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*NTE and other Relays stocked

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Good News: "ECG" is now a division of NTE so we can supply many more products you may need

*Sample NTE Transistor & IC pricing from KEN'S:
NTE123AP (location FRD) most popular NPN replacement transistor

*High Voltage Dividers, Multipliers, Triplers stocked by NTE number
HVD1 hi-volt div/focus
HVD3 hi-volt div/focus
HVD12 hi-volt div/focus
500A TV HiVoltTripler
520 TV Hi Voltage Tripler
521 TV Hi Voltage Tripler
522 TV Hi Voltage Tripler
523 TV Hi Voltage Tripler
525 2000V1A damper diode
526A TV HiVoltage Tripler
527 TV Hi Voltage Tripler
528 TV Hi Voltage Tripler
529 TV Hi Voltage Tripler
530 TV Hi Volatage Tripler
536A TV Hi Voltage Tripl
539 TV Hi Voltage Tripl

*Thermo-Pads, Insulators, Sockets & Semiconductor Mounting Hardware
TP0001 TO3 5-thermopad
TP0002 TO66 5-thermopad
TP0003 DO4 5-thermopad
TP0004 TO126 5-thermopad
TP0005 TIP36 5-thermopad
TP0006 TO220 5-thermopad
TP0007 DO5 5-thermopad
TP0008 TO3P 5-thermopad
TP0009 TO36 5-thermopad
TP0010 TO3PML 5-thermopad
209 (2)TO3 tran sockets
400 (2)TO5/39 heatsinks
401 (2)TO5/39 heatsinks
402 (2)heatsnk plas pwr
403 (2)heatsnk plas pwr
404 TO66 2 partHeatsink
405 TO3 2 part Heatsink
406 pushon heatsink TO202
407 round 8pin ICsocket
408 round 10pinICsocket
409 (2)14pinDIP ICsockt
410 (2) TO1 heatsinks
411 (2) TO5 heatsinks
412 (2) TO18 heatsinks
413 TO3 insulator kit
414 TO36 insulator kit
415 TO66 insulator kit
416 (2) 16pin DIP sckt
417 socket 3 pin TO18
418 4 pin TO18 socket
421 (2) TO66 socket
422 TO220 mounting kit
423 (2) 8pin DIP sockt
426 3MM hardware pckge
428 (2) 24pin DIP sckt
429 (2) 28pin DIP sckt
430 40 pin DIP IC sckt
432 adapt 3/8-24 to 1/2-20
435K64 IC socket (HR2510)
435P6 (2) 6pin DIP sckt
435P18 (2)18pin DIPsckt
435P20 (2)20pin DIPsckt
435P22 (2)22pin DIPsckt
438 mount hdwe DO4/TO64
439 mount hdwe DO5/TO48

*Metal Oxide Varistors & Zener Transient Surge Supressors
1V020 MOVaristor 20Vrms
1V025 MOVaristor 25Vrms
1V030 MOVaristor 30Vrms
1V035 MOVaristor 35Vrms
1V130 MOVaristor 130Vrms
2V014 MOVaristor 14Vrms
2V025 MOVaristor 25Vrms
2V030 MOVaristor 30Vrms
2V035 MOVarist 35Vrms
2V130 MOVarist 135Vrms
2V150 MOVarist 160Vrms
2V250 MOVaristor 240Vrma
524V13 130Vrms MOVaristor
524V15 150Vrms MOVaristor
524V25 MOVaristor 240Vrms
524V42 440Vrms MOVaristor
524V48 480Vrms MOVaristor
4900ECG 5V transient Suppress
4902 5.8V transientSupressor
4903ECG bidirect 5.8VtransSupr
4904 11.3V transientSuppress
4918ECG 11.1V transientSupres
4919ECG bidirect 11.1VtransSup
4926 15.3VtransientSupress
4927ECG bidirect 15.3V tranSup
4928 transient 17.1V Suppres
4929 17.1V transientSupress
4934 23.1V trasientSuppress
4945 bidirect 36.8VtranSupres
4950 43.6V transSuppressor
4951 43.6V transient Supress
4958ECG 58.1V transSuppress
4965ECG bidirect 77.8V tranSup

*Small Signal Transistors stocked by NTE number
10 NPN UHF lo noise amp
11 NPN hi current (cmplem=12)
12 PNP 5A .75W TO92
13 NPN .6W output amp
16 NPN .3W lo-noise
18 NPN.7A 1W driver
19 PNP.7A 1W driver
20 NPN 2A 1W output
21 PNP audio output
22 NPN 1A.9W pwr amp
25 PNP switching
30 PNP 50A 300W switc
31 NPN 1A.9W ver/aud
32 PNP 1A.9W ver/aud
33 2SC2921 2SD845 NPN 15A150W
34 2SA1215 2SB755 PNP 15A150W
36 2SC2581 NPN12A100W 2SC2665
37 2SA1106/2SB754 PNP
37MCP matched 36 & 37 pair
38 PNP complement 175
39 PNP .5A20W sw reg
41 PNP differential amp
42 NPN differential amp
43 PNP differential amp
44 NPN dual bias amp
45 PNP dual bias amp
46 NPN darlington
47 NPN lo-noise
48 NPN darlington
49 NPN 2A 10W
50 PNP hi voltage gen purp
51 NPN 4A 75W
53 NPN 15A 175W
54 2SC2334 NPN 8A 50W
55 PNP 8A 50W
56 NPN hi gain sw/pass reg
57 NPN 6A40W sw reg
58 NPN 17A200W AFPwr
59 PNP 17A200W AFPw
63 NPN microwave
64 NPN microwave
68 PNP audio (compl=388)
69 NPN UHF/VHF osc mixer
76 NPN CATV broadband
78 TO202 CB RF driver
79 TO202 CB RF output
80 2SC1810 NPN HiV Sw
81 NPN dual amp Royce 32310
83 NPN dual gen purp
85 NPN RF/IF/Audio
86 NPN hi gain 5A 60W
87 2SD180 NPN 10A 200W
88 PNP 10A200W sw/reg
89 2SD869/-1173/-1175
90 NPN higain hivolt
91 PNP higain hivolt
92 NPN 15A 150W AFPwr
93 PNP 15A 150W AFPwr
94 NPN 100W 5A dc reg
97 NPN darl 10A 150W
98 NPN darl 20A 175W
100 PNP Ge osc/mixer
101 NPN Ge osc/mixer
102 PNP Ge .15W AF
102A/WEP405 PNP Ge AF P
103 NPN Ge .15W AF
103A NPN Ge .65W AF pwr
104 PNP Ge 10A 100W
105 PNP GE 15A 150W
106 PNP FM osc/mixer
107 NPN UHF tuner osc
108 NPN RF/IF/osc
108-1 NPN RF/IF/osc
121 2SB471 PNP Ge 10A 90W
123 NPN AF/Video/Sync
123A NPN gen purpose
123AP NPN gen purpose
124 NPN 300V AFpower
127 PNP Ge 10A 56W
128 NPN Gen Purp 1A
128P s NPN Gen Purp
129 : PNP Gen Purp 1A
129P PNP plastic gen purp
129W WEP851 PNP GenPurp
130 NPN 15A 115W
130MP matched pair
131 : PNP Ge 1A 6W
152 : NPN 7A50W AF/Vert
153 : PNP 7A50W AF/Vert
154/WEP713 NPN hi-v vid
155 : NPN Ge 1A 6W
157 s NPN .5A20W sw reg
158 : PNP GeAF 1A 1.4W
159/WEP717 PNP gen purp
159M metal PNP gen pur
160 : PNP Ge RF/IF/Mix
161 : NPN VHF/UHF/Mixer
162 : NPN Ver Defl 100W
164 : NPN Ver Defl 50W
171 : NPN Si 75Mhz TO202
174 TV Ger DamperDiode
175 : NPN Si 15Mhz TO66
176 : PNP AF Ger TO39
179 s 25A PNP TO3 pwr
180 s 30A PNP TO3 pwr
181 s 30A NPN TO3 pwr
182 : NPN 10A2MhzTO127
183 : PNP 10A2MhzTO127
184/WEP701 NPN 4A TO126
185 ns PNP 4A 2Mhz TO126
186 : NPN 3A 50Mhz TO202
187 : PNP 3A 50Mhz TO202
187A PNP 3A 50MhzTO202M
188 NPN 2A 50Mhz TO202N
189 : PNP 2A '' TO202N
190/WEP749 NPN 100Mhz
191 : HV NPN TO202N
192 : NPN 120Mhz TO92HS
192A : NPN 120Mhz T16HS
193 : PNP 120Mhz TO92HS
193A/WEP754 PNP T16HS
194 HV 100Mhz NPN TO92
196 s NPN 7A 4Mhz TO220
197 s PNP 7A 4Mhz TO220
198 ns HV NPN 20Mhz TO220
199/WEP634 NPN 90Mhz Si
199W WEP644 higher gain
210 s NPN 200Mhz TO202
211 : PNP 200Mhz TO202
213 s PNP Ger 30A TO36
218 : PNP 3Mhz TO66
219 ns PNP 15A 3Mhz TO3
220 HEPF2005 d-gMosfet
221 : N-chan d-g Mosfet
222 : 3SK45 d g Mosfet
226: IRTR94 PNP AF Germ
228A : NPNaf/Vid TO202M
229/WEP720 600Mhz TO92
230 s HorDeflSCR TO66
231 s HorDeflSCR TO66
233 : NPN Video IF TO92
234 s PNP lo nois AFpre
239 TV Vert SiContSwitc
240 complement 191
241 NPN Si 60W 2Mhz
242 PNP Si 60W 2Mhz
278/WEP767 CATV broadbd
280 2SD469 NPN12A 6Mhz TO3
280MP matched pair
281 : PNP 12A 6Mhz TO3
284 ns NPN 16A 6Mhz TO3
285 s PNP 16A 6MhzTO3
287 NPN HV amp TO92
288 PNP HV amp TO92
289 NPN 100Mhz TO92
289A NPN 120Mhz TO92
290 PNP 100Mhz TO92
290A PNP 120Mhz TO92
291/WEP780 NPN 4A TO220
292 s PNP 4A TO220 4Mhz
293 ns NPN 200Mhz GiTO92
294 : PNP 200Mhz GiTO92
295/WEP913 2SC495 RFdri
297 : NPN 120Mhz GiTO92
297MP matched pair
298 s PNP 120Mhz GiTO92
299 s NPN 200Mhz TO202
300 : NPN 70Mhz TO202
303 thermal heatsink compound
313/WEP921 400Mhz RF15
314 12.5A 400V SCR
319/WEP924 NPN TV IF
319P 300Mhz NPN TV IF
321 : NPN horiz defl
323 : PNP 20Mhz TO39
324 s NPN 20Mhz TO39 /td>
327 : 25A40MhzNPN TO3
328 : 15A60MhzNPN TO3
330 2N278 Delco-70 car radio
331 : NPN TO220 15A AF
332 : PNP TO220 15A AF
369 s NPN VertDeflSwitc
374 s PNP 20W AF TO126
375 s NPN VertDef TO220
376 : NPN PwrSup/AF out
377 s NPN 10A TO-220
378 s PNP 10A TO-220
379 s NPN HiVolt TO-220
380 s 2SD588 NPN AFout
381 s 2SB618 PNP AFout
382 s NPN 140Mhz R245
383 : PNP 140Mhz R245
384 : NPN 7A 45W TO66
385 : NPN 10A 150W TO3
386 : NPN 20A175W TO3
388 : NPN 16A 250W TO3
389 ns TV Horiz out TO3
390 s NPN 80W AF TO218
391 PNP 80W AF TO218
392 TIP3055 NPN 125W AF TO218
393 TIP2955 PNP 125W AF TO218
396 : NPN HV 1W TO39
397 : PNP HV 1W TO39
398 s PNP VertDef TO220
399 2SC2229 NPN HV Vid GiTO92

