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Price Note: many tubes on this page do not have prices shown; please specify your target price when you order any type that does not have a price next to the number you want. We also have many numbers not shown on this page.

*American N.O.S. (New Old Stock) tube numbers in stock
0A2/0A2WA=os? ; 0A3@$4.75; 0B2-out? 0B3; 0C2; 0G3;
0Z4 =1003 $4.00 Gas Rectifier '41 to '57 Chevy Delco GM car radios;
1AC5@$10.00; 1AX2@$4.60; 1AY2/A@$10.00; 1B3GT/1G3GTA@$6.70; 1BC2A@$7.90; 1BH2/A@$7.50; 1BX2/1X2C@$3.90; 1DN5@$5.20; 1G3GTA/1B3GT@$$6.70; 1H5GT@$5.60; 1L4@$4.00; 1LA4@$7.60; 1LA6@$10.00
; 1R5@$4.00 substitute for 1L6 by disconnecting all wires to pin 5 of the 1L6 socket
1S2A/DY87@$7.50; 1S4@$2.50; 1S5@$2.75; 1T4@$5.10; 1U4@$6.00; 1U5@$5.50; 1V2@$5.10; 1X2A/1X2B@$3.90; 1X2B@$3.90; 1X2C/1BX2@$3.90;
2AF4B@$3.50; 2AH2/2AS2A/2BU2@$7.60; 2AS2A/2AH2/2BU2@$7.60; 2AV2@$2.50; 2BA2@$9.00; 2BJ2; 2BN4A@$3.90; 2BU2/2AH2/2AS2A@$7.60; 2CW4@$7.50; 2CY5@$2.50; 2DZ4@$3.50; 2EN5@$4.80; 2ER5/XC95@$4.80; 2FH5@$7.00; 2FQ5A/2GK5@$7.00; 2FS5@$6.50; 2FY5/XC97@$7.00; 2GK5/2FQ5A@$7.00; 2GU5@$6.00; 2GW5@$4.40; 2HA5/2HM5@$6.00; 2HK5@$6.00; 2HM5/2HA5@$6.00; 2HQ5@$6.00;
3A2@$4.80; 3A3C@$7.00; 3A5@$10.00; 3AF4A@$4.50; 3AL5@$2.00; 3AT2@$7.30; 3AU6@$3.00; 3AV6@$1.90; 3B4@$4.40; 3BC5@$1.90; 3BE6@$1.90; 3BL2A@$8.20; 3BN4@$4.60; 3BU8@$5.40; 3BY6@$4.40; 3BZ6@$5.50; 3CA3@$6.00; 3CB6/3CF6@$4.00; 3CF6/3CB6@$4.00; 3CN3B@$7.50; 3CS6@$4.80; 3CU3A@$13.70; 3CX3@$8.20; 3CY3/3DB3@$6.20; 3CY5@$4.80; 3CZ3A@$10.20; 3DA3/3DH3@$8.20; 3DB3/3CY3@$6.20; 3DG4@$9.00; 3DH3/3DA3@$8.00; 3DR3@$19.00; 3DT6@$4.80; 3EA5@$7.00; 3ER5/YC95@$5.40; 3FS5@$6.00; 3GK5@$7.50; 3GS8@$5.40; 3HQ5@$8.80; 3Q5GT/G@$5.00;
3V4@$12.00 Audio output in many Zenith Trans-Oceanic radios;
4AU4; 4AV6@$5.20; 4BU8@$4.60; 4BZ6@6.00; 4BZ7@$4.00; 4CS6@$5.50; 4DE6@$6.00; 4EH7@$5.00; 4EJ7@$5.00; 4EW6@$4.60; 4GK5@$6.00; 4GS7@$7.40; 4GZ5@$9.50; 4HA5/PC900@$5.70; 4HA7/4HC7@$7.00; 4HS8@$3.00; 4JC6@$7.90; 4JH6@$7.90; 4KE8@$5.90; 4KT6@$7.00; 4LU6@$5.90;
