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Video Security Cameras
Video & RF Connectors & Adaptors

The total cost for a do-it-yourself antenna system ranges from under $200 for a tripod, mast, coax and five foot long antenna (no rotor or preamp) to about $1000 for a 15 foot long antenna, preamp, couch potato rotor, signal splitter for multiple TV's, and self supporting tower with hinge base to go in concrete. What you choose will determine how many stations you get clearly! Prices shown average 30% discount off manufacturers suggested prices. Do-it-yourselfers save $100 to $400 installation labor so the total savings is $100 to $500 when purchasing from us instead of hiring someone to put a TV Antenna system up for you!
Large items suitable for local customer pickup may not be economical to ship to internet customers.
TV Antennas
PH46-200 UHF loop antenna fits 300 ohm screws on older TV's $3.55
PH46-202 UHF Bow Tie antenna 300 ohm spade lugs $5,30
PH46-320 desktop VHF/FM rabbit ears with UHF loop 75 ohm $15.26
PH46-500 VHF/FM rabbit ears fit hole in Panasonic/RCA/Quasar Televisions; spade lugs US$8.40
PH46-600 desktop VHF/FM/UHF rabbit ears & UHF loop with tuning switch $16.36
PH-5031TV twinlead dipole FM & strong signal VHF-TV indoor antenna 300 ohm spade lugs US$5.96
HD6010 Omnidirectional FM ant $49,98
4400 UHF 4-bay bowtie ant $39,00
CM3016 UHF/VHF/FM ant (66" long) $145.32
1501 Golden Eagle RV UHF/VHF/FM ant $45,00
[1?] HD4053P VHF-High + VHF-Low TV + FM antenna (111" long) $125.00
[1] HD5030 VHF-TV & FM ant (119" long) $99.98
HD-4053 HD-5030
HD7084 UHF/VHF/FM antenna 131" long; not mailable discontinued
CM-3020 Advantage 100 Deep Fringe UHF/VHF(Hi/Lo)/FM antenna 152" boom x 95" wide x 22" high $263.99
HD9022 UHF Yagi corner reflector antenna (78" long) $64.00
HD9095P UHF yagi/corner reflect antenna (95" long) $96.88
MS2000 Omni UHF/VHF/FM amplified $125.50
HD8200 UHF/VHF/FM ant 177" long; not mailable $243.33
TV Signal Amplifiers
VA-AMP-7 22dB UHF, 28 dB VHF, 300/75in, 300/75out $45,15
VA-200-660 power supply only for AMP-7 has AC output $33.87
CM0064 23dB UHF, 16dB VHF, 300in, 75out $69,98
CM-0100C power supply for OLD US CM-0064 & CM-0068 has 14VAC; use VA-200-660 power supply
CM-0747 power supply 18-24VDC negative ground for late Taiwan & early China CM7778 & 0064
PH-TR015 can be used to repair CM-0747 TV Antenna Amplifier power supply
CM-7778 16db gain VHF/UHF 75 ohm in, 75 ohm output $108.35
Plug Pak Power Supply for CM7778 Amplifier $23.03
CM-3037 plug pak for 3000A omni amplified antenna: labeled 18VDC negative ground F-59 plug
PS9000 power supply AC output; compatible with VA-200-660 power supply
LNA-200 preamp winegard antenna amplifier $106.50
Winegard Preamp Power Supply labeled 118VAC input; Secondary 15.3VAC
PS-9370 18VAC power supply for AP8700 & MS2000 $27.43
SSK-3237 300UHF + 300VHF in, 75 out $69,98
AVAT-5 Attenuator 6Db 75 ohm signal reducer

Free Technical Repair Tip: Antenna Signal amplifiers mounted outdoors near the antenna ("PREAMPS") generally improve reception more than indoor "distribution" or "line" amplifiers. Indoor amplifiers can be used to compensate for the loss incurred in signal splitters & additional wire to feed multiple TV's far away from the antenna.

Antenna Rotors
U-105 ECG-NTE Rotor with Knob Style Control Box discontinued
CB-105 ECG-NTE Knob Style Control Box fits many 3-wire rotors discontinued
CM9521A Rotor with infrared Couch Potato remote rotor control box $203.05
CM9537 Couch Potato remote control upgrade/replacement rotor control box $100.00
CM45-13128 Pwr Supply--Channel Master 9521A 18VAC 1000Ma angle DCP21use SR-AC18-1.0-2.1
U-105 Rotor & CB-105 ControlCM-9537 Remote ControlAlliance U-100 ControlAlliance Rotor

Free Technical Repair Tip: A ROTOR is used to turn the antenna; in many cases--different channels originate from different cities. Therefore--you probably need a Rotor if you want to receive stations from different directions!