*Power Transistors stocked by NTE number hundreds of stock numbers here

*Bridge Rectifiers stocked by NTE number
166 100V 2A bridgeRectif
166W/WEP1050 50V 2A B.R.
167/WEP1052 200V 2A B.R.
168 400V 2A BridgeRect
169 : 600V2A BridgeRect
170 : 1KV 2A BridgeRect
5304 W04S RB154 1.5A400V BR
5305 1.5A 600V bridge rectif
5306 bridge rect 1.5A 800V
5307ECG bridge 1.5A 1000V rect
5309 4A 200V bridge rectifier
5310 4A 600V bridge rectifier
5312 8A 100V bridge rectifier
5313 8A 200V bridge rectifier
5314 8A 400V bridge rectifier
5315 8A 600V bridge rectifier
5317 8A 1000V bridge rectiier
5318ECG bridge rect 200V 4Amp
5319 bridge rect 600V 4A
5322 25A 200V bridge rectifier
5324 25A 400V bridge rectif
5326 BR256 25A 600V brdg rect
5327ECG bridge 25A 800V rect
5328 25A 1000V bridg rectif
5330 6A 600V bridge rectifier
5332 1A 600V bridge rectifier
5334 bridge rect 1A 1000V DIP
5340 40A 200V bridg rectifier
5342 40A 600V bridg rectifier
5344 40A 1KV bridg rectifier
5346 bridge 600V 80 Amp rect

*RF Power transmit driver & final transistors stocked by NTE number
186A/WEP1096 NPN TO202M
195A : TO39 CB RF Driver
224/WEP224 CB RFpwr10W
225 NPN HV 15Mhz 1A sw
235 CB AM RF out 12W
236 : CB SSB RFout 25W
237 : 2SC1239 CB AM RF
282 2SC756/4005 RFpwr
302 : CB8W RFdri TO202J
306/WEP771 CB RF driver
311 : HEPS3014 NPN TO39
315 CB RF driv 3/4Watt
316/WEP923 1400Mhz TO72
317 70W 30Mhz lg flng
318 50W 30Mhz lg flng
320 HEPS3009 40W stud
322 NPN CB RF out 2SC2074
329 NPN TO39 CB RF out
333 60W 30Mhz sm flng
334 60W 30Mhz sm stud
335 : 80W larg flange
336 : 80W large stud
340 : 2SC2086 .6WrfDriv
341 RFpwr 175Mhz 4W
342 : RFpwr 175Mhz 7W
343 : RFpwr 175Mhz14W
344 RF pwr 175Mhz 30W
345 RF pwr 175Mhz 30W
346 RF dri 175Mhz 1W
348 : RFpwr 175Mhz 4W
349 HEPS3006 10W175Mhz
350 RF pwr 175Mhz 15W
351 : RFpwr175Mhz 25W
355 PNP-RFpwr175Mh25W
363 RFpwr 512Mhz 15W
373spd/2SC1846 NPN20WAF TO126
470 RFpwr 100W 30Mhz
472 RFpwr 1.8W 175Mhz
473 RFpwr 1.8W 175Mhz
478 RFpwr 100W 175Mhz
488 RF Pwr 4W 175Mhz
600 temp comp varistor
601 MV1Y MV3 WEP601 temp varis
604 temp comp varistor
605 WEP605 temp comp varistor
605A temp comp varistor
606 voltage comp varist
607 voltage comp varist

*Varicap tuning diodes stocked by NTE number
610 MV2201 varicap 6.8pf@4V (16pf either way on Tech 1 meter)
611 MV2203 vaircap 10pf@4V (28pf either way on tech 1 meter)
612 varicap 12pf @4V (29pf either way on Tech 1 Meter)
613 varicap 22pf @4V (52pf either way on Tech 1 Meter)
614 : varicap 33pf @4V (82pf either way on Tech 1 meter)
615P UPC574
617 varicap 3 leg for FM tuners (80pf either way both sides)
618 varicap for AM broadcast (796pf either way on Tech 1 meter)
703 o LM703/UA703/UPC555C
704 HA1103 HA1104 HA1113 M5113
TA7028M TA7038M
705A UA737 chroma demod
707 MC1328G/TA7053M chrom
708 MC1357 TA6620 ULN2211A 301-576-3
scanner NB FM-IF amp/det
709 ULN2113A FM IF DetLimit
711 TA7050M auto fine tun
712 AN221 AN240P CA3065 HA1124 HA1125
HA1128 HA1141 HA1154 LA1363 LA1364
LA1365 LA1383 LA11107 M5143 M5144 MC1358
TA7071 TA7176AP ULN2165
713NTE ULN2228
714NTE ULN2124 tv chroma
715NTE CA3017 LM3071 MC1371 uA781
718 FM stereo demodula MC1304
719 : SN76131 ster process
720 ster multiplex decode
721 : MFC8040 dual preamp
722NTE LM1307 MC1307P ULN2128
723NTE CA3075 ULN2129 FM IF
724 TA7045 RF/IF diff amp
725 dual lo noise op amp
726/WEP927 CA3011 CA3012 HA1101 HA1102
TA7027M TA7037M WideBandAmp
727 CA3048 CA3052 LA3148
728 TV chroma sig process
729 TV chroma demodulator
730 BA501 HA1133 Video IF
731 ULN2125A VidSignalProc
734 FM IF gain block
736NTE uA736 ULN2208 ULN2209
737 : FM IF limiter detect
738NTE LA1368 M5190P ULN2298
739 TA7103 ULN2224 ULN2226
740A 301-576-14 LM380N ULN2280P 2 Watt
Audio Amplifier IC
742 ULN2211 TV sound 2W AF
743 LM1800N ULN2244 st dem
744 CA3123 HA1139A ULN2137
745 : MC1306 1/2W AF power
746 MC1350P TV-FM soundIF
747 M5169 M5176 MC1330 TDA1330
748NTE LM1351 TA7072 TA7073
749 AN158 AN238 HA1139 M5183 TA7074P
. TDA1352P UPC1355C TV VidIF
752 o MFC4000B Turner SSK
754 MFC4040 toggleFlipFlp
756 MFC4060 8-35V regulat
760 FM IF Amplifier
761 MFC6020 dual FlipFlop
778A AN1458 AN4558 BA4558 AN6252 AN6558D AN6552
AN6553 AN6558 AN6572 LM1458 MB3607 MC1458
MC4558 UPC4558 XR4558
(NTE778A=8pinDIP; 778S=8pinSIP; NTE1529=9pinSIP
778S M5218L inline dual opamp
779A MC1344P TV sig process
780 TV automatic finetune
781 higain wideband opamp
783 ULN2264 TV AutoFineTune
784 :CA3020/A HA1302 WB amp
785 ultra higain wideband
786/WEP2061 FM IF det prea
787 CA3088E AM rec subsys
788NTE AN377 CA3089 HA1137 LA1230P LM3089
TDA1200 ULN2289 FM IF
789 ster multiplex decode
791NTE ULN2269 chroma demod
795 MC1349P IF amplifier
797 ULN2262A ULN3362A chrma
798 chroma demodulator
801NTE HA1150 HA1156 LM1310N M5153P MC1310 TA7156
ULN2210 ULN3810 XR1310
804 LM378 ULN2278 dual2W AF
805 : FM IF Gain/Volt Regu
812 SN76007N 1W AF pwr
815 ULN2291M TV Horiz Proc
817 MC1550 MSC5282 regency
818 ULN2261 TV LuminancePr
821 : TV chroma demodulat
822 TV Chroma Processor
823 o LM386N 1WAF TurnerSSK
824 LM387N lo-nois st pre
825 LM390N 1W AF pwr ampl
828 LM388N8 1.5W AF power
829 MC3340 electronic atten
832 BA567 BA1604 LM567CN NE567 IR3N05
XR567CP tone detector
834 AN1339 AN6912 DM87 HA17339 HA17901P LA6339
LM239 LM339 LM2901N MB4204 MC3302 UPC177
UPC339C QuadComparator
836 MC1394P TV horiz proc
843 : Video IF autofinetune
844 : TV chroma/luminance
846 : LM1889N TV Video mod
849 TV hor/ver digit sync
852 ns vert/horiz process sy
853 BA4112 IR3N06 MC3357 TK10420
NB FM IF squelch scan
857M o LF351 TL071 JFET opAmp
858M o LF353 TL072 dual opAmp
859 ; LF347 TL074 QuadOpAmp
860 MC3359 ULN2281B ULN3859
862 LM348N 5W audio power
863 s op amp comparator
874 CA3236
875 LM1823N
876ECG LM3909N LEDflasherOsc
900 CA3000
901 CA3001 HA1110 TA7031M
902 o CA3080 transcond ampl
903ECG CA3010
904 CA3018A LA3018A TA7047M
905 CA3019 TA7057M
906NTE CA3049T LA3026 LA3049
907 CA3039
908 CA3030 CA30388A
909 op amp
909D :LM709CN 14 pin op amp
910 : voltage comparator
911D s HA17711 dualVoltComp
912 CA3046 CA3086 HA1127 LA3045 LA3046
LA3086 LM3046N LM3086N TrArray
914 CA3059
916 CA3081
917NTE M5109 dual differ amp
918 LM318H hi speed opAmp
918M LM318DP LM318P opamp
919 LM319H dual comparatr
919D LM319N
921 MC1468L
924 LM310
926 quad timer
927 MC1733CG diff vid amp
927D : 14pin differ vid amp
928 : dual 8 pin can op amp
928M AN1358 AN6562 LA6358 LM358N LM359N
LM2904N TA7535 UPC358 BearcatAF
928S AN6561 TA7358 op amp
929 NPN transistor array
930 BiMOS op amp 8pin can
937 JFET op amp
937M LF355DP JFET input OpAmp
938 precision op amp
938M LM308N precision OpAmp
941 HA17741 MC1741CG OpAmp
941D MB3603 FreqComp OpAmp
941M LM741CN MB3609 MC1741CP
942 LM381N
943M LA6393D LM393N UPC393C
944 LM4250CN
944M NE566
947 MC1747 dual Op Amp
947D LM747CN MB3608
948 LM348N quad op amp
949 dual op amp 8 pin can