5AN8@$4.60; 5AQ5@$7.50; 5AV8@$3.90; 5AW4@$5.00;
[1]5AZ4@$6.00; 5AZ4 Loctal tube has exact same specifications as 5Y3GT Octal tube
5B8@$4.80; 5BK7A@$4.00; 5BQ7A@$4.00; 5BT8@$5.70; 5CG8@$7.90; 5CM8@$4.80; 5EU8@$2.00; 5GH8A@$7.90 5GJ7@$7.90; 5GM6@$5.30; 5GS7@$8.00; 5GX7@$5.50; 5J6@4.00; 5KE8@$9.20; 5KZ8@$7.00; 5LJ8@$9.00; [9]5R4GA/GYB/WGB@$12.60; 5T8@$2.00; [19]5U4GB/5931@$16.50; 5U8@$6.00; 5U9/LCF201@$5.80; [2]5V3/5AU4@$7.00; [11]5V4G/GA/GT@$13.95; [8]5V6GT@$4.80; [sold]5Y3G@$18.00; [8]5Y4GA@$16.50; [1]5Z3@$11.00
[sold]5X4G 5X4G has exact same specifications as 5U4G except different pin-out
[sold] SST100 Solid State rectifier replaces 5AR4/5AS4A/5AT4/5AU4/5AW4/5AX4/5AZ4/5CG4/5T4/5U4GB/5V4GA/5W4GT/5Y3GT/5Z4GT;
[disc] SST200 Solid State rectifier replaces 5X4GA/5Y4GT/6AX5GT/6W5G/6X5GT/6ZY5GT/0Z4G;
6A8@$9.00; 6AB4@$7.20; 6AB8/ECL80@$4.00; 6AC7@$7.00; 6AC10@$9.00; 6AD10@$13.00; 6AF3@$4.80; 6AF4A/6DZ4@$6.00; 6AF11@$8.00; 6AG5@$4.00; 6AG7@$11.00; 6AG9@$12.50; 6AH4@$5.50; 6AH6/6485@$7.50; 6AH9@$9.00; 6AK5@$6.00; 6AK6@$6.20; 6AL3/EY88@$9.80; 6AL5@$4.00; 6AL11@$8.00; 6AM6@$8.40; 6AM8A@$9.50; 6AN4@$7.20; 6AN8A@$10.50; 6AQ5A/6HG5/6005@$8.60; 6AQ6@$4.00; 6AQ7GT@$4.50; 6AQ8@$10.00; 6AR5@$12.00; 6AR11@$5.90; 6AS5@$3.90; 6AS6@$5.90; 6AS7G@$20.00; 6AS8@5.90; 6AS11@$6.60; 6AT6@$3.90; 6AT8A@$5.80; 6AU4GTA@$7.00; 6AU5GT@$10.00; 6AU6/A@$7.50; 6AU7@$9.50; 6AU8A@$7.90; 6AV5@$8.00; 6AV6/EBC91@$5.00; 6AW8A@$6.00; 6AX3@$5.30; 6AX4GTB@$6.50; 6AX5GT@$9.00; 6AX8/6KD8/6U8A@$7.90; 6AY3@$6.00; 6AY11@$4.40; 6AZ8@$20.00;
6B10@$7.80; 6BA6@$6.00; 6BA7@$10.00; 6BA8A@$7.10; 6BA11@$8.80; 6BC5/6CE5@$5.00; 6BC6GA; 6BC7@$5/30; 6BC8/6BZ8@$7.80; 6BD5GT@$7.00; 6BD11@$6.80; 6BE3/6BZ3@$8.00; 6BE6@$5.80; 6BF5@$6.00; 6BF6@$3.00; 6BF11@$10.80; 6BG6GA@$10.00; 6BH4A; 6BH6@$6.80; 6BH8@$7.80; 6BH11@$7.80; 6BJ3@$4.80; 6BJ6@$5.95; 6BJ7@$3.00; 6BK4B@$42.00; 6BK5@$2.00; 6BK7B@5.95(out?); 6BL7GTA@$12.50; 6BL8@$6.00; 6BM8@$12.00; 6BN4A@$5.80; 6BN6/6KS6@$7.00; 6BN8@$13.00; 6BN11@$11.80;
[5]6BQ5/EL84 @15.00