18" mast Rotor to AntennaRotor on RRP20 rotor mount inside Tower

Free Technical Repair Tip: most people put too much mast pipe above the rotor; we suggest a 12" pipe to go into the top of the rotor to hold the TV antenna. A rotor that is down inside a tower can use 10 ft of mast pipe--with about 5 ft of that above the collar at the top of the tower. If the pipe and antenna together weigh more than 50 pounds--a thrust bearing should be added to support the weight. If the problem on your old rotor is a control box that has died--we have replacement control boxes.

Mount Hardware: Mast Tripods Tower
MFJP-18 Mount Foot with 18" x 1-5/8" J-Pole for small TV antenna or small satelite TV dish $24,00
EZ5-1.25 =CM1607 Five foot 1-1/4 swaged 16 gauge mast pipe expensive to mail $24.19
EZ10-1.25 =CM1610 Ten foot 1-1/4 mast pipe 16 guage mast pipe not mailable $51.19
EZ30-4 replaces 104 =CM9023 wall W mount 4 inch standout (2 bracket pak) $20.15
EZ30-6 replaces =CM9032 wall Y mount 6 inch standout (2 bracket pak) $23,91
112 =CM9034 wall Y mount 12 inch standout (2 bracket pak) $33.69
102 Wall Mount104 Wall Mount106 Wall Mount
700 Skyhook mast bracket for sidearm (see item 530) $22,10
800 set of (3) replacement feet for tripods $7,98
EZ29-36S replaces CM9067 Chimney Mount (2 bracket-pak) 18-ft straps $39.03
EZ31 =4560 =CM9030 adjustable 45-60" Eaves Mount fits End-Of-Peak, doesn't pentrate roof $65,69
Chimney Mount4560 End-of-Peak Antenna Mount
7200 small mount (2/pak) for 2 to 3-1/4" vent $16,98
7300 large mount (2/pak) for 4 to 6" vent $19,98
530 Wall (Under Eave) Mount . . . includes 700 skyhook
142 Lag screws 2 inch by 1/4" (100/bag) each $0,39
77 Tripod Tarpad lagscrew kit $3,38
PH15-820 masonry nail standoffs (2/pak) $1.68
PH15-822 snap-type mast standoff (2/pak) $1.68
PH15-823 strap-on standoffs with 10" strap (2/pak) $3.08
PH15-825 =EZ47-S5 wood screw hooks (3/pak) $2,58
PH15-826 U-Bolt Quarter-inch 1-3/4" centers, 3-1/4" length, TV antenna boom to mast pipe clamp$2,76
PH15-829 Turnbuckle (each) $2.20
PH15-835 guy ring & clamp for 1-1/4" mast pipe $2.52
PH15-850 small U-bolt clamps for 1/8" guy wire (each) $1.90
PH15-853B Universal wood screw 3-1/2 inch standoff for coax cable and twinlead $0.69
PH15-854 wood-screw type 5-1/2" standoff (each) $0.85 each
EH-4 tree mount $27,15
EZ48-3A =709 Three Foot high US made Tripod with rivet feet to support small-medium TV antenna over peak of roof $49.60
EZ48-5A =711 Five Foot high US made Tripod, has rivet feet to support TV antenna over peak of roof expensive to mail $68.89
EZ48-10A =712 Ten Foot US made Tripod, ladder style rungs, more height for antenna above peak of roof not mailable out
RN-10 Tri-Mount 10 ft mast 5 ft legs for sloping/flat roof not mailable $76,60
DBS-3 Tri-Mount709 (3 Ft) Tripod711 (5 Ft) Tripod712 (10 Ft) Tripod
Telescoping 20 Foot "push-up" Mast 1-1/4 to 1-1/2" (peak bottom bracket & guy wire optional) not mailable $66.00
BS-18 Base Spike for PI Tower $16,67
DMP-8 Deck Mounting Plate for bottom of PI Towers $24.00
SHB-4 swivel house bracket fits PI & Rohn tower $30,00
HHB-12 hinge house bracket fits PI & Rohn tower $30,00
SRP-6 Simple Rotor Post for PI Tower $9,00
TRMP-6 Tee-style Rotor Mount Post for PI & other towers $30.00
SHB-4 Swivel House BracketHinge House BracketTop for Tower
PI-Topper custom top to fit 20G mid-section $45.00
A25G-TS Top section tower 15.5" steps $359.92
A25G-MS Mid section tower 8=15.5" steps not mailable $233.25
A25G-HB hinge base section tower (install in YARD of concrete) expensive to mail $461.63
RRP-20 rotor mounting bracket fits leg of Rohn 20G & 25G tower $37.68
QUMBE Jerrold house bracket fits 12 inch (Rohn) tower $28.00
Rohn 20G TowerPI 30-9 Tower722 roof mount for small antEH-4 Tree Mount
TBDP-8 Base Deck Plate 8" square for PI Tower $36,00
DMBT-2 Pair of Dish/Direct Mount Brackets for Tower $30,00
HPTBA-4 Hinge-Pin Tower Base Adaptor for PI Tower $13,50
TBDP-8 tower base deckplateDMBT-2 Dish MountHPTBA-4 Hinge-Pin
Click to our Audio/Video Webpage for prices
Twinlead 300 ohm Antenna Wire (100 ft pack) $12,75
UL-5 Lightning Arrestor for Twinlead $3,50
Guy Wire (50 ft insulated) $9,98
CBF-1 black RG59 12 inch coax "jumper cable" assembly 75 ohm with F-59 plugs on both ends $2,70
CBF-2 black RG59 24 inch coax "jumper cable" assembly 75 ohm with F-59 plugs on both ends $3,06
CAF-3 white RG59 36 inch coax "jumper cable" assembly 75 ohm with F-59 plugs on both ends $3,90
CBF-3 black RG59 36 inch coax "jumper cable" assembly 75 ohm with F-59 plugs on both ends $3,90
CAF-6 white RG59 6-foot coax "jumper cable" assembly 75 ohm with F-59 plugs on both ends $4,77
CBF-6 black RG59 6-foot coax "jumper cable" assembly 75 ohm with F-59 plugs on both ends $4.77
CEA-CBF-12 black RG59 12-foot coax "jumper cable" assembly 75 ohm with F-59 plugs on both ends $6,21
CEA-CBF-25 black RG59 12-foot coax "jumper cable" assembly 75 ohm with F-59 plugs on both ends $12,39
PH-RG603 coax assembly 3-foot RG6 with F-56 connectors on both ends $5,46
PH-RG606 coax assembly 6-foot RG6 with F-56 connectors on both ends $6,78
PH-RG612 coax assembly 12-foot RG6 with F-56 connectors on both ends $9,84
PH-RG625 coax assembly 25-foot RG6 with F-56 connectors on both ends $8.58
PH-RG650 coax assembly 50-foot RG6 with F-56 connectors on both ends $14.30
PH-RG675 coax assembly 75-foot RG6 with F-56 connectors on both ends $20.54
PH-RG6100 coax assembly 100-foot RG6 with F-56 connectors on both ends $25.70
55-798 Flat Wire to feed RG6 thru Window or patio door $4,89
3 conductor Rotor Wire $0,24/ft
3 to 15 ft coaxial jumper cables
55-798 window feedthru wire

