA-P5DR =CR30-502 right angle male 5-pin 180 degree DIN plug $5,70
PH-ETS2 =VA-J5D Panel Mount 180 degree 5-pin DIN female mic jack also known as MIDI connector $2,55
PH-ETS2 =CR30-508 =Neutrik NYS325 =Switchcraft/Conxall 57GB5FX Musical Instrument Digital Interface (adopted 1983)
Recent alternate connectors for MIDI include USB, FireWire, XLR, Serial, Parallel, Joystick Port, & mLAN versions
CR30-542 DIN 5-pin Printed Circuit Board mount socket jack $2,70
J5DQ DIN 5-pin hook-jack mate P5DQ
VA-JI5D =CR30-433 =PH-ETL2 inline jack mate to P5D plug $2,54
C4P5DIN mic adapter use Group A Cobra/Uniden mic--Realistic/Sears Group-D CB's $7,56
VA-P5DF =PH-ETA3 Male 5-pin 240 degree DIN plug $3.58
VA-JI5DF =PH-ETL3 female 5-pin 240 degree inline DIN jack $3,90
VA-J5DF =PH-ETS3 Chassis Panel Mount 5-pin 240 degree DIN socket jack $3,42
VA-P5DXX =PH-ETA4 male 5-pin X-pattern DIN plug $4.70
EMA5 Mini-Din 5 pin male plug $2,79
VA-P5D plugVA-J5D jackVA-JI5D inline jackVA-P5DF plugVA-J5DF jack
VA-P6D =CR30-499 =PH-ETA9 =40-1104 male 6-pin DIN microphone plug old CB's $1,88
VA-P6D fits Accessory Jack: Kenwood TS-450/570/690/850/870/950
VA-J6D =PH-ETS9 =CR30-509 chassis panel mount female 6-pin DIN socket jack $2,55
VA-JI6D =CR30-500 =PH-ETL9 =442AA Inline 6-pin DIN female connector $2,70
PH-EMA6 =CR30-326 =CT-MD-6P Male Mini-DIN 6-pin plug $3,90
PH-EMA6 fits DATA jack Yaesu FT-450
PH-EML6 Mini-DIN 6 pin inline jack $2,97
VA-P7D =CR30-495 =PH-ETA10 Male 7-pin DIN microphone plug $3,00
VA-P7D fits acc Yaesu FT707, Kenwood E07-0751-05 on TS780, TS950; Acc2 Icom IC735
VA-P7D fits radio-intercom 2001-7 Harley Davidson 1450 Ultra Classic
VA-J7D =PH-ETS10 chassis panel mount female 7-pin DIN jack $2,40
VA-P6D plugVA-J6D jackVA-JI6D inline jackVA-P7D plugVA-J7D jack
VA-P8D =PH-ETA11 =CR30-503 male 8-pin DIN microphone plug $3,30
P8DQ hook-lock 8-pin DIN microphone plug
PH-EMA8 =CR30-330 Mini-DIN 8-pin male plug $4,95
PH-EMA8 fits Yaesu FT-857 AUX; TUNER of FT-450; PC-DATA of Kenwood TM=D710
VA-J8D =PH-ETS11 chassis panel mount 8-pin female DIN socket jack $3,84
VA-JI8D =PH-ETL11 =CR30-504 inline female 8-pin DIN female connector $2,22
PH-EMA9 Mini-DIN 9-pin male connector plug $3,45
PH-ETA13 =VA-P13D male 13 pin DIN plug fits Autosound; Kenwood E07=1351-05 $3,63
ETA13 fits Kenwood TS-140, -440, -450, -570, -680, -690, -711, -790, -811, -850, -870, -940, -950
VA-JI13D =PH-ETL13 inline female 13-pin DIN connector Kenwood Autosound remote CD $6,75
VA-P8D plugVA-J8D jackVA-JI8D inline jack
Switchcraft Twist-Lok style plugs & jacks
2504M Switchcraft 4-pin plug Motorola & late Browning CB's $15.98
2504F Switchcraft 4-hole socket to mate with 2504M above $9.98
2505M-SALV Switchcraft 5-pin plug late 70's Delco CB's $9.98
CB4D =CR30-457 =09CLM4 Twist-Lok 4-pin male plug Tram D201 Titan II Pace 2300 $10.98
80-876-385 Twist-Lok 4-pin cable clamp male plug nicer/similar CB4D $11,98
CR30-482 chassis panel mount 4-pin female socket jack mate--CB4D out of stock
CR30-480 =CBJ4D inline twist-lok female 4-pin socket build extension; mate CB4D $9,30
CB5DF =CR30-458 =12CLM5 5-pin twist-lok plug Craig/Johnson/Regency $10.98
CR30-483 chassis panel mount female twist-lok 5-pin socket jack mate CB5DF $8.40
2504M plugCB4D & CB5DF plugsCB4D pin detailCB5DF pin detail
Odd-size .206" plug vintage Collins S-line, KWM-2, Drake TR-4 ham & Aircraft radios
PH-524WT shielded metal replaces PL-068 .206 inch 3 conductor microphone plug $6,95
One-Quarter Inch Audio & Microphone Plugs
PP-4 Metal 1/4 inch 2-conductor Mono High Impedance PA input mic plug $2,37
CR30-406 Metal 1/4 inch 2-conductor right angle guitar style microphone plug $2,04
PP-12 Metal 1/4 inch 3-conductor Transceiver PTT straight microphone plug $2,91
CR30-408A Metal 1/4 inch 3-conductor right angle microphone plug $2,25
PH524WS Metal 1/4 inch 3-conductor Transceiver PTT straight microphone plug $3,06