6BQ6GTB/6CU6@$6.00; 6BQ7A/6BZ7@$5.00; 6BR8A/6BV8@$7.00; 6BS3A@$8.50; 6BS8@$7.80; 6BV8/6BR8A@$8.00; 6BV11@$10.30; 6BW4@$5.00; 6BW8@$2.80; 6BW11@$10.00; 6BX6@$3.60; 6BY6@$6/00; 6BY8@$4.80; 6BZ3/6BE3@$8.00; 6BZ6@$7.00; 6BZ7/6BQ7A@$5.00; 6BZ8/6BC8@$7.80;
SRW4 Vibratrol solid state rectifier replaces 6BW4 & 12BW4 (Johnson Tube CB's)
6C4@$6.50; 6C6@$15.00; 6C10-os?@16.50 Fender Super Champ; 6CB5A@$8.00; 6CB6A/6CF6@$5.00; 6CD6GA/6CU6@$18.50; 6CE5/6BC5@$5.00; 6CF6/6CB6A@$5.00; 6CG7/6FQ7@$18.90; 6CG8A@$7.50; 6CH3/6CJ3/6DW4@$10.20; 6CH8@6.20; 6CJ3/6CH3/6DW4@$10.40; 6CK3@$8.00; 6CL5@$10.00; 6CL6/6197@$10.00; 6CL6/6677@$10.00; 6CM3@$8.90; 6CM6@$7.40; 6CQ4/6DE4@$5.00; 6CQ8@$5.40; 6CR6@2.80; 6CU6/6BQ6/6CD6GA@$6.00; 6CU8@$4.80; 6CW4/6DS4@$22.00; 6CW5/EL86(CB boost RF output sub for 6BQ5)@14.00; 6CY5@$8.00; 6CZ5(replaces 6973 when you jumper pin 1 to pin 8)@$14.00:
6D4@$10.00; 6DA4@$5.00; 6DC6@$11.90; 6DE4/6CQ4@$5.00; 6DE6@$5.00; 6DE7@$8.40; 6DG6GT/6W6GT@$6.60; 6DJ8/ECC88@$12.00; 6DK6@$5.40; 6DM4/6DA4@$5.00; 6DN7@$10.00; 6DQ5@2$26.00; 6DR7@$11.90; 6DS4/6CW4@$22.00; 6DT5@$5.00; 6DT6A@$4.80; 6DW4/6CJ3/6CH3@$10.40; 6DW5@$8.80; 6DX8@$7.50; 6DZ4/6AF4@$6.00;
6E5@$31.00; 6EA5@$8.00; 6EA7/6EM7@$10.50; 6EA8@$6.00; 6EB5@$7.00; 6EB8/6GN8@$9.00; 6EC4A/EY500@$11.00; 6EH4@$20.00; 6EH5@$5.00; 6EH7/EF183@@5.80; 6EH8@$4.00; 6EJ4A@$58.50; 6EJ7/EF184@$5.90; 6EL4A/6BK4C@$42.00; 6EM5@$13.00; 6EM7/6EA7@$10.50; 6EN4; 6EQ7@$4.30; 6ER5/EC95@$3.00; 6ES5@$1.90; 6ES8/ECC189@$7.35; 6ET7@$3.80; 6EU7@$30.00; 6EU8@$20.00; 6EV5@$11.80; 6EV7[sold-out]; 6EW6@$9.00; 6EW7@$8.00; 6EY5; 6EZ8@$6.00;
6F6@$16.00; 6F8G@$15.00; 6FD7@$5.80; 6FH5@$5.80; 6FJ7@$4.80; 6FM7@$6.40; 6FM8@$3.80; 6FQ5/6GK5@$9.80; 6FQ7/6CG7@$18.90; 6FV6@$3.80;6FW5@$5.00; 6FY5/EC97@$4.60; 6FY7@$3.00;
6GB5/EL500@$10.00; 6GC5@$5.80; 6GE5@12.00; 6GF5@5.00; 6GF7A@$10.20; 6GH8A@$4.00; 6GJ5A@$17.80; 6GJ7/ECF801@$7.10; 6GK5/6FQ5A@$9.80; 6GK6@$12.50; 6GL7@$22.50; 6GM5@$37.50; 6GM6@$6.50; 6GN8/6EB8@$9.00; 6GQ7@$6.00; 6GS7@$7.40; 6GT5A@$33.00; 6GU5@$5.50; 6GU7@$7.50; 6GV5@$7.30; 6GV8/ECL85@$5.70; 6GW8/ECL86@$12.50; 6GX6/6GY6@$6.20; 6GX7@$6.00; 6GY5@$9.00; 6GY6/6GX6@$6.20; 6GY8@$5.80; 6GZ5@$18.00;