*Voltage Regulator IC's stocked by NTE number
309K 5V 1A Pos regulator
922 voltage comparator
922M AN1311 LM311N8 UPC271C UPC311C voltage comparator
923 NE550L prec volt reg
923D HA17723 LM723CN MB3752 MC1723CP TDA723 voltage regulator
931 LM323 MC7805CK 5V3A
933 Volt Reg 12V 5A positive
934 Volt Reg 13.8V 5A pos
935 LM338 adjust pos VoltReg
950 positive 12V 100Ma regulator LM78L12 UPC78L12
951 regul 15V 100Ma positive
953 pos 4 term adj regulator
955M BA555 LM555 MC1455 timer
955MC CMOS timer TL555CP
956 LM317T adjust +VR 1.5Amp
957 LM337MT adjust -VoltReg
958 HA17818P LM7818 MC7818
959 AN7918 Neg 18Volt Regul
960 HA17805 LM340T5 LM7805
961 AN7905T LM7905 MC7905 -5V
962 LM340T6 +6V 1A regulator
963 AN7906 -6Volt 1A regulat
964 LM340T8 MC7808 +8Volt 1A
965 AN7908 neg 8V 1A regulat
966 AN7812 LM7812 LM340T12
967 AN7912 LM7912 MC7912 -12V
968 HA17815P LM7815 MC7815
969 AN7915 LM7915 -15V 1Amp
970 LM317KC LM350K adj +1.5A
971 AN7924 neg 24V 1A regul
972 HA17824P MC7824CT +24V 1A
973 MC1496G metal can bal mod
973D LM1496 MC1496P BalModula
974 MC3044P phase/freq detec
975 LM301 LM748 UPC157C UPC301
976 LM307 op amp
977 MC78L05 100Ma 5V positive regulator
978 LM556 NE556 Dual Timer
981 positive 8V 100Ma voltage regulator
988 pos 6.2V 100Ma regulator
999 TL431C volt refer TO92
999M TL431CP DIP volt refer
1271 MB3756 Voltage Cont Reg
1719 STR383 TV Volt Regulat
1720 HA17524 LM3524N UC3524 XR3524 pulse width regulat
1721 P W M regulator IC
1732 STK561 STK563F STK583F 4W audio out & volt reg
1733 STK5431 VoltReg 4 output
1734 STK5441 VCR Volt Regul
1735 STK5451 VCR Volt Regul
1737 STK7563F VoltReg 2output
1740 STR3015 STR3115 (15018) fixed TV VoltageRegulator
1741 STR3125 (15020) TV V.Reg
1742 STR3030 STR3130 (15019)
1743 STR3035 STR3135 (15012
1777 STR30130 (15032) VoltReg
1778 STR30134 STR30135(15033
1839 STR30120 (15040) TV V.R
1840 STR53041 reg 41.8V 2A
1870 STK7308 STK7309 TVswRegu
1872 STK5482 VoltRegul 4output
1876 STK5436 volt reg 4 outpt
1883 STK5372 VCR 3 out VoltReg
1884 STK5479 VCR 3out VoltReg
1894 STR50041A TV volt regul
1895 STR51041 TV volt regulat
1896 STR30115 TV volt regulat
1897 STR30125 (15041) TV Vreg
1900 volt reg pos adj 100Ma
1902 regulator +9Volt100Ma
1903ECG neg volt reg 12V .1A
1910 MC7809 regulator +9V 1A
1911ECG adj 1.5A neg regul
1912 regulator +12Volt 3A
1916 MC7815CK 15V 1.5A pos reg
1919ECG neg 15V 1.5A regulator
1924 LAS1524 24V 1.5A pos reg
1925 LAS1824 24V 1.5A neg reg
1928ECG adj pos 12Ma regulator
1932 L4810 LM7810 +10V 1A reg
1934 SI3052P +5V 2A regulator
1936 SI3122P +12V 2A regulator
1942 adj pos 2A regulator
1954ECG pos 12V 1A regulator
1960 pos 5V regulator isol tab
1962 pos 6V regulator isol tab
1976ECG pos 24V 1A regulator
985 TV luminance processor
986 TV chroma procesor
987 BA1324 BA10324 HA17902P
KIA75902 LM324 LM2902N TA75902>
UPC324 Quad Op Amp
989 LM565CN gen purpose PLL
990 LM1877 dual 2W AF power
991 SC42502P Johnson CB PLL
992 LM2900 LM3301N LM3401N LM3900N
quad op amp
994M LM566CN volt control osc
995 LM2917N freq to volt
995M LM2917N8 freq to volt
996 LM3080N transcond op amp
997 TL075 quad op amp
1002 LA1111P FM sound IF
1003 LA1200 LA1201 LA1260
1004 HA1126 LA1364 M5135 TA7070P
TV automatic fine tuning
1005 LA3300 FM ster demodulat
1006 LA3301 FM ster demodulat
1009 LA4030 1W AF power
1010 LA4031 2W AF power
1011SPD LA4032P 3W AF power
1012 LD1020 CB osc AM IF
1013 LD1041 AM IF/AF preamp
1016 LD3001 audio preamp/driv
1019 LD3120 equalizer amplif
1021SPD LD3150 equalizer amp
1022 TA7117P 4 channel decod
1024 STK011 8W AF power
1025SPD STK020 10W AF power
1027 STK015 13W AF power
1029 HA1306W 3.5W AF power
1030 HA1309 5W AF power
1032 HA1311 1W AF power
1035 HA1314 1W AF power
1036 HA1316 .7W AF power
1037 HA1322 5.5W AF power
1038 HA1318P 3.5W AF power
1040 HA1211 FM IF amplifier
1041 HA1202 FM IF amplifier
1043 HA1319 1W AF power
1045 UPC16C TV sound IF
1046 UPC23C TV auto fine tune
1047 UPC17C FM IF detect prea
1049 UPC30C RF amp & AM tuner
1050 M5191 UPC262 UPC562C
1052 BA302 UPC566 AF preamp
1054 AN203 AM/FM IF amplif
1055 AN210 AM/FM IF AMconvert
1056 AN211 FM Ster demodulat
1058 AN214Q 4.4W AF power
1060 AN217 AM RF Mix Osc IF
1061 TA7050P TV auto fine tun
1062 AN225 TA7103P (739?)
1070 AN328 Video Sig Proc
1072 AN253 AM/FM IF AF pream
1073 AN277 RF MixOsc AM/FM IF
1075A UPC20C UPC81 1W AF
1079 UPC561 TV Vertical
1080 HA1140 HA1353 LA1353 TA7075 TV Video Signal Process
1081A UPC563H UPC1025 AF amp
1082 MB3202 UPC577 AF preamp
1085 TA7122BP audio preamp
1087 TA7120 TA7220 preamp
1090 STK025 STK032 25W AFpwr
1092 UPC555H 150Mhz RF or IF
1093 UPC41C 1W AF power
1094 HA1158 LA1373 Chroma
1095ECG M5101P 1W AF power
1096 M5131 M5134 TV AFT
1097 M5106 1W AF power
1100 BA402 TA7061 FM IF
1101 TA7069 DC-100Mhz amplif
1102/WEP942 TA7062P audio pre
1103 TA7063 audio preamp
1104 BA401 TA7060P FM IF
1106 TA7054P FM stereo demod
1107 TA7092 4.8W AF power
1108 TA7046P AM/FM IF/AFpream
1110 M5115 2W AFpreamp/power
1113 TAA611A TAA611B12 2.1W AF
1114 TBA641 4.5W AF power
1115 7W hole in taps AF pwr
1115A TBA810 TCA830S 7W AFpwr
1117 TBA820L 14pin 2W AFpower
1118 TAA611C11 Bearcat Scan AF
1123 AN236 TV subcarrier proc
1124 UPC27C AM/FM IF amp
1126 M5155P 1W AF power
1127 UPC1001H 4.5W af power
1128 TA7124P TV Video IF
1130 TA7150P chroma demodul
1131 TA7148P chroma process
1132 TA7149P chroma subcarrier
1133 TA7146P sound IF detect
1134 TA7145P video sig proces
1135 BA301 hi gain preamp
1137 AN274 1.3W AF power
1139 STK018 13W AF power
1140 UPC575C2 2W AF power
1142 UPC554 FM ster multiplex
1150 LA4050P LA4051P 2.5W AF
1153 TA7200 TA7204 4.2W AF
1154 TA7203 dual 2W AF power
1155 TA7205AP 5.8W AF power
1156 M5115P 2W AF power
1158 LA1366N LA7620 ChromPro
1159 LA1367 LA7620 ChromProc
1160 UPC1020 5.2W AF power
1161 AN239Q Video/Sound IF
1162 AN241P Sound IF & Preamp
1164 AN245 AN246 VidSigProc
1165 BA511A 4.5W AF power
1166 BA521 5.8W AF power
1167 MC145109 PLL02A SM5109 TC9100 PLL IC for CB
1168 AN331 Video Signal Proc
1169SPD HA1339A 5.5W AF pwr
1170NTE LA3160 UPC1186H dual audio preamp
NTE1170(18Vmax)opposite pinout NTE1458(18Vmax)& NTE1659(16Vmax>
1171 LM101 LM201 LM301 UPC15 UPC157A(975) af preamp
1172 UPC1008C phase/freq det
1173ECG AN247P M51247
1174 TV automatic fine tuning
1175 sound IF/det/AFpreamp
1178ECG LA1369 chroma demodul
1179 LA3201 af preamp
1180 LA4100 LA4101 1.5W AFpwr
1181 AN271 FM stereo demodul
1183 M5192P chroma demodulat
1184 UPC573C AF preamp
1185 UPC576 3.5W Audio power
1186 LA1353 UPC595C Video IF
1187 LA1354 UPC596 Video AGC
1188 TA7028 Sound IF AFpreamp
1189ECG HA11112 TV Chroma Proc
1192 AN103 TA7310 UPC3001 VCO
1193 LA4400 4.5W AF Power
1194 MB3710 UPC1156 5.8W AFp
1195 UPC592 af preamp
1196ECG HA1158 HA1177 HA11580 UPC580 UPC1380 chroma
1197 TC5082 CMOS freq divid
1198 UPD858C CB PLL IC
1199 UPD857C CB PLL IC
1200 TA7167 TV Chroma Proces
1201 UHIC001 VoltControlOsc
1202 UHIC003 VoltControlOsc
1203 UHIC004 VoltControlOsc
1204 UHIC005A VoltControlOsc
1206 TA7157P FM stereo demod
1207 TC5080P program-ble div
1208 TC5081 phase freq detect
1209ECG TD3505 4bitbinarycount
1210 BA313 TA7137 AF preamp
1211 LA4400Y LA4410Y LA4420 LA4430 5.5W AF power
1212 STK013 dual 9.5W audio
1213 HA1144 HA11228 Video IF
1214 HA1197 LA1240 AM tuner
1215 LA3155 Stereo preamp
1216 LA1390 TV chroma
1217 BA1330 LA3330 LA3350
1218 STK413 STK415 STK433 STK435 STK4332 STK4352 STK4362 (ECG1220)
1219 STK437 STK439 dual 15W
1220ECG see NTE1218
1221 LA3101 Stereo preamp
1223 AN360 audio preamp
1224 AN374 1.2W audio power
1225ECG LA3331 stereo demodul
1226 AN115 BA1310 HA12003 MC1309 UPC587 UPC1026C FM stereo demod
1227 LA1222 FM IF amplifier
1228 LA4102 2.1W AF power
1229 HA1148 TV Vert
1230 LA1310 LA3310 FMsterDem
1231 TV sound IF IC
1231A HA1364 TDA1190Z TDA3190 TV sound IF IC
1232 LM383T TDA2002 ULN3701Z UPC2002 8W AF power
1234 AN5215 AN5730 AN5732 TA7130P UPC1028H FM IF
1235 TA7064P squelch
1236 TA7176AP FM sound IF
1237 HA1151 AM receive subsys
1238 HA1325 2W Audio Power
1239 HA1342A 5.5W Audio Power
1240 AN315 5.5W Audio Power
1241 BA318 meter driver
1242 AN366P AM FM IF amplif
1243 TA7159P FM ster demodul
1245 LA1385 UPC1031 Vertical
1246 UPC1353 sound IF & AF
1247 UHIC006 CB VoltContOsc
1248 AN362 BA1320 HA12026 LA3361 UPC1197 PLL FM Multiplex
1249 AN612 bal mod/demodulat
1250 AN326 auto fine tun circ
1251 adjustable volt regul
1252 STK013 STK014
1253 UPD2814C CB PLL IC
1254 UPD861C CB PLL IC
1255 MC145104 SM5104 MN6040A MN6043 CB PLL IC
1256 M51513L 5.8W AF power
1257 KC583 FM IF & 2W Audio
1258 TV Vert Osc Driver
1259 TA7202P 6.5W Audio Power
1260 HA1366 5.5W Audio Power
1261 HA1366R 5.5W Audio Power
1262 UHIC007 UHIC070 CB VCO
1263 AN262 VCR rec/playback
1264 AN302 VCR luminance
1265 AN303 VCR noise supress
1266 AN305 VCR chroma
1267 AN316 VCR dropout Comp
1268 AN318 VCR DC servo Cont
1269 AN377 VCR Color Process
1273 TA7214 dual 15W audio
1275ECG UPC1152H 5.8W audio
1278 TA7222 5.8W audio power
1280ECG STK0039N 35W AF pwr
1281 STK0050 50W AF power
1282 STK0039P 35W AF power
1283 HA1368 5.3W audio power
1284 HA1368R 5.3W audio power
1285 UPC1181 5.8W AF power
1286 UPC1182H 5.8W AF power
1287 TDA2020 20W Audio Power
1288 SP500 TDA2003 10W AFpwr
1289 TDA1170N TV Vert Deflec
1290 HA1199 AM receiver
1291 M51515BL dual 5.5W Audio
1293 UPC1185 dual 7W Audio
1294 TBA820M 8pin 2W Audio
1295 AN5435 TV signal process
1296 HA11247 TV chroma proc
1299 AN5411 (1417) TV signal
1300 CX065 M51725L TVremoteCn
1301 CX075 M5117 M51171L IF
1308 CX095 TV Sound IF
1312 CX157 TV Vert Osc Ampli
1313 CX158 TV Horiz osc
1314 AN6362 VCR color AFC see NTE15010
1315 STK4161II
1316 STK4171II/-81II/-91II
1317 STK4171V/-81V/-91V
1318ECG STK5322
1319ECG STK4020 STK4021 15W AF
1320 STK0025 STK0029N 25W AF
1321 STK0049 STK0059 STK449 55W
1322 STK0080 80W AF power
1323 STK016 15W AF power
1324 STK040 STK0401 dual 10W
1325 STK041 STK043 dual 20W
1326 STK077 STK078 STK177 24w
1327 STK080 STK082 35W AF
1328 STK083 STK084 50W AF
1329 STK441 dual 20W audio
1330 STK457 STK459 dual 15W
1331 STK461 STK463 dual 25W
1333 STK0030 STK0040 40W AF
1334ECG STK0060II 60W audio
1336ECG STK050 STK070 70W AF
1337 STK085 STK086 70W AF
1338 50W voltage amplif
1340 24W AF uses +/-supply
1341ECG STK071 15W uses +/-supply
1342ECG STK0100 STK0105 100W +-supply
1343 STK430 dual 10W audio
1344 STK443 dual 25W audio
1345 STK465 dual 30W audio
1346 STK0060-II 60W audio
1347 STK460 dual 20W audio
1348ECG 20W audio
1356 STK2025 STK2029 dual25W
1357 STK1030 STK1040 40W AF
1359 STK430-II dual 22W AF
1360ECG STK1060 60W +/- supply
1361 M51516L dual/bridge aud
1362 M51103L 5.5W audio
1363 AN7130 4.2W audio
1364 M51517L dual 5.5W audio
1365 AN7131 AN7140 5W Audio
1366 M51514AL 5.5W audio pwr
1367 AN7146 dual 2.3W audio
1368 MB3722 dual 5.8W audio
1369 AN7154 5.5W audio
1370 KIA7205 KIA7217 TA7217
1371 AN7151 AN7156 dual 5.3W
1372 TA7229 dual 3.9W audio
1373 AN7158 AN7166 dual 7.5W
1374 TDA2008 12W audio pwr
1375 BA532 5.8W audio power
1376 TDA2040 22W audio power
1377 LA4440 dual 6W audio pwr
1378 TDA2006 UPC1238 10W A F
1379 TA7215P dual 5.5W audio
1380 TDA2030 14W audio power
1381 AN7115 2.1W audio power
1382 LA4125 LA4126T dual 2.4W
1383 AN7145 dual 2.4W audio
1384 LA4220 (LA4420/LA4430=ECG1211 3.5W audio amplifier
1385 TA7212 3.8W audio power
1386 LA4230 LA4250 LA4520 8W
1387 TA7230P dual 2.4W audio
1388 LA4422 5.8W audio power
1389 UPC1230H dual 20W AF pwr
1390 LA4460 12W audio power
1391 LA4461 12W audio power
1392 HA1389 7W audio power
1393 HA1389R 7W audio power
1394 M51102 TA7227 dual 5.8W
1395 AN7168 AN7169 HA13108 HA1398 (1398 may require switching couple leads
1396 DM133 SP600 SP800 TDA2005 20 Watt car stereo audio output
1397 HA1374A dual 3.5W audio
1398 AN7148 HA1377 dual 5.8W (similar 1395 may require switching couple leads
1399 HA1388 18W audio power
1400 AN304 FM limiter ic
1401 AN5340 HA11401 TV Video
1402 AN5010 elect chan select
1403 AN5440 HA11414 TV V/Hor
1404 AN5250 Sound IF amp
1406 AN5510 TV Vert Deflect
1407spd MB3705 4.4W AF pwr
1409 UPC1363 elect chan selec
1410 AN5310 AN5311 UPC1372
1411ECG M5185 TV Video IF/AGC
1412 AN6300 Video Signal Proc
1413 M51368P TA7611 TDA2540
1415 AN5320 AN53230 ColorComp
1416 TDA3570 UPC1352C UPC1372 Chroma Video Signal Proc
1417 AN5411 UPC1367 (1299) Deflection Signal Proces
1419 AN6320 AN6330 VCR amp
1420 UPC1358 TV Vert output
1421 AN6811 VCR freq divid
1422 AN6331 AN6332 VidSigPr
1423 MB3712 5.7W AF power
1424 MB3713 5.7W AF power
1425 AN6341 VCR Servo Contrl
1426 UPC1368 TV Vertical
1427 AN6342 VCR Freq Divid
1428 AN6340 AN6344 VCRservo
1429 HA1385 Vert Output
1431 BA302 Audio Driver IC
1433 BA312 Audio preamp IC
1435 AN7311 dual af preamp
1436 M51172P FM stereo IF
1437 AN5530 M51389P VIRProc
1438 M51144 Audio Prog Selec
1439 AN829 LA2600 dual atten
1440 AN5111 Video IFamp AGC
1441 LA1231 FM IF system
1442 AN610 balance modulator
1444 AN313 dual 3W AF power
1445 LA1460 LA1461 LA7800 LA7801 LA7820 TV Deflect Circ
1446 AN301 VCR Servo Control
1447 LA2100 LA2101 FMnoiseCa
1448 AN278 FM IF Amp
1449 LA3130 equalizer amplif
1450 AN272 5W AF power
1451 LA3133 2channel Equaliz
1452ECG 1W audio
1453 LA3115 2channel Equaliz
1454 AN340 sound IF amp det
1455 LA3122 2 chan equal
1457 LA3120 equalizer amp
1458 (18Vmax) UPC1186 preamp
{NTE1170 (18Vmax) opposite pinout}
{NTE1659 (16Vmax) same pinout as 1458}
1459 LA3150 equalizer amp
1460 UPC1173 ster demodulator
1461 LA3370 stereo demodulator
1462 TA7129AP preamp
1463 AN7120 LA4112 2.3W audio
1464spd TA7136 audio preamp
1465 AN7112 HA12013 LA4140 HA4142 TA7313 1/2W audio
1466 BA333 LA3210 TA7137
1467 M51182 1/2W audio pwr
1468 TA7066P TA7140P preamp
1469 HA11215 video IF
1470 LA4201 2.5W AF pwr
1471 HA11423 Sync separ
1472 LA4110 1W AF power
1473 HA11434 color vid sig pr
1474 TA7302P FM IF Amp
1475 LC7131 Cmos CB PLL
1476 TA7208P 1.4W Audio power
1477 LA4170 2 ch Headphone amp
1478 TA7226 solenoid sig sens
1479ECG LA5112 pwr sup cont
1480spd HA1452W dual preamp
1481 LA4175 dual record amp
1482 HA11223 stereo demodul
1483 LA1357NA UPC1356C TV-IF
1484 HA1196 stereo demodul
1485 AN5520 Vert Defl out
1486 HA11211 AM/FM IF/det
1487 AN259 AM RF Convert IF
1488 HA11225 M51173P TA7066 UPC1167C AM-IF amp/det/metering
1489 UPC1161 ster demodulator
1490 HA11251 FM/AM Tuner IC
1491 UPC1171 AM/FM IF amp
1492 HA11221 TV Video IF amp
1493 UPC1187 FM ster demodul
1494 HA1138 AM rec system
1495 UPC1191 AM RF Mix IF amp
1496 TA7609 Vert/Horiz osc
1497 UPC1158H AF preamp ALC
1498 TA7318P dual meter driv
1500 AN6878 log 7dot driver
1501 AN6877 lin 7dot driver
1502 AN6876 lin 5dot driver
1503 AN6875 log 5dot driver
1507 adj analog level detec
1508 LM3914 10step bar driv
1509 LM3915 log bar driver
1510 M51903 10step lev det
1512 LB1416 5step level det
1513 LB1409 9step level det
1514 LB1415 5step level det
1515 LB1405 5step level det
1516 UPC1212C UPC1213 1.8W AF/td>
1517 M51544 dual audio preamp
1519 TA7612 10step level det
1521 TA7314 sound IF amp/det
1522 UPC1366 B/W video IF
1523 TA7312P dual AF preamp
1525 BA404 TA7303 3 stage IF
1527 HA11123 FM IF meter driv
1528 UPD2816 CB PLL IC
1529 AN6551 BA715 LA6458S NJM4558S TA75558S 9 pin SIP dual op amp
1530 UPC1350 .45W AF pwr ALC
1531 LA5700 ElectTunSystem VR
1532 TA7608 video chroma amp
1533 LA1130 AM tuner system
1535ECG TV Sync, H/V osc/driv
1536 LC7120 CMOS CB PLL
1537 LC7250 digital freq indi
1538 LA7800 TV H/V osc driv
1539 LA7802 TV sync deflect
1540 LA7806 TV sync deflect
1541 BA403 LA1150 FM IF detect
1542 LA7506 LA7507 TV video IF
1543 HA11219 FM noise Supr
1544 HA11244 TV sync proces
1545 M51358P TA7607 vid IF
1546 STR381/A TV volt regulat
1547 KA2153 TA7644 chroma H/V
1548 STR380 TV volt regulat
1549 LM3916 volt lev indicat
1550 HA11235 TV sync proces
1551 AN5132 TV video IF amp
1553 STR385 TV volt regulat
1554 HA11715 motor driver
1556 LB1332 VIR signal proc
1557 BA4220 HA12413 KA2243 FM/AM IF system
1558 BA5102 LA7040 VCR audio
1559 HA12412 FM IF amplifier
1560 AN7410 FM ster demodulat
1561 BA6124 LB1403 KA2284 VU
1563 AN7218 UPC1018 AM/FM IF
1564ECG LB1500AC TV/FM chan sel
1565 HA11227 PLL demodulator
1566 TDA2611A
1567 TDA3651 TDA3653 Vert out
1568 AN6345 VCR speed contr
1569 AN287 Video Amp Blanker
1571 TA7658 dual preamp ALC
1572 KA2914A TA7680 FM-IF
1573ECG sound IF limiter det
1576 TA7630 dual vol/bal cont
1577 DM138 lo noise af preamp
1579 HA12411 FM IF AFC
1580ECG TV/FM IF/detect
1581 M58478 VCR freq divid
1583ECG HA11702 VCR FM demod
1585 HA11701 Video Sync AGC
1591 HA11711 VCR capatan cntr
1596 CX135 Demod/Video Chr
1597 HA11706 Chroma VCO Buf
1600 HA11714 VCR speed cont
1602 HA1393 19W audio pwr
1604 BA4110 LA1140 FM IFdet
1606 HA1392 dual 7W AF pwr
1608 LA1245 AM RF/Osc/IF
1609 BA222 VCR Timer
1610 AN5722 Video Det/AGC
1611 AN5722 UPC1057C carr-osc
1612 BA526 audio .7W power
1613 AN6677 =RCA148729
1615 AN5700 TunerBandSwitch
1616 UPC1382 TV sound IF
1618 AN5712 Video IF AGC
1619 BA536 BA5402A dual 4.5W
1620 AN5710 video IF AGC
1621 AN6310 VCR Video proc
1624 HA12402 TDA1083
1625 AN5703 TunerBandSwitch
1626 UPC1277 dual 4.2W AF
1627 BA546 AF power 1/2Watt
1628 VCR motor driver
1629 AN5752 AN5753 Sync/Hor
1630 AN6387 VCR MotorDrive
1631ECG FM stereo demodul
1632 TDA2577
1634 LA3220 dual AF preamp
1635 HA12002 speaker protec
1636 BA847 VCR Still Contrl
1637 LA4185 dual Audio power
1638ECG audio 6.5Watt
1639 MN3101 clock for BBD echo
1640 MN3001 AF BBD sig delay
1641 MN3007 AF BBD sig delay
1647ECG LA7823. TV V/H osc/driv
1648 KA2410N TA31001 PhoneRing
1649 TA31002 Phone Ringer
1650 HA11436 HA11446 HA11480
1651 TA7668 dual preamp ALC
1652ECG TDA2791P TV audio
1653ECG M51355P TV VIF/SIF audio
1654 TA7614 AM/FM IFosc Det
1655 LM1884N TVsterDecod
1656 M51356 TV VIF/SIF det
1657 AN7240N KA2263 TA7343AP
1658 LA7910 TV TunerBandSel
1659 AN7310 BA328 LA3161 M5152 M51521L dual af preamp (16Vmax)
Note NTE1170 (18Vmax) opposite pinout & NTE1458 (18Vmax) same pinout
1660 HA1406 audio preamp
1661 UPC1379C TVvert/HorizP
1662 LB1515 ChanSelectContr
1663 AN5255 TV soundIF det AF
1664 UPC1377 Sync/Hor/VerOs
1666ECG lo noise audio preamp
1667 LA4190 LA4192 dual 2.3W
1668ECG TV sound IF detect
1670ECG tachometer driver
1671 TA7670P VidChrHorVert
1672 TDA1060A pwr supply contr
1673 LA7601 ChromaVideoAmp
1674 AN5512 TA7664 VertDefl
1675 LA4505 dual 8.5W aud pwr
1676 UPC1378 vert deflect
1677 TD6350P
1678 UPC1394 TV switch regulat
1679 BA6304 VCR D-A convert
1682 AN5020 TA11167 InfraRed
1683 AN5416 Horiz Vert Proc
1684 AN5515 TV vert deflec
1685 LA4260/1 LA4201/4220? dual 3.5W audio output
1686ECG HA11749 VCR speed control
1687 LM2896P1 dual 7.8W AF
1688ECG TV tuner band switch
1689ECG VCR head amp/limit
1690 LR4089 MK5089 UM95089 T-T
1691 LR40992 MK50992 pulsedial
1692 LR40993 MK50993 pulsedial 18pin tone out 10/20redial
1693 LR40981 pulse dial 16pin
1700 AN6343 VCR speed cont
1701 AN6350 VCR servo con
1702 AN6360 ColorSigProc
1703 AN6361 ColorSigProc
1704 AN7110 AF 1.2W power
1705ECG HallSwitch VCRsensor
1706ECG HA11747 VCR servo control
1707 LA4445 dual 5.5W AF
1708 TV tuner bandswitch
1709ECG dual bal modulator
1711ECG VCR record amp
1712 VCR record sig process
1714M UPC1373 Remote Contr Amp
1714S Remote control preamp
1715ECG flouresc disp driver
1716ECG VCR motor drive
1717 BA6122A dual sw regulat
1718ECG VCR dual comparator
1724 HA1370 UPC1188 20W AF
1725 HA11440 Video IF AGC
1727 AN5436 TV Sig Process
1728 LA7520
1729 HA17494 MB3759
1730 TA7325P dual AF pream
1731 LR4173 MK5173 pulse dial 16 pin with 10 memorys
1736 STK6981B STK6982 MotDriv
1744 AN6291 dbxSterNoisReduct
1745 M54459 VCR Freq Divider
1748 STK6962 motor driver
1749ECG dual bidirec motor dr
1751 TV SCR driver
1752 TDA2546A sound IF
1754 TDA3652 TDA3654Q=bentLeg
1757ECG prog remotecntrl rec
1759 UPD1987 RemoteContRec
1766 BA6219 motor driver
1767 UPC1498
1771 LA7621 chroma deflection
1773 LA7830 TV vert deflection
1774 LB1649 (15006) MotorDriv
1780 AN5836 2chan tone/bal/vol
1782 AN5521 TV vert drive/out
1784 TV horiz processor
1785 TDA2541 Vid IF AGC
1787 TA7361A UPC1513H (15005)
1788 TDA8172 TV vert defl out
1790 TA7777P
1792ECG dual attenuator
1793 UPC1401C UPC1402 (15016)
1796 STR54041
1797 LA7831 Vert DeflectOutput
1798 LA4270 dual 6W/chan AFpwr
1802ECG TDA1516Q dual 6W Audio
1804 VertDeflecLgScreen
1813 AN6366 VCR ColorSig proc
1815 STK4020II STK4024II 20W
1816ecg STK4101II (NTE1874)
1817 STK4112-II STK4122-II STK4131-II STK4132-II
1818 STK4141-II STK4142-II dual 25W audio output
1819 STK4151II STK4152II dual 30 Watt audio output
1820 STK4773 STK4793 STK4803 STK4813 STK4833 STK4843 dual 30W
1821 STK5466 STR53043 V.R.
1822 STK5471 VoltReg 3 output
1823 STK5481 VoltReg 4 output
1824 STK6940 STK6941 STK6942 Pulse motor driver for VCR
1825 STK6970 STK6971 STK6972 dual motor driver
1830 TA7270P dual 5.8w Audio
1831 TA7271 dual 5.8w Audio
1832 TA7274P audio output amp
1834 BA6238A dual rev motor dr
1837 TV tuner controller
1842 TA7640 FM/AM IF system
1843 TA7358P FM front end
1845 TV video/chroma/deflec
1849 TV tuning system IC
1850 TDA1521 dual 12W audio
1851 TDA1515A 24W audio outpt
1855 LA7835 TV vert out
1856 Video Chroma Deflect IC
1857 stepper motor driver
1860 CX20112 TVaudio multiplx
1862 TDA1670A TDA1675 vert def
1863 LA7650K LA7655N TVsigProc
1866 BA6144 VU level driver
1871 STK4162-II STK4172-II STK4182-II STK4192-II dual 50W audio
1873 TA7347P (15045) VCRswitch
1874 STK4101-II STK4111-II STK4121-II dual 15W audio
1877 STK4301 STK4311 dual 28W
1879 STK4273 (15031) dual 15W
1880 STK5332 dual 30W audio
1882 STK4044V audio 100W out
1885 STK6920H STK6921H motdri STK6922H motor driver
1890 TDA3564 TV NTSC decoder
1891 M54548L motor driver
1892 M54549L motor driver
1893 HA13403 motor driver
1898 TA7280P dual 5.8W audio
1899 TA7281P dual 5.8W audio
2000 HA11226 Dolby Circuit
2001 NE545B Dolby Circuit
2003 LM1011 Dolby Circuit
2004 NE645 NE646 Dolby Ciruit
2011 BA12001 driver array 7 ch
2012 BA12002 driver array 7 ch
2013 BA12003 M54523P UPA2003C ULN2003A ULN2203 XR2003CP XR2203CP 7ch
2014 BA12004 M54526P LB1234 UPA2004C ULN2004A XR2204CP 7ch driv
2017ECG 8 chan PMOS driver
2018 ULN2803A ULN2813A 8 chan
2019 8chan driver array (2018
2022 LB1291 8ch flouresc driv
2023 display 7 segment driver
2032 CA3161E BCD-7seg Decod
2046 60Hz timebase generator
2054 CA3162E A/D Converter
2060 DigitalAlarmClockforLED
2057 TDA1541AN
2074 M54530/M54531
2078 M54521 DarlingtonArray
2079 M54517P M54519P UPA81C
2081 LB1264 7seg transis array
2083 BA664 LB1273 M54527P UPA67C darlington array
2084 BA612 LB1282 LB1288 M54516P UPA53C 5 segment darl array
2087 darlington 4 unit array
2102 S-RAM 1024x1
2114 TMM2114 Static 4K RAM
2117 MM5290/TMS4116 16Kram
2128 HM6116/SRM2016 16Kram
2164 TMM4164 ECG4164 Z9312
2204ECG TVTunMicrpr 612419-1
2304 NPN Hi Speed Hi Current switching 15A 60V 90W (complement2314
2305 NPN-Si Pwr 160V 16A
2307 NPN hi voltage switch
2308 NPN 500V 12A 100W Switch
2309 NPN Hi Volt Hi Speed Switching 6A 900V 100W
2310 NPN Hi Volt Hi Speed Switching 1KV 8A 125W BUW11
2311 NPN Hi Volt Hi Speed Switching 1KV 15A 150W
2312 NPN Hi Volt Hi Speed Switching 700V 8A 80W
2313 NPN hi speed switching
2314ECG HiSpeedSwitch (complement2304) 60V 15A 90W
2315 Darling 400V 8A 60W NPN
2318 Horiz out/switch/damper diode NPN 1500V 8A 125W
2319 NPN HV switch 15A 850V
2321ECG quad NPN-SI gen purp
2322ECG quad PNP-SI gen purp
2328 2SC3280/3907/D1718 complement2329 AFpwr NPN 200V 15A 150W
2329 2SA1301/1516/B1163 complement2328 AFpwr PNP 200V 15A 150W
2355 NPN digital/10K resistor
2356 PNP digital/10K resistor
2357 NPN digital/22K resistor
2358 PNP digital/22K resistor
2359 digitalNPN complement2360
2360 digitalPNP complement2359
2361 NPN HiSpeedSw complmt2362
2362 PNP HiSpeedSw complmt2361
2364 PNP SiGenPurAmp TO92M