Public Address & Miscellanous Ancient Style connectors
[3] Amphenol 75MC1F =Switchcraft 2501F =PH-2317JB =VA-CM-1 =CR30-432 (5/8-27 thread) Eico, Heathkit, Johnson, PA, Test Equip, Astatic JT-30 (18.00)
[25] Amphenol 75MC1M =2501M Switchcraft inline male center contact cord-jack mate to 2501F (15.00)
[1] Amphenol 75PC1M panel mount center contact mic jack for Heathkit & Johnson Ham Amateur Radio & test equipment ($15.00)
MF-702 Switchcraft =25Y Y-adapter 1-female to 2-male of 2501 series 5/8-27 thread (out)
44-HH Switchcraft =75MC1P Amphenol: adapter accepts 2501F adapt to 1/4" male guitar style plug (out)
2501M-RCA adapter accepts 2501F, converts to RCA plug ($15.00)
33-856 Electrocraft adapter accepts 2501F, converts to RCA jack ($15.00)
332A Switchcraft: adapter 1/4" guitar style jack to 2501F plug disc-nla
Build your own adapter similar to 332A: use PH-2317J plus VA-J17
CR30-434 =CM-2 =PH-2316 small 7/16" .456" center contact female connector $15.00
80MC1M Amphenol 1-pin male inline connector for mic cord ($19.98)
80MC1F Amphenol 1-pin female inline socket/jack for mic cord ($19.98)
80MC2M Amphenol 2-pin male Browning, Hallicrafters, Heath, T-3, Shure 540, 545 ($29,98)
80PC2F Amphenol USA-made 2 pin female panel mount socket mate to 80MC2M ($19.98)
80MC2F Inline 2 pin female connector mate to Amphenol 80PC2M ($19.98)
PH-2317J =75MC1F =2501F80MC2M plug80MC2F inline jack 44-HH
91MC3F Amphenol Wire-Pro 3 pin inline female connector old PA mics ($28.98)
91PC3F Amphenol Wire-Pro USA chassis mount female socket ($19.98)
91PC3M Amphenol Wire-Pro USA chassis mount male socket ($19.98)
91MC3M Amphenol Wire Pro 3 pin male Demco Satelite ($32.98)
91MC4F Amphenol 4 pin inline female connector old PA mics ($28.98)
91MC4M Amphenol 4 pin old Courier 23 CB, EV-664 mic ($34.98)
91PC4F Amphenol Wire Pro USA-made chassis mount female socket ($19.98)
91MPM3L Amphenol Wire Pro USA-made ($23.98)
91MPM4L Amphenol Wire Pro USA-made ($24.98)
91MPM5L Five pin plug HE20C mic; FR101D-VFO jack (25.98)
91MC3M plug91MC3F inline jack91MPM3L plug
CBC4Y fits: Rheem volume pedal, OLD Courier CB's, 8-Track & Realistic Scanner Power out/nla
CBC4YPMS Old-Stock panel mount socket to mate with CBC4Y ($15.00)
70-26 Ancient 4-pin inline microphone plug connector
CBC-4Y =CR30-459 plug70-26 plug
XLR Style Plugs & Jacks
PH-F600J =CR30-523SL =VA-CPJ-3 XLR panel mount female Public Address mic jack $7,38
CR30-521SL =PH-T600J =VA-CAJ3 female XLR style 3-pin PA system inline jack $7,59
CR30-522SL =PH-F600P male XLR 3-pin panel mount PA System microphone jack $6,30
CR30-529SL =PH-T600P =A3M =CAP3 =XLR3-12C =91-453 male XLR 3-pin PA mic plug $6,87
CR30-643-3 female panel mount mini 3-pin XLR jack/socket $8,85
30-520 plug30-521 inline jack30-528 inline jack30-529 plug
CR30-522-SL4 =PH44-620 male XLR style 4-pin panel mount PA microphone jack $6,00
CR30-523-SL4 =PH44-622 female XLR style 4-pin panel mount PA microphone jack $6,90
CR30-534 male PH44-600 4-pin XLR style Public Address microphone plug $5,85
CR30-535 =PH44-602 female 4-pin XLR style inline PA microphone jack $6,90
30-534 plug30-535 inline jack
CR30-522-SL5 =PH44-624 male XLR style 5-pin panel mount PA microphone jack $6,45
CR30-523-SL5 =PH44-626 female XLR style 5-pin panel mount PA microphone jack $8,85
CR30-539SL =PH44-604 XLR style 5-pin male Public Address microphone plug $6,39
CR30-540BK =PH44-608 XLR style 5 pin female inline PA microphone jack $8,85
CR30-539 plug
Balanced Line PA System Microphone Cable for XLR connectors
CR10-95 bulk balanced line flexible black microphone wire for Lo-Z PA mics $0,72/ft $48.00/100ft
CR10-95-25 Microphone Cable 25-ft XLR-3 Male to XLR-3 Female $16.00
CR10-95-50 Microphone Cable 50-ft XLR-3 Male to XLR-3 Female $34.00
CR10-95-100 Microphone Cable 100-ft XLR-3 Male to XLR-3 Female $60.00

Click here for CB Radio Microphone Wiring Information

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