6H6@$3.50; 6HA5/6HM5@$8.40; 6HG5/6AQ5A/EL90@$8.60; 6HM5/6HA5@$8.40; 6HS5@$15.00; 6HZ5/6JH5/6JD5@$16.00; 6HZ8@$4.20;
6J5@$10.20; 6J5WGT@$18.00; 6J6A@$$5.00; 6J7GT@$10.00; 6J10/6Z10@$13.60; 6JD5/6JH5/6HZ5@$16.00; 6JH5/6HZ5/6JD5@$20.70; 6JK8@$5.70; 6JZ6@$18.00; 6JZ8@$10.80;
6K6GT@$8.00; 6K7@$6.50; 6K11/6Q11@$10.50; 6KA8@$8.00; 6KD8/6AX8/6U8A@$7.90; 6KM8@$4.30; 6KR8@$8.60; 6KS6/6BN6@$7.00; 6KT6@$6.80; 6KT8@$9.20; 6KV8@$7.40; 6KY8A@$14.00; 6KZ8@$6.60;
6LB8@$6.60; 6LC8@$5.60; 6LE8@$9.60; 6LF8@$9.50; 6LJ6/6LH6@$13.50; 6LJ8@$8.00; 6LM8A@$8.80; 6LN8@$6.50; 6LQ8@$6.50; 6LR8@$11.80; 6LU8@$11.00; 6LX8@$5.40; 6LY8@$6.00;
6MB8@$7.60; 6MD8@$12.00; 6ME8@$8.50; 6MG8@$6.80; 6MJ8@$7.50; 6MK8A@$8.60; 6ML8@$15.20; 6MN8@$8.60; 6MQ8@$9.00; 6MU8@$13.00;
6S4@$6.50; 6S5; (5)6SA7GT@$4.40; (1)6SC7@$11.00; (2)6SF5@$7.00; (2)6SH7@$5.00; (1)6SJ7GT@$8.00; (2)6SK7@$7.80; [23]6SN7GT@$11.80; (1)6SR7@$6.80; (1)6ST7@$4.80;
6T8A/EABC80@$5.40; 6T9@$5.00; 6T10@$10.00;
6U5@$30.00; 6U8/6AX8/6KD8@$7.90; 6U9/ECF201@$4.00;
6V3A@$4.80; 6V6@$11.00;
6W4GT@$5.60; 6W6GT/6DG6GT@6.60;
6X4/6202@$8.95; 6X4 is 7 pin miniature electrically equal to 6X5GT; could substitute by building Octal Plug to 7-pin Socket Adapter
6X5GT@$9.00 octal rectifier tube in 1940-1955 (6 Volt positive ground FoMoCo (Ford/Motorola) car radios
7A4; 7A5; 7A7; 7A8; 7AF7; 7AU7; 7B4; 7B5; 7B6; 7B8; 7C5; [2]7C7@$10.00; 7DJ8/PCC88; 7EY6; 7F7; 7G7; 7GF7A; 7GS7; 7HG8/PCF86; 7K7; 7N7; 7Q7; 7R7; 7V7; 7X7;
8AL9; 8AR11; 8AU7; 8AU8; 8AW8A; 8B10; 8BA8A; 8BA11; 8BH8; 8BM11; 8BN8; 8BQ5; 8BQ11; 8BU11; 8CM7; 8CN7; 8CS7; 8CW5; 8CX8; 8EB8/8GN8; 8EM5; 8ET7; 8FQ7; 8FX6; 8GJ7/PCF801; 8GN8/8EB8; 8GU7; 8JU8A; 8JV8; 8KA8; 8LC8; 8LT8;
9A8/PCF80; 9AH9; 9AQ8; 9BR7; 9CL8; 9GH8A; 9GV8/XCL85; 9KX6; 9KZ8; 9MN8; 9JW8; 9U8A;
10AL11; 10BQ5; 10C8; 10CW5/LL86; 10DE7; 10DX8/LCL84; 10EB8/10GN8; 10EG7; 10EW7; 10GF7A; 10GK6; 10GN8/10EB8; 10GV8/LCL85; 10HF6; 10JA8; 10JY8; 10KU8; 10KR8; 10LB8; 10LD6/LL802; 10LE8;