*FET, JFET & MOSFET transistors stocked by NTE number
66 N-chan power MOSFET
67 N-chan power MOSFET
132 N ch FET RF applications
132W WEP803 N chan FET
133 N ch J-FET IR-FE100 AF
220 HEPF2005 d-gMosfet
221 : N-chan d-g Mosfet
222 : 3SK45 d g Mosfet
312 : 2SK23 N-chan JFET
326 Pchan JFET AF TO92
451 2SK33/2SK49 NchJFET
452 NchanJFET 400Mhz
453 2SK19 NchJFET100Mhz
454 : 3SK22Y d-gtMOSFET
455 d-gateMOSFET 900Mhz
456 N-chan JFET TO72
457 N-chan JFET TO92
458 : N-chan JFET
459 : N-chan JFET AF/sw
461 : matched NchJFET
462 N-chan MOSFET
466 N-chan JFET TO18
467 N-chan JFET TO92
2376 IRFP240 IRFP250 2SK387
2377 2SK955 ComputerMonitor
2382 N-ch PwrMosfet cmplmt2383 IRF510 IRF511 IRF512 IRF520 IRF521
2383 P-ch PwrMosfet cmplmt2382 IRF9520 IRF9521 IRF9530
2385 N-ch PwrMosfet IRF542 IRF840 IRF841 IRF842 IRF843
2386 IRF220 IRF221
2387 2SK2043 N-chMosfet4A125W
2388 N-ch Pwr Mosfet 18A 125W IRF620 IRF621 IRF630 IRF632
2390 N-ch Mosfet IFFZ10 IRFZ14
2393 N-ch Pwr Mosfet 9A 150W
2395 2SK1191
2397 IRF730 IRF740
2398 2SK1445 2SK1691 IRF820 IRF830 IRF831 IRF832 IRF833
2901ECG PwrMOSFET 2.5A 600V 80W
2920 PwrMOSFET 200W 60V
2924 MOSFET 600V 150W 6.8A
2404ECG (2)
2405 PNP darlington
2406 NPN general purpose (2)
2407 PNP general purpose (2)
2408 (2) NPN surface mount
2409 (2) PNP surface mount
2410ECG NPN complement 2411
2411ECG PNP GenPurp HiVolt
2412ECG (2)
2413ECG (2)
2414ECG (2)
2415ECG (2)
2426 NPN darlington switch
2430ECG NPN HiVolt GenPurp
2504 2SC3807
2508ECG NPN VideoOutcmplmt2509
2732ECG 32K Eprom
2764ECG 64K Eprom
2800ECG SerialEaromForTuners