Free Technical Repair Tip: Low-Loss RG-6 wire looses less signal than cheaper wire does; Use whatever length it takes to reach from your antenna to your TV's; you probably will notice poorer signals if you add fifty feet of extra wire that you don't need!

TV Signal Splitters, Combiners, Modulators, Baluns
PH-MT73EB =MTE75 grounded Indoor Balun Matching Transformer $2,22
PH-MT74 isolated Outdoor Balun with weather boot =OB-2 +MTA75W $3,98
WEP40-6100 sturdier grounded Outdoor Balun with weather boot $4,98
PH-MT77B FM/VHF/UHF band splitter 75 ohm input, 300 ohm output US$3.74
PH-MT78B Band splitter 75 ohm input, VHF=75, FM & UHF=300 outputUS$4.64
PH-MT79B Band Splitter FM/VHF/UHF 300 ohm input and output (US$2.77)
MT80B balun 300 ohm to 75 ohm: two screw input to Push-Fit F-plug output US1.32
HPF-G Hi-Pass Interference Filter & Ground Block $5,76
RMS2002 splitter ground block Cable TV to UHF channel 35 $3,95
GRB-1 =PH-FC55 =CR45-480-3 single coax ground block lightning surge protector $1,62
GRB-2 =PH-FC25 =CR45-481-3 dual coaxial ground block lightning surge protector $2,19
PH-MTB =WB-1UV small Weather Boot to cover F connector $0,42
KT-XF41 Indoor grounded Balun Matching Transformer $1,98
FC-77B indoor 300 to 75 ohm pushon isolated matching transformer $3,75
CEA-MT74+MT80 Cable TV Surround Sound Hum Eliminator Ground Loop Isolator "F" in & outMT74+MT80 $10.00