11AF9; 11AR11; 11BM8/LCL82; 11BQ11; 11CA11; 11CH11; 11CY7; 11FY7; 11HM7; 11JE8; 11KV8; 11LT8; 11LY6; 11MS8; 11Y9;
12A6@$4.00; 12A8GT@$4.50; 12AB4@$10.00; 12AB5@$6.90; 12AC8; 12AC10A@$9.50; 12AE6A@$5.00; 12AE7@$7.40; 12AF3/12BR3/12RK19@$4.60; 12AF6@$3.00; 12AH7GT@$4.60; 12AJ6@$2.00; 12AL5@$5.00; 12AL8@$3.50; 12AL11@$7.15; 12AQ5@$5.25; 12AT6@$5.00; 12AU6@$5.60;
12AU7/A/ECC82/5963@$10.90; 12AT7@$11.00; 12AX7/A/7025A/ECC83@$11.00;
12AU7, 12AT7, and 12AX7 are similar dual triode tubes; 12AU7=lower gain, 12AT7=medium gain, 12AX7=highest gain
12AV5GA@4.00; 12AV6@$6.60; 12AV7@$11.00; 12AW6@$3.00; 12AX3@$4.50; 12AX4GTB@$8.00; 12AY3@$7.00;
12B4/A@$7.00; 12B7/14A7; 12BA6/HF93@$6.80, 12BE3@$5.50; 12BE6@$7.80; 12BF6@$4.00; 12BF11@$13.00; 12BH7/A@$21.00; 12BK5@$2.50; 12BL6@$3.00; 12BQ6/12CU6@$4.00; 12BR3/12AF3/12RK19@$6.50; 12BR7@$8.50; 12BS3/A@$7.00; 12BT3@$4.80; 12BT6@$6.00; 12BV7/12BY7/12DQ7@$19.00; 12BW4@$5.20; SRW4 Vibratrol solid state rectifier replaces 12BW4 & 6BW4 (Johnson Tube CB's); 12BY7/A/12DQ7/12BV7@$19.00; 12BZ7@$9.00;
12C5/12CU5@$5.00; 12CA5@$4.00; 12CL3@$6.20; 12CN5@2.00; 12CR6@$6.50; 12CT3@$13.50; 12CT8@$7.50; 12CU6/12BQ6@$4.00; 12CU5/12C5@$5.00; 12CX6@$2.00;
12D4/A@$2.20; 12DB5@$6.00; 12DK7@$4.00; 12DL8@$4.00; 12DQ7/12BV7/12BY7@$19.00; 12DS7@$7.00; 12DT5@$6.00; 12DT8@$9.00; 12DU7@$2.50; 12DV7@$4.00; 12DW8@$4.80; 12DY8@$6.50; 12DZ6@$2.50;
12EC8@$3.00; 12ED5@$4.80; 12EG6@$2.50; 12EL6@$3.00; 12EZ6@$2.50;
12F8@$3.00; 12FK6@$2.00; 12FM6@$2.00; 12FQ8; 12FX5@$5.50; 12FX8@$4.60;
12GC6@$5.40; 12GE5@$11.40;
12H6@$5.40; 12HE7@$6.00; 12HG7@$11.00; 12HL7@$11.50;
12J5GT@$4.00; 12J8@$3.00; 12JF5@$31.50; 12JQ6@$12.50;
12MD8@$12.00; 12Q7G@$5.40; 12R5@$2.00; 12RK19/12AF3/12BR3@$6.50;
12SA7/GT@$7.90; 12SF5G/GT@$6.00; 12SF7@$6.90; 12SG7@$7.00; 12SH7@$7.40; 12SJ7@$4.50; 12SK7/GT@$9.00; 12SL7GT@$6.50; 12SN7GT@$7.30; 12SQ7@$11.00;
12T10@$12.00; 12U7@$7.50;
12X4@$5.90 miniature rectifier with similar specifications to Octal 12X5GT
12X5GT octal rectifier in 1956-1960 FoMoCo (Ford/Motorola) car radios;