*LED's light emitting diodes stocked by NTE number
3000 (4) clear red LEDs
3001 (4) minature red LED
3002 (2) minature yellowLED
3003 (2) minature green LED
3004 (2) minature red LED
3005 InfraredEmittingDiode
3007 (4) small red LED
3008 (2) bright red LED
3010 (2) small green LED
3011 (2) small yellow LED
3013A (4) clear red LEDs
3016 (2)RedGreen TLRG101 Cobra
3018 (2) soft-red LED
3020 (2) Gen Purp Red LED
3021 (2) GenPurp yellow LED
3022 (2) GenPurBrightRedLED
3024 (2) Gen Purp Green LED
3025 (2) Gen Purp Red LED
3026 Red/GreenPolarityIndic
3027 InfraredEmittingDiode
3028 InfraredEmittingDiode
3029A InfraredEmittingDiode
3030 blinking red LED
3050 ComA 7Seg LED Display
3052 TLR313 7seg LED Display
3055 7seg readout yellow
3056 red LED for freq counter
3057ECG com-K .3" 7seg readout
3059 green LED Galaxy freq cnt
3061 7seg red readout
3065ECG com-A .3" 7seg readout
3068 7seg readout Cobra 2000
3074 GL-6P201 GL-6R201 SEA4612 LL2253Y4 dual 7seg fits expt CB's
3075 ComK 7Seg LED Display
3078 ComA 7Seg LED Display
3079 ComK 7Seg LED Display
3131 green flashing LED
3160 (5) red rectang LED
3161 (5) green rect LED
3162 (5) yellow rect LED
3163 (5) red rectang LED
3164 (5) green rect LED
3165 (5) yellow rect LED
3166 (5) red rectang LED
3167 (5) green rect LED
3168 (5) yellow rect LED
3169 red square LED