Free Technical Repair Tip: Hum on Home Theatre systems often caused by a GROUND LOOP: If the hum disappears when you disconnect the Cable TV Coax Wire from your TV--you need to install a RF Ground Loop Isolator.

HSU-2 Holland =PH-VH47B = PH76-180 2-way indoor/outdoor groundable 5-900mHz signal splitter $3,00
DSU-2 power pass 2-way signal splitter $2,95
CR75-713-2 2-Way Signal Splitter $7,30
CR75-713-3 3-Set Signal Splitter $8,85
CR75-730-2 Signal Splitter 2gHz 2-Way Power Pass $4,65
AA-030 75 ohm F terminator for "open" splitter connections
DSU-3 power pass 3-way signal splitter $4,41
CR75-508 indoor/outdoor 3-way signal splitter $4,50
PH-8002PL RCA indoor/outdoor 3-way groundable signal splitter $4,13
HSU-3 Holland 3-way indoor/outdoor groundable signal splitter $4,41
32-3022 diecast 4-way splitter $4,26
DSU-4 power pass 4-way signal splitter $4,74
PH76-184 =PH-CS15 =PH75-509 =PH-8113PL 4-way indoor/outdoor signal splitter & ground block $5.36
AMP-5 indoor amplified 4 way splitter $17,34
SD-0568 diecast 8 way splitter $15.34
DSU-8 power pass 8 way signal splitter $15.34
CC-7870 UHF & VHF Antenna combiner $34,49
CB-8269 Connector Board CF-8300 for Winegard CA-series (1992-2002) & HD-series (current) $19,89
TDSM-2150 Satelite & TV splitter 40-2150Mhz
CR75-705 Satellite & TV signal Diplexer $14,85
32-3031 Chan 3 signal combiner add VCR/Satelite signal to antenna wiring $18,72
32-3041 Channel 4 signal combiner add VCR/Satelite signal to antenna wiring $18,72
SC-3 TV Channel 3 signal combiner $17.22
SC-4 TV Channel 4 signal combiner $17.22
40-800A Chan 3/4 RF Modulator see DVD or Video Camera on old TV $52,99
UCM-8 RF modulator: DVD or VCR Audio & Video to TV Channel 19 (14-32) $25.00
Antenna Selector Coaxial Switch
PH-CS2 ACS-1 =AB-27 =AB-75 low cost A-B "Antenna/Cable or Antenna/Game" Coaxial Switch $5,55
PH-AB6 PushButton High Isolation TV AB Coax Switch $12,93
PH-AB7 PushButton High Isolation TV ABC Coax Switch $18,09
PH-AB8 Slide High Isolation TV Coax AB Switch $10,32
ACS-7 Three position 75 ohm Coaxial Switchbox $11,57
ACS-8 High Isolation Premium quality 2-position Coax Switch$10.50
CR40-695 Coaxial A-B Antenna Switch $12,75
CR40-696 Coaxial A-B-C Antenna Switch $17,85
Connectors, Wall Plates, Satelite Finder Meter
CC-7B nail-in cable clips 7MM for RG6 $1.00=10/pak $5.00=100/pak
CT50B black 7" cable ties$0.25/ea$19.71/C
HX-596 Crimping Tool for RG6 & RG59 $26,98
ST-1P Remove & Install wrench for F connector $7,35
F59-SCR connector plug with separate crimp ring $0,72
CR75-538 Twist-on F59 connector plug $1,00
F56-SACR connector plug short attached crimp ring $0,64
FCD57AB F56 connector plug long attached crimp ring $0.84
CR75-608 Twist-on F56 connector plug $1,00
FC67B double female F81 barrel connector $0,81
FCG67B gold F81G double female barrel connector $0.96
KDF-1 =40-2208 =FC63 =CR75-530 Push-On F-plug Quick Disconnect adaptor $1,64
FC306 Compression F connector for RG6 coax 4/pak $6,54
BP-1 Blank Wall Plate with 3/8" hole $0,90
PH-TV41N Ivory Wall plate with F81 connector $2,43
PH-TV41VN White Wall plate with F81 connector $2,43
PH-TV45 Ivory Wall plate with two F81 connectors $3,00
AVS-1 Audio Video Selector six inputs to one output
CR75-728 Satellite Signal Finder Meter audio tone $27.00
CR75-729 LED Level Indicator Satellite Signal Finder $30.84