13DE7; 13DR7; 13EM7/15EA7; 13FD7; 13FM7/15FM7; 13GB5; 13GF7/A; 13J10/13Z10; 13V10; 13Z10/13J10;
14A7/12B7-os?; 14AF7; 14B6; 14BL11; 14BR11; 14C7; 14E6; 14F7; 14F8; 14J7; 14N7; 14R7;
15AF11; 15BD11/A; 15DQ8; 15EA7/13EM7; 15FM7/13FM7; 15KY8/A;
16A8; 16AQ3/XY88; 16BS6; 16BX11; 16GY5; 16KU8/A;
17AB10/17X10; 17AX3; 17AX4GT; 17AY3A/17BS3/A; 17BE3/17BZ3; 17BS3/17AY3/A; 17BZ3/17BE3; 17C5/17CU5; 17C9; 17CT3; 17CU5/17C5; 17D4; 17DE4; 17DQ6B/17GW6; 17EW8; 17GJ5/A; 17GT5; 17GV5; 17GW6/17DQ6B; 17JQ6; 17JZ8; 17LD8; 17X10/17AB10;
18CB5/LL500; 18FW6/A; 18GB5;
19AU4GT/A; 19BG6G/A; 19CG3; 19CL8/A/19JN8; 19EA8; 19JN8/19CL8/A; [sold]19T8@10.00;
20AQ3; 20EZ7;
21GY5; 21HB5; 21JZ6; 21LR8; 21LU8;
22BH3/A; 22DE4; 22JR8;
25AX4GT; 25BQ6GTB; 25C5@$8.50; 25CA5; 25CG3; 25DN6; 25EC6; 25EH5; 25L6GT@$8.50; 25Z6GT@$6.50;
34CE3; 34R3;
35A5@$8.00; 35C5@5.20; 35W4@$6.50; 35Y4@$5.50; [3]35Z3@$6.80; 35Z4GT@$4.80; 35Z5GT@8.40;
38HE7; 38HK7;
50A1 (=D5TF20) ballast tube in some Zenith Trans-Oceanic radios; (KensElectronics.com doesn't have). Can't be checked with tube tester; use ohmmeter to check continuity (pin 2 to pin 7). The 50A1 compensated for varying power line voltages so Trans-Oceanic radios could operate at 90 to 125 Volts. If your 50A1 is open--install a 1K to 1.3K 10 to 25 Watt resistor in place of the ballast tube.
50A5@$5.00; 50B5@$4.90; [2]50C5@$8.00; 50HK6@$5.--; 50L6GT@$12.00; 50X6@$5.90;
117L7/117M7GT@$9.00; 117N7GT@$9.90; 117Z3@$8.50; 117Z6GT@$9.00;

*TECH TIP for "All American Five" radios 1945 to 1960 using 35W4=miniature or 35Z5=octal rectifier tubes had a tap on the rectifier tube filament to power the #47 dial light. If the dial light burns out--replace it immediately to prevent the rectifier tube from burning out soon!
(octal) tubes in 1940's radios: 35Z5=rectifier, 12SA7=converter (oscillator/mixer), 12SK7=IF, 12SQ7=det/1st audio 50L6=audio output.
(miniature) tubes in 1950's radios: 35W4=rectifier, 12BE6=converter (oscillator/mixer), 12BA6=IF, 12AV6=det/ist audio, 50C5=audio output.