*Photo-Transistors, Opto-Couplers, and Opto-Isolators stocked by NTE number
3031 Visible/IRphototrans
3034A NPN phototransistor
3035A DarlingtonPhototrans
3036 PhotoDarlingtonLiteDet
3038 NPN visible phototransis
3039 ULN3330Y Opto switch
3040 4N28 Optoisolat NPN tran
3041 TIL113 Optoisolat NPN tra
3042 Optoisolator NPN transist
3043 NPN opto-isolator
3044 Optoisol NPN Darlington
3045 Optoisol NPN Darlington
3046 Optoisolator SCR output
3047 OptoisolatorTriacOutput
3048 Triac Optoisolator
3049 triac optoisolator
3081 NPN Optoisolator
3082ECG NPN Darl Optoisolator
3083 NPN Darl Optoisolator
3084 NPN Darl Optoisolator
3085 FET output Optoisolator
3086 Dual NPN Optoisolator
3089 transistor optoisolator
3091 PhotoSCR Optoisolator
3092 NPN Optoisolator
3093 NPN darlington Optoisolat
3095ECG dual optoisolator
3098 PC817 PC17T1 Optocoupler
3100 NPN Optointerruptor
3101 NPN Darl Optointerruptor
3104 optocoupler PS-3, RHPX0042GEZZ, 2309-110-2404V, 513-194A
3105ECG VCR PhotoInterruptSen
3120 NPN phototransistor
3470 MC3470P FloppyDiscReadAmp
3882 Z80A-CTC Counter Timer

*C-MOS IC's stocked by NTE number
4000 Dual 3in+Invert NOR
4001B Quad 2 input NOR
4002B Dual 4 input NOR
4006B 18 stage shift register
4007 SSS4007AE DualComplPair
4008B 4 Bit full Adder
4011B MB84011 Quad 2-in NAND
4012B Nand 4 input
4013B Dual D Flip Flop
4015B 4StageStatShiftRegister
4016B Quad Bilateral Switch
4017B Decade Counter
4018B PresetDivideBy"N"counter
4019B quad and/or gate
4020B binary counter
4021B 8StageStatShiftRegi
4022B-ECG counter/divider
4023B Trip 3 input NAND
4024B 7 stage BinaryCount
4025B Trip 3 input NOR
4027B Dual J-K Flip Flop
4029B-ECG prstbl up/down count
4028B BCD-DecimalDecoder
4030B Quad Exclusive OR
4034B-ECG paral/serial in/out
4035B-ECG in/out shift regist
4038B-ECG hi-volt serial adder
4040B CMOS Binary Counter
4041ECG hi-volt quad buffer
4042eqv quad clocked D-latch
4043BECG quad 3state R/Slatch
4045BECG 21 stage counter
4046B CMOS PhaseLockLoop
4048BECG multifnct8input Gate
4047B LoPwrMonostMultivibrat
4049 HexBufferConverter
4050B HexBufferConverter
4051B 8channelMultiplexer
4052B 4chanDifferential
4053B Triple 2 channel
4055BECG decod/driv for LED
4056BECG decod/driv for LED
4060B CMOS Binary Counter
4063BECG 4bit magnitud Compar
4066B QuadBilateralSwitch
4068B 8 input NAND/AND
4069 HiVoltHexInverter
4070B QuadExclusiveORgate
4071B Quad 2input ORgate
4073B Triple2inputAND
4075B Triple3inputORgate
4077B QuadExclusive BORgate
4081B Quad 2input AND gate
4093B Quad2inputNANDschmitt
4094B shift/store register
4098B DualMonostableMultivi
4099B 8bit Adressable Latch
4164 TMM4164 (NTE2164)
4508BECG dual 4bit latch
4510B PresetUpDownBCDcount
4511B BCD-7 segment driver
4512B 8 channel Data Select
4515B 4 bit latch
4518B dual BCD counter
4526B 4 bit binary counter
4528B monostable multivibrator
4532BECG 8bit priority encod
4538B DualMonostableMultivb
4541B programmable timer
4543B BCD-7 segment driver
4553B 3 digit BCD counter
4584B CMOS hexSchmitt trigger
4585BECG 4bitMagnitudeCompar
40097B Hex non-invert buffer
40106B Hex schmitt trigger

*Zener Diode voltage regulators stocked by NTE number
134A ; 1N4729A 3.6V 1W
135A ; 1N4733A 5.1V 1W
136A ; 1N4634A 5.6V 1W
137A : zener 6.2V 1W
CZ-072 zener 7.2 Volt 1W diode
138A ; 1N4737A 7.5V 1W
139A ; 1N4739A 9.1V 1W
140A : zener 10V 1W
141A : zener 11.5V 1W
142A/WEP1212 1N4742A 12V
143A ; 1N4743A 13V 1W
144A ; zener 14V 1W
145A : 1N4744A 15V 1W
146A : zener 27V 1W
147A : zener 33V 1W
148A : zener 55V 1W
149A : zener 62V 1W
150A : zener 82V 1W
151A zener 110V 1W
5000A 2.4V 1/2W zener
5001A 2.5V 1/2W zener
5002A 2.7V 1/2W zener
5003A 2.8V 1/2W zener
5004A 3V 1/2W zener
5005A 3.3V 1/2W zener(5066A=1W
5006A 3.6V 1/2W zene
5007A 3.9V 1/2W zener
5008A 4.3V 1/2W zener
5009A 4.7V1/2Wzener(5069A=1W
5010A 5.1V 1/2W zener
5011A 5.6V 1/2W zener(136A=1W
5012A 6V 1/2W zener=WEP1413
5013A 6.2V 1/2Wzener(5070A=1W
5014A 6.8V 1/2Wzener(5071A=1W)
5015A 7.5V 1/2Wzener
5016A 8.2V 1/2Wzener(5072A=1W)
5018A-ECG 9.1V zener
5019A 10V 1/2W zener(140A=1W)
5020A 11V 1/2W zener
5021A 12V 1/2Wzener(142A=1W)
5022A/WEP1424 13V 1/2W zener
5023A 14V 1/2W zener
5024A 15V 1/2W zener (145A=1W)
5025A 16V 1/2W zener
5027AECG 18V 1/2W zener
5029A 20V 1/2W zener
5030A 22V 1/2W zener
5031A 24V 1/2W zener
5032A 25V 1/2W zener
5033A 27V 1/2W zener
5034AECG 28V 1/2W zener
5035A/WEP1437 30V 1/2W zener
5036A/WEP1438 33V 1/2W zener
5037A zener 1/2W 36V
5043A 60V 1/2W zener
5046A/WEP1452 75V 1/2W zener
5048A/WEP1454 87V 1/2W zener
5049A 91V 1/2W zener (5095A)
5052ECG zener 1/2W 120V diode
5053A/WEP1460 130V 1/2Wzener
5054A/WEP1461 140V 1/2Wzener
5056A 160V 1/2W zener
5060A zener 200V 1/2W
5061A 2.4V 1W zener diode
5062A 2.5V 1W zener diode
5063A 2.7V 1W zener diode
5064A 2.8V 1W zener diode
5065A/WEP1149 3V 1W zener
5066A 3.3Volt 1W zener diode
5067A 3.9Volt 1W zener diode
5068A 4.3Volt 1W zener diode
5069A 4.7Volt 1W zener diode
5070A 6 Volt 1W zener diode
5071A 6.8Volt 1W zener diode
5072A/WEP1108 8.2V 1W zener
5073A 8.7Volt 1W zener diode
5074A 11 Volt 1W zener diode
5075A 16 Volt 1W zener diode
5076A/WEP1161 17V 1W zener
5077A 18Volt 1W zener diode
5078A 19Volt 1W zener diode
5079A 20Volt 1W zener diode
5080A 22Volt 1W zener diode
5081A 24Volt 1W zener diode
5082A WEP1165 25V 1W zener
5083A 28Volt 1W zener diode
5084A 30Vole 1W zener diode
5085A 36Volt 1W zener diode
5086A WEP1124 39V 1W zener
5087A WEP1169 43V 1W zener
5088A 47Volt 1W zener diode
5089A 51Volt 1W zener diode
5090A 56Volt 1W zener diode
5091A 60Volt 1W zener diode
5092A WEP1130 68V 1W zener
5093A 75Volt 1W zener diode
5094A 87Volt 1W zener diode
5095A WEP1179 91V 1W zener
5096A 100Volt 1W zener diode
5097A 120Volt 1W zener diode
5098A 130Volt 1W zener diode
5099A WEP1183 140V 1W zener
5100A 150Volt 1W zener diode
5101A WEP1184 160V 1W zener
5102A WEP1185 170V 1W zener
5103A WEP1140 180V 1W zener
5104A WEP1187 190V 1W zener
5105A WEP1188 200V 1W zener
5111A WEP1606 3.6V 5W zener
5113A WEP1608 3.9V 5W zener
5114A zener 4.3 Volt 5Watt
5115A zener 4.7 Volt 5Watt
5116A zener 5.1 Volt 5Watt
5117A zener 5.6 Volt 5Watt
5118A zener 6.0 Volt 5 Watt
5119A zener 6.2 Volt 5Watt
5121A zener 7.5 Volt 5Watt
5122A WEP1617 8.2V 5W zener
5123A 1N5345A 8.7V 5W zener
5124A zener 9.1 Volt 5Watt
5125A zener 10 Volt 5 Watt
5126A zener 11 Volt 5 Watt
5127A WEP1212 12 V 5W zener
5128A zener 13 Volt 5 Watt
5129A WEP1623 14V 5W zener
5130A zener 15 Volt 5 Watt
5131A zener 16 Volt 5 Watt
5132A zener 17 Volt 5 Watt
5133A zener 18 Volt 5 Watt
5134A zener 19 Volt 5 Watt
5135A zener 20 Volt 5 Watt
5136A zener 22 Volt 5 Watt
5137A zener 24 Volt 5 Watt
5139A zener 27 volt 5W
5140A/WEP1634 28V 5W zener
5141A zener 30V 5W
5142A zener 33 Volt 5 Watt
5143A zener 36V 5W
5144A WEP1638 39V 5W zener
5145A WEP1639 43V 5W zener
5146A zener 47V 5W
5147A zener 51 Volt 5 Watt
5149A zener 60 Volt 5 Watt
5150A WEP1648 62V 5W zener
5151A WEP1649 68V 5W zener
5152A zener 75 Volt 5 Watt
5155AECG zener 91V 5W diode
5156A zener 100V 5W
5157A WEP1656 110V 5W zener
5158A zener 120V 5W
5159A zener 130V 5W
5161A zener 150V 5W
5164A WEP1664 180V 5W zener
5166AECG zener 200V 5W diode
5174AK-ECGzener3.9V 10W diode
5176A-ECG zener 4.7V 10W diode
5177A zener diode 5.1V 10W
5178A WEP1304R 5.6V 10W zener
5181A WEP1306 6.8V 10W zener
5183AK WEP1308R 8.2V 10 Watt
5186A zener 10 Volt 10W
5186AK WEP1310R 10V 10W zener
5187AK zener 11 Volt 10W
5188A zener 12 Volt 10W
5188AK WEP1312R 12V 10W zener
5189A-ECG zener 13V 10W diode
5190A 1N2978 14V 10W zener
5191AK WEP1314R 15V 10W zener
5192A 1N1356 16V 10W zener
5193A-ECG zener 17V 10W diode
5194AK 1N1818RA 18V 10 Watt
5197A WEP1318 22V 10W zener
5198A-ECG zener 24V 10W diode
5200AK 1N2988RB 27V 10 Watt
5203A WEP1322 33V 10W zener
5204A-ECG zener 36V 10W diode
5205A WEP1324 39V 10W zener
5205AK zener 39 Volt 10 Watt
5208AK-ECG zener 47V 10W diode
5210A-ECG zener 51V 10W diode
5214A zener 62 Volt 10 Watt
5215A WEP1330 68V 10W zener
5216A zener 75 Volt 10 Watt
5217A WEP1332 82V 10W zener
5217AK WEP1332R 82Volt 10Watt
5218A-ECG zener 87V 10W diode
5220A zener 100 Volt 10 Watt
5220AK WEP1334R 100Volt 10W
5226A zener 150 Volt 10 Watt
5227A zener 160 Volt 10 Watt
5230AK/WEP1340R 180Volt 10W
5232A-ECG zener 200V 10W diode
5240A-ECGzener 3.9V 50W diode
5247A-ECGzener 6.8V 50W diode
5254A-ECG zener 12V 50W diode
5257A-ECG zener 15V 50W diode
5258A-ECG zener 16V 50W diode
5264A-ECG zener 24V 50W diode
5269AK/WEP3325R 33V 50W zener
5271AK/WEP3327R 39V 50W zener
5272A-ECG zener 43V 50W diode
5278A Zener 56V 50Watt
5284AK-ECGzener 91V 50W diode
5285A-ECGzener 100V 50W diode
5288A Zener 120V 50W Diode
5291A-ECGzener 150V 50W diode