Free Technical Repair Tip: (Multiple TV's): You loose half of your TV SIGNAL every time you use a passive splitter to split the signal to another TV set--so if you split the signals to 8 TV sets--the signal to each TV is about 1/8 as strong as if you fed the signal directly to only one TV! An amplified splitter such as the AMP-5 will reduce your loss; the output on each of the 4 outputs of the AMP-5 is slightly stronger than the input was!

Interference Filter
TV-1 Hi-Pass 300 ohm TVI filter (current inventory only)$2,72
HPF-G Hi-Pass 75 ohm Interference Filter & Ground Block 5,76
HDTV Settop Box Digital Tuner
RC1010 Winegard Digital Tuner use with "digital ready" TV's made 2000-2006 $199.00
RC1010 operates on 12VDC; use "camper/mobile" build cord size 2155 connector 1.1A negative ground

Free Technical Repair Tip: "HDTV-ready" TV's made a few years ago need a "settop box digital tuner" (see RC1010 above) added to receive HDTV signals: these connect to the Audio & Video inputs; some sets also have S-VHS or DVI connectors. TV's 34" & larger made during 2005 have digital tuners built in. TV's over 25" built during 2006 have the digital tuners built in. All TV's built after April 2007 have digital tuners built in. Another option is to wait (July 2007?) for DVD recorders (not DVD players) that include a built in digital tuner. Ancient TV's that do not have Audio & Video inputs require a RF Modulator (see UCM-8 above) between the digital tuner and the TV's antenna connector!

Free Technical Repair Tip: (HDTV Reception) Theoretically--it doesn't matter if an antenna is labeled as "Digital" or "HDTV" however--on a practical level: Digital signals broadcast by commercial stations are often 5 to 10% as strong as their analog signals; therefore we reccommend that you use a BIG top quality antenna with a rotor for precise aiming at the desired station. (Small antennas usually do not have sufficient gain to pick up weak HDTV signals)! If signal splitters (for multiple TV's) must be used--it is important to use 75 ohm terminators on any unused feedlines to prevent ghosting on analog reception and "pixelating" (sudden dropout of signals) for digital reception! Another important factor for reception of the weak HDTV signals is height; we have found that a 15 ft long antenna mounted 10 ft higher usually gives consistently good reception in locations that were marginal with a 10 ft antenna mounted a few feet lower! Therefore--we strongly reccommend a 10 ft tripod on the roof or 30 to 40 ft tower beside the building over a 3 to 5 ft tripod on the roof for HDTV.
A cheap solution to receiving over the air TV is to use a Direct Video Broadcast tuner with CD-program to watch TV using a computer (USB port). An Outdoor Over The Air antenna is necessary to receive most TV stations--use PH-FP100 to adapt the PAL antenna jack found on the Artec DVB tuner to the F connection on the coax from a TV antenna.

Consumer-Owned Satellite Dishes & other Antennas FCC "OTARD" RULES
FCC rules prohibit local governments, landlords, community associations etc. from unreasonably restricting a resident wanting to install and use an antenna under the OTARD rules. These rules apply to property areas that the antenna user owns, leases or rents and has exclusive use or control. The following antennas or dishes are covered by OTARD rules:
* a "dish" antenna one meter (39.37 inches) or less in diameter
* commercially-available analog and digital television antennas
Antennas covered by the rule can be mounted on "masts" to reach the height needed to receive or transmit an acceptable quality signal (maintain line-of-sight contact with the transmitter or view the satellite). Masts higher than 12 feet above the roofline may be subject to local permitting requirements for safety purposes. Reasonable restrictions to prevent damage to leased property are permissible; example: a lease restriction forbidding drilling holes through the roof.
Fixed Wireless Antennas that Receive and Transmit voice and data services ... it is permissible (for landlords) to require that fixed wireless providers have their equipment professionally installed.
For more information. see the fcc website: Federal Communications Commission, Consumer Affairs Bureau, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554, 1-888-CALL-FCC

Click here for Satellite TV information:

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