*European N.O.S. numbers available (see american number for prices)
DY87/1S2/A; EABC80/6T8/A; EBC91/6AV6; EC95/6ER5; EC97/6FY5; ECC81/12AT7; ECC82/12AU7/A; ECC84/12AX7/A; ECC86/6GM8; ECC88/6DJ8; ECC189/6ES8; ECF201/6U9; ECF801/6GJ7; ECL80/6AB8; ECL82/6BM8; ECL85/6GV8; ECL86/6GW8; EF86/6267-sold; EF183/6EH7; EF184/6EJ7; EL34/6CA7; EL84/6BQ5; EL500/6GB5; EL509/EL519/6KG6/A=out; EM84/6FG6; EY88/6AL3; EY500/6EC4/A; EZ81/6CA4; HF93/12BA6; LCF201/5U9; LCL82/11BM8; LCL84/10DX8; LCL85/10GV8; LL86/10CW5; LL500/18CB5; LL802/10LD6; PC900/4HA5; PCF80/9A8; PCF86/7HG8; PCF801/8GJ7; PL500/27GB5; PL509/PL519/40KG6/A; XC95/2ER5; XC97/2FY5; XCL85/9GV8; XY88/16AQ3; YC95/3ER5;

*Ancient, Industrial, Military, & Transmitting "numbered" N.O.S. tubes in stock
2E26; 3B25; 3B28; 19; 24A; 27; 41; 42; 45; 56; 72; 78; 80(can use 5Y3 +socket adapt); 85; VR105/0C3; VR150/0D3; 807; 829B; 866A; 927; FM1000; 1299; 1612; 1625; 1626; 1629; 5642; 5651/A; 5654; CK5670; 5686=$16.00; 5687; 5693; 5725; 5726; 5749/6BA6; 5750/6BE6; 5763@10.00; 5842; 5879; 5894A; 5931/5U4GB; 5933(used); 6012; 6072; 6080/WA; 6136; [8]6146B/8298A@$32.50; 6197/6CL6; 6202/6X4; 6211; 6267/EF86-sold; 6336A(2)RCA@50.00; 6360; 6414; CK6485; 6485/6AH6; 6550(similar-6L6GC); 6677/6CL6; 6688/A; CK6688; 6883(1); CK6922; 6939; 6973 (use 6CZ5--add jumper pin 1 to pin 8); 7025A/12AX7/A@11.00; 7054/8077@7.20; 7059; 7060; 7061@8.00; 7167; (7189/A is industrial version of 6BQ5) 7271; 7586; 7587; 7687; 7695; 7701; 7788; 7905; 8042; 8077/7054@7.20; 8106; 8156; 8298A(see 6146B); 8393; 8408; 8417(BlackCat)-use6L6GC; 8463; 8509; 9001;

click for TUBE SUBSTITUTION IDEAS for former "CB Linears" now owned by licensed ham radio operators

*"TV Sweep" tubes for CB Linears & Ham Finals (Most Numbers not shown are sold/out) New--NOS inventory May 2001
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

Tube Sockets available
printed circuit solder style 7 pin miniature tube socket ($2.50)
CM9MTS Cinch =GC CALECTRO F2-962 molded 9 pin miniature (Noval) chassis mount tube socket 6BQ5, 12AX7, ECLL800 ($3.90)
481A4 Cinch (=B9E) =GC16-612 =S-35-C =HS4 molded 9 pin Novar (.039" pins) 6JE6, 6JG6, 6LQ6, 6CJ3, 7868 etc chassis mount socket (Out of Stock)
481A4 fits 1-1/8" hole, 1-1/2" hole centers
Magnoval tubes (EL509 & EL519) having larger (.049") pins can be forced into Novar sockets, those sockets can't be used with Novar tubes afterward
12CS-312 molded 12 pin Duodecar Compactron (1" hole, 1-1/2" mount centers) chassis mount socket 6C10, 6GE5, 6JS6C, 6LF6, 6KD6, 6T9, 8950 ($5.00)
Spring Clip style Plate Caps fit 6JE6C/6LQ6/etc horizontal sweep tubes $1.00
GC-8334-C Small Brown Phenolic 1/4" Plate Caps for HV Rectifier & Horizontal Sweep tubes $2.50
Large Brown Phenolic 3/8" Plate Caps for HV Rectifier & Horizontal Sweep tubes $2.50
Plate CapCM9MTS 9-pin socketCM7MTS 7-pin socket 481A4 Novar socket12CS-312 Compactron Socket
Octal 8-pin, Large 4-pin, Large 5-pin, Large 6-pin, Large 7-pin, see the power cords page

Soft Start-Up Improvement (extend life of 1 Volt tubes in Zenith Trans-Oceanic Radios): add (NTE 02-N101-1) 100 ohm NTC varistors in series on both sides of AC power cord.
this "Soft Start-Up" modification is also reccommended for other "Transformerless All American Five" AC/DC radios.
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