*SCR's & Triacs stocked by NTE number Tech Tip: use NTE5671 to fix Zing Ear Lamp Dimmer ZE-02 circuit board with a bad BTA12-400C on it!
Click here to see complete replacement dimmer control board
5351 SCR 600V 5A hi speed
5400 SCR 30Volt .8Amp SensGate
5401 SCR 60Volt .8Amp SensGate
5402 WEP6322 SCR 100V .8A S.G.
5404 SCR 200Volt .8Amp SenGate
5405 SCR 400V .8A SensGate
5408 SCR 200Volt 3Amp SensGate
5411 SCR 30V 4Amp Sens Gate
5412 SCR 60V 4Amp Sens Gate
5414 SCR 200V 4Amp Sens Gate
5415ECG SCR 400V 4Amp SensGate
5417ECG SCR 200V 10 Amp
5418ECG SCR 400V 10 Amp
5419 SCR 600V 10A sens gate
5424 TV Power Supply Reg SCR
5426 SCR 400V 10A IsolTab S.G.
5429 SCR 600V 7A
5438 SCR 600Volt 8Amp SensGate
5442 SCR 50V 8Amp SensGate
5448 SCR 600Volt8Amp SensGate
5452 SCR 30Volt 4Amp SensGate
5453ECG SCT 50V 4Amp
5454 SCR 100Volt 4Amp SensGate
5455 SCR 200Volt 4Amp SensGate
5457 SCR 400Volt 4Amp SensGate
5458ECG SCR 600V 4Amp SensGate
5461 SCR 50Volt 10Amp
5463 WEP6253 SCR 200V 10A
5464 WEP6254 SCR 300V 10A
5465 SCR 400Volt 10Amp
5466 SCR 600Volt 10Amp
5472-ECG SCR 200V 5Amp
5481 SCR 50Volt 8Amp
5483 SCR 200Volt 8Amp
5484-ECG SCR 300V 8Amp
5501 SCR 50Volt 16Amp
5504/SK3614 200V 20Amp
5511 SCR 200Volt 5Amp
5512 SCR 400Volt 5Amp
5513 SCR 600Volt 5Amp
5514 SCR 200Volt 20Amp
5527-ECG SCR 400V 25V
5529 SCR 600Volt 25Amp
5541-ECG SCR 50V 35Amp
5543 SCR 200Volt 35Amp
5545 SCR 400Volt 35Amp
5547 SCR 600Volt 35Amp
5549-ECG SCR 1200V 80Amp
5552 SCR
5554 SCR 400Volt 25Amp
5603 Triac 200Volt 4Amp
5605 Triac 400Volt 4Amp
5606 Triac 500Volt 4Amp
5607-NTE Triac 600V 4Amp
5608 Triac 400V 8A SensitGate
5609 Triac 600V 8A SensitGate
5626-ECG triac 2mode 400V 10A
5629 Triac 400Volt 4Amp
5632-ECG Triac 3mode 100V 10A
5633 Triac 200Volt 10Amp
5634 Triac 300Volt 10Amp
5635 Triac 400Volt 10Amp
5637 Triac 600volt 10Amp
5638 Triac 400V 8A isolatedTab
5640-ECG triac 4mode 100V 2.5A
5642-ECG triac 4mode 2.5A 400V
5645 Triac600V10A IsolatedTab
5646 Triac 600V 10A Diac Isol
5652-ECG triac 4mode 400V 2.5A
5653 Triac 600Volt 2.5Amp
5655 Triac 200Volt .8Amp
5656 Triac 400Volt .8Amp
5657 Triac 600Volt .8Amp
5673 Triac 200Volt 15Amp
5677-ECG triac 4mode 600V 15A
5679 Triac 600Volt 40Amp
5690-ECG triac 4mode 600V 40A
5695-ecg triac 4mode 400V 40A
5697 Triac 600volt 40Amp
56004 triac (use 56006)
56006 Z4510 Triac 400V 15A
56008 triac 600V 15A
56010 Triac 800Volt 15Amp
56016 Triac 400Volt 25Amp
56026 Triac600V40A IsolS
6400 unijunction transistor
6401 unijunction transistor
6402 prog unijunct transistor
6403 WEP1077 bilateral switch
6404 Sil Unilateral switch
6405-ECG trigger for triac
6407 diac-trigger diode
6408 diac=WEP1080 trigger diode
6409 unijunction transistor
6410 unijunction transistor
6411 diac 40V trigger diode
6412-ECG diac 63V triggerdiode
6416-ECG sydac diode thyrister
6417-ECG sydac diode thyristor
6419 Sydac bidirect thyristor
6502-ECG microproc 8bit
6507 8bit microprocessor
6532 N-MOS memory/timer
6800 8bit microprocessor
6809 8bit microprocessor
6810 1K RAM
6850 HD6850P Asynch Interface
6887ECG non-invert Bus driver
7000 TDA1905 Audio 5W output
7001 TDA2593N Horizontal Ckt
7002 TDA4601 zenith 221-291
7003 AN5301K AN5310NKhave oem
7004 LA7916 TV/VCR freq synth
7005 HA13421A TA7774P mot driv
7008 LA7629 chroma/deflect
7010 TA8680N TV processor
7011 AN7161N audio 20W out
7012 TA7750P AVswitch/LEDdriv
7013 UPC1490H Remote Cntrl rec
7014 M51376SP TV-FM Mpx sound
7015 M51365P PLL S-IF & V-IF
7018 TDA4505A TV signal subsy
7019 UPC1486C (15042) DigitTun
7020 UPC1520CA VCR Audio Proc
7023 STK5464
7025 STK7348
7027 STK5461
7029 STK4231-II
7031 STK4044
7032 STK4046X
7035 STK5342
7039 LA7838
7040 HA1397
7041 TA8210AH
7042 BA6418
7043 TA7291S
7044 AN5900
7045 AN5790N
7048 TDA3569
7051 TDA7052N=TDA7056U
7055 UPC1263 UPC1316C
7056 UPC1488
7057 TA8703
7064 TA7267P
7065 TA8601BN
7068 TA8200AH
7070 =TA8211AH
7073 STRS6301 in Sony TV
7075 STK7310
7085 =LA7836
7086 =LA7850
7088 =TA8205AH
7089 =AN6610
7096 KA3842 UC3842
7100 UPC1237H
7101 UPC1241H
7103 UPC1298
7104 LA7837
7105 TDA2009A
7108 SDA3202-3
7109 M51995P
7125 STK730-1
7142 MAX232 RS232trans/receiv
7144 CA3140

*TCO Thermal Cutoffs
8076 Thermal Cutoff 77'Cent
8081 Thermal Cutoff 84'Cent
8085 Thermal Cutoff 87'Cent
8090 Thermal Cutoff 93'Cent
8096 Thermal Cutoff 98'Cent
8098-ECG Therm Cutoff 100'Cent
8103 ThermalCutoff 104'Cent
8108 ThermalCutoff 109'Cent
8115 ThermalCutoff 117'Cent
8118 ThermalCutoff 121'Cent
8125 ThermalCutoff 128'Cent
8139 ThermalCutoff 141'Cent
8149 ThermalCutoff 152'Cent
8167 ThermalCutoff 171'Cent
8181 ThermalCutoff 184'Cent
8213 ThermalCutoff 216'Cent
8226 ThermalCutoff 228'Cent
8242 ThermalCutoff 240'Cent
8374 LEDdriver freq counter
15001 LA7502 VCR VIF & SIF
15005 (see NTE1787)
15005E ICP-F10 .4A IC protect
15006 (see NTE1774)
15006E ICP-F15 .6A IC protect
15007E ICP-F20 .8A IC protect
15008E ICP-F25 1A IC protector
15009E ICP-F38 1.5A IC protect
15010/1314 AN6362 VCRcolorAFC
15012 (see NTE1743)
15015 LA7621
15016 (see NTE1793)
15018 (see NTE1740)
15019 (see NTE1742)
15019E ICP-N5 .25A IC protect
15020 (see NTE1741)
15020E ICP-N10 .4A IC protect
15021 STR3023 STR3123
15021E ICP-N15 .6A IC protect
15022 STR3335
15022E ICP-N20 .8A IC protect
15023E ICP-N25 1A ICprotector
15032 (see NTE1777)
15033 (see NTE1778)
15034 STK4201-II STK4221-II STK4231-II(7029)
15035 (see NTE1790)
15040 (see NTE1839)
15041 (see NTE1897)
15042 (see NTE7019)
15045 (see NTE1873)
16006 NPN audio amp

*Diodes including dual-diodes stocked by NTE number 525, 600, 601, 604, 605, 606, 607, 5962, 5963, 5966, 5980, 5981, 5982, 5990, 5994, 6013, 6026, 6027, 6085, 6091, 6407, 6408, 6411, 6419,
109 100V Ge diode
110MP (2) 30V Ge diode
112 UHF mixer diode
113A dual commonK diod
114 series diode obsolet
115 dual commonA diode
116 600V 1A rect diode
117 600V 1A rect diode
118 HV focus rectifier
119 WEP TV damper diode
119W WEP120 800V damper
120 TV convergence diod
125 1000V 2.5A rect diode
156 : rectifier 3A 1KV
156A rectifier 3.5A1KV
173BP TV SI DamperDiod
177 MC301 200V sw/detec
178MP/WEP1060MP Si 50V di
502 TV 12KV rectifier
504 19.8KV rectifier
505 TV 22KV rectifier
506 diode 1400V 1A
507 50V 1/4A rectifier
508 replace tubes 1B3 1G3 1K3 1J3 2CN3 3A3 3AW3 3B3 3CA3 3CN3 3CU3
509 replaces tubes 3AT2 3AW2 3BL2 3BM2 3BN2
510 replaces tubes 3DB3 3DJ3
511 replaces tubes 1V2 2AV2
512 tubes 6BA3/CK3/CL3/DW3
513 45KV Rectifier Stick
514 replaces tubes 3DR3 3DS3
515 Hi Volt Diode/SCR
518 10KV TV HV rectifier
519 1N914/1N4148 sw diode
542 MicrowaveOvenRectifier
548 MicrowaveOvenRectifier
551 1500V 1A rectifier
552 600V 1A fast rec diode
553 UHF switching PIN diode
555 35V UHF pin diode
558 1500V 1A rectifier
570 control avalanche diode
576 diode super fast switch
577 rect diode 1000V 5A
578 barrier rect 90V 1A
580 600V 3A rectifier
581 gen purp rect 400V 8A
583 Schottky Barrier Diode
584 schottky RF switch diode
585 Schottky Barrier Diode
586 Schottky Barrier Diode
587 200V 1A ultrafast diode
588 ultrafast switch diode
593 switching diode
595 dual com K diode
597 use NTE598 (higher voltage rating
598 rect 600V 8A
5800 50Volt 3Amp Rectifier
5801 WEP4001 100V 3A rectifier
5802 rectifier 200V 3Amp
5803 rectifier
5804 rectifier 400V 3Amp
5806 rectifier 600V 3Amp
5808 WEP4007 800V 3A rect
5809 rectifier 1000V 3Amp
5812 rectifier 100V 6/22A
5814 rectifier 400V 6/22A
5815 rectifier 600V 6/22A
5817 rectifier 1KV 6/22Amp
5818 rectifier 200V 12Amp
5829-ECG pressfitrect 800V50A
5842-ECG rect 600V 3Amp
5870 rectifier 50V 12Amp
5871 rectifier 50V 12Amp
5874-ECG rect 200V 12Amp
5882 rectifier 600V 12Amp
5883 rectifier 600V 12Amp
5886 rectifier 800V 12Amp
5890 rectifier 1000V 12Amp
5891-ECG rect 1000V 12Amp
5896-ECG rect 200V 16Amp
5901-ECG rect 400V 16Amp
5910-ECG rect 1000V 16Amp
5916-ECG rect 200V 20Amp
5928-ECG rect 800V 20Amp
5929-ECG rect 800V 20Amp
5940-ECG rect 50V 15Amp
5944-ECG rect 200V 15Amp
5948-ECG rect 400V 15A
5952-ECG rect 600V 15Amp
5962 rectifier 400V 25Amp
5963 rectifier 400V 25Amp
5966 rectifier 800V 25Amp
5967-ECG pressfitrect 800V 25A
5980 rectifier 50V 40Amp
5981 rectifier 50V 40Amp
5982 rectifier 100V 40Amp
5986-ECG rect 200V 40Amp
5990 rectifier 400V 40Amp
5994 rectifier 600V 40Amp
5995-ECG rect 600V 40Amp
6002-ECG rect 1000V 40Amp
6003-ECG rect 1000V 40Amp
6013 rect 600V 12A isol tab
6026 rectifier 200V 60 Amp
6027 rectifier 200V 60 Amp
6045-ECG rect 1000V 40 Amp
6048-ECG rect 50V 70 Amp
6054-ECG rect 200V 70 Amp
6060-ECG rect 400V 70 Amp
6061-ECG rect 400V 70 Amp
6076-ECG rect 600V 85 Amp
6077-ECG rect 600V 85 Amp
6079-ECG rect 1200V 85 Amp
6084-ECG schottky 35A 45V
6085 dual schottky rectifier
6087-ECG dual schottky 45V 30A
6200-ECG dual rect 200V 30A
6204-ECG dual rect 600V 30A
6208-ECG dual rect 400V 30A
6240-ECG dual rect 200V TO220

*Flybacks FT282, FT351,
& ICP Integrated Circuit Protectors stocked by NTE number 15005E(.4A), 15006E(.6A), 15007E(.8A), 15008E(1.0A), 15009E(1.5A), ICP-F50, ICP-F75, 15019E(.25A), 15020E(.4A), 15021E(.6A), 15022E(.8A), 15023E(1.0A), ICP-N50, ICP-N75,

*Audio Power Output IC's stocked by NTE number hundreds of items here

*TTL IC's stocked by NTE number
74C00 Quad 2-in Pos NAND gate
74C02 CMOS 2 input NOR
74C04 CMOS hex inverter
74C08 Quad 2-Input AND
74C14 Hex Schmitt Trigger
74C20 dual 4-input NAND gate
74C32 quad 2-input OR
74C74 dual D ... flip flop
74C90 decade counter /2 & /5
74C154 4-16line decoder/dempx
74C157 Quad 2-1 line data sel
74C164 8-bit parallel serial
74C221 dual monostbl multivib
74C925 4digit count-7segDriv
74HC125 CMOS quad buffer
74LS00 Shottky quad 2-in NAND
74LS02 Shottky quad 2-in NOR
74LS03 Shottky quad 2-in NAND
74LS04 Shottky Hex Inverter
74LS05 Shottky Hex Inverter
74LS08 Shottky 2-in pos AND
74LS09 Shottky Quad 2-in AND
74LS10 Shottky Trip 3-in NAND
74LS14 Shottky Hex Schmitt Trigger
74LS20 Schottky 4 input NAND
74LS32 Shottky Quad 2-in OR
74LS38 Schottky Quad NAND
74LS42 Shott BCD-decimal dec
74LS47 BCD to 7segment decod
74LS48 BCD to 7segment driver
74LS49 BCD to 7segment decod
74LS54 Shotky AND/OR invert
74LS63 Shottky Hex Cur Sens
74LS73 Shottky dual J-K flipf
74LS74A Dual D flip-flop
74LS76A schottky JK flipflop
74LS78 dual J-K flip-flop
74LS86 Shottky quad OR
74LS90 decade count /2 & /5
74LS92 Schottky divide by 12
74LS93 binary count /2 & /8
74LS113 dual J-K flip-Flop
74LS114 DualJ-K Flip Flop
74LS122 MonosMultvb
74LS123 MonostableMultivibrat
74LS124 Dual VCO
74LS125A QuadBuffer
74LS132 Quad2inNAND
74LS138 1of8Decoder
74LS156 2to4Decoder
74LS158 2to1Selectr
74LS165 8-Bit Shift Register
74LS175 Schottky quadFlipFlop
74LS193 BinaryCount
74LS194 ShiftRegist
74LS195A ShiftRegst
74LS196 DecadCountr
74LS197 BinaryCount
74LS221 DualMonoMvb
74LS244 OctalBuffer
74LS245 Octal Tran
74LS247 BCD-7Segment
74LS248 BCD-7Segment
74LS251 DataSelect
74LS273 Schottky OctalflipFlop
74LS290 DecadeCounter
74LS293 BinaryCounter
74LS365A HexBusDriver
74LS367 HexBuffDriver
74LS373 Schottky Octal D latch
74LS374 Schottky OctalFlipFlop
74LS386 Quad 2inp OR
74LS541 Schottky Octal Buffer
74LS624 VoltContrOsc
74S00 Quad 2 input NAND
74S05 H S Hex Inverter
74S86 H S Quad 2in OR
74S132 Quad 2in NAND
74S288 IM5610
74S387 1K PROM
7400 Quad 2input NANDgate
7401 M53201P Quad 2inpNAND
7402 Quad 2input NOR gate
7403 quad 2 input NAND
7404 Hex Inverter
7405 Hex Inverter
7406 Hex Invert/Buff/Driv
7407 Hex Buffer Driver
7408 Quad 2input AND gate
7409-ECG quad 2input AND
7410 Triple 3input ANDgate
7411 DM7451 Triple 3in AND
7412-ECG triple 3input NAND
7414 Hex SchmittTrigInvert
7416 M53216P HexInverBufDr
7417 Hex Buffer Driver
7420 Dual 4input NANDgates
7422 Dual 4input NANDgates
7423 Dual 4input NOR gate
7425-ECG dual 4input NORgate
7426 Quad 2input NAND gate
7427 Triple 3input NORgate
7428 Quad 2input NOR buffer
7430 8input NAND gate
7432 Quad 2input OR gate
7433 Quad 2input NOR buffer
7437 Quad 2input NANDbuffer
7438 Quad 2input NANDbuffer
7439 Quad 2input NAND gate
7440-ECG 4input pos NAND buf
7442 SN7442N BCD-DecimDecod
7445 BCD-DecimalDecodDriver
7447 Z5047 7segDecoderDrive
7448 BCD-7segmentDecodDrive
7472 M5372 AND J-K flipflop
7473 M53273 Dual J-Kflipflp
7474 M53274 Z5074 DualD F-F
7475 4bit bistable latches
7476 Dual J-K flip flop
7481-ECG 16bit RAM
7483 4bit binary adder
7485 4bit magnitude compar
7486 Quad 2input OR gates
7488A-ECG 256 bit ReadOnlyMem
7490 Z5090 Decade Counter
7492 divide by 12 counter
7493A 4bit shift register
7495 4bit shift register
7496 5 bit shift register
7497 6bit binary multiplier
9093 Dual J-K Flip Flop
9158 Quad NAND 301-576-2
9663-ECG dual J-K flipflop
9670-ECG trip 3input NANDgate
9692-ECG quad 2input NANDgate
9910-ECG dual 2input gate
9917 13-0088
9923-ECG JK-flipflop
9930 Dual 4input NAND gate
9932 Dual 4input NAND buff
9935 Hex Inverter
9946 Quad 2input NAND gate
9949-ECG quad 2inputNAND/NOR
9962 M5962 Triple3inputNAND
74105 J-K flip flop
74107 J-K flipflop clear
74110 Gated J-K flip flop
74111 Dual J-K flip flop
74116 Dual 4 bit Latch
74120 DualPulseSyncroDriv
74121 MonostableMultivibr
74122 13-0103/4 RetrigMsM
74123 DualRetrigMonstMult
74125 Quad Bus Buffer Gat
74128 line driver 50ohm
74136 Quad OR gate
74145 BCD-DecimDecodDrive
74147 Decimal-BCDpriority
74148 Octal Priority Encd
74150 DataSelectMultiplex
74152 DataSelectMultiplex
74154 Decoder Multiplexer
74160 4bit Decade Counter
74161 4bit Binary Counter
74162 4bit Decade Counter
74163 4bit Binary Counter
74166 ParalSerialShiftReg
74178 UniversalShiftRegis
74185 Binary-BCDconverter
74191 Up/DownBinaryCount
74192 Up/Down BCD Counter
74193 Up/DownBinaryCount
74196 DecadeCounterLatch
74221 DualMonostMultivibr
74249 BCD-7segmentDecDriv
74265 QuadComplementOutpt
74278 4bit PriorityRegist
74290 Decade Counter
74293 4bit BinaryCounter
74298 Quad2inputMultiplex
74426 QuadGate3stateOutpt
74490 BCDdecadeRippleCoun
75188 MC1488P XR1488 Driv
75189 MC1489P XR1489 Rec
75451B Dual AND Driver
75452B dual NAND driver

*Other Integrated Circuits stocked by NTE number hundreds of Stock numbers here

*Darlington Transistors stocked by NTE number
172A NPN darlington 60Mhz
232/WEP67 PNP darl TO92
243 : NPN TO3 darlingtn
244 : PNP TO3 darlingtn
245 : NPN darl 80V 10A
246 : PNP darl 80V 10A
247 : NPN darl 100V 12A
248 PNP darl 100V 12A
249 : NPN darl 100V 16A
250 : PNP darl 100V 16A
251 s NPN darl 100V 20A
252 s PNP darl 100V 20A
253 ns NPN darling TO126
254 PNP darling TO126
257 : NPN darling TO127
258 : PNP darli TO127
259 : NPN darli TO127
260 : PNP darli TO127
261 : NPN darling TO220
262 s PNP darling TO220
263 : NPN darling TO220
264 : PNP darling TO220
265 : NPN darling TO202
266 : NPN darling TO202
267 NPN darling TO202
268 : NPN darling TO202
269 : PNP darling TO202
270 : NPN darling TO218
271 : PNP darling TO218
272 s NPN darlin TO202N
273 PNP darlin TO202N
274 : NPN darling TO66

*TV Horizontal Output Transistors stocked by NTE number
35 NPN horiz out sw
163A : NPN HorDefl 100W
165 NPN Hor Defl 50W
238 : TV Horiz out TO3
276 SG613 TV Horz SCR
277 s NPN TV Horizontal
283 : NPN TV HorizOut
308P : horiz Thyris/rect
310 TV Thyrist/rectifier
310P : Thyrist/rectifier
2300 TV Horiz 8A 1500V 125W
2301 TV Horiz 5A 1500V 100W
2302 2SD1427 2SD1453 2SD1650 TV Horiz Damper Diode 5A 1500V 120W
2330 2SD777 2SD1092
2331 Horiz/damper 1500V 6A 60W
2332 2SC3292 2SC3293 2SD1647
2333 NPN HiVoltSW 1000V 6A
2334 NPN darlington/damper
2335 2SD1294 NPN darlington
2336 DarlSwDampZen 60V 8A 45W
2337 HiVolt Sw 900V 7A 45W
2338 NPN darlington/damper
2339 NPN hi voltage switch
2343 Darlington AF NPN 100V 12A 80W complement2344
2344 Darlington AF PNP 100V 12A 80W complement2343
2324 Horiz out/switch NPN 1500V 8A 70W
2325 Hi Volt switch NPN 900V 3A 50W
2345 NPN pwr Sw Darl 120V 6A
2346 PNP pwr Sw Darl 120V 6A
2351 NPN pwr Sw 100V 4A 1W
2353 2SD2335
2354 NPN HorizOut 1500V 10A
2365 NPN HorizOut 1500V 12A
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