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Bulk Coax Cable & Wire
Video & RF Connectors & Adaptors

Free To Air Satelite Direct to Home systems lifetime FREE Christian TV reception
GCSTV Glorystar Christian Satelite TeleVision Free-To-Air system with install kit for IA5 $239 +tax
AV90 Thirty Six Inch Satelite Dish with mount hardware $99.99 +tax
DSR200C GeoSatPro Free-To-Air Digital Satelite Receiver $139.99 +tax
DSLP Dual Satelite LNBF Upgrade Package: two LNBF's, Bracket, 22kHz Switch (IA5 +AMC4) 49.99 +tax
FIRC-HH Spare Fortec Hand-Held Infra-Red Remote Control $29 +tax
TIRC-HH Spare/Extra Topfield Hand-Held InfraRed Remote Control $30 +tax
LNBF-SL1 Bullet Style Horizontal/Vertical LNBF for Free to Air reception $25 +tax
INSTL-Kit Installation Kit wire etc for small satelite dishes $25.00 +tax

Christian Broadcasters on Galaxy 19 (KU) Satelite 97W (since January 2012) 197/39
This satelite location formerly known as AMC5 (KU); Telstar 5 [T5] (KU); Intelsat America 5 [IA5] (KU); Galaxy 25 [G25] (KU):
*Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN, 3ABN Proclaim, 3ABN Dare To Dream, 3ABN Latino)
*Loma Linda University Broadcasting Network (LLBN, Smart Life TV, LLBN Arabic, LLBN Chinese)
*Hope Channel (Hope Channel, Hope Church Channel, Esperanza TV)
Amazing Facts TV
Amazing Discoveries
News Channels: Russia TV international news, CNC World News, Press TV, Telesur (Spanish News)
Radio Stations: 3ABN English Radio, 3ABN Latino Radio, Life Talk Radio, Radio 74
*Trinity Broadcasting Network
*Miracle Channel
*The Church Channel (TBN)
*Alkarma TV (Arabic non-denominational)
*TBN Enlace (Espanol)
*Gods Learning Channel (Hebraic Roots)
*The Old Path (Church of God International)
*The New Life Channel (Russian)
*The Word Network
*Aramaic Broadcasting Network International
*Global Christian Network (Korean?)
*Smile of a Child (TBN)
*TBN Russia
*CGN TV (Korean?)
*Rodnoy TV (Russian)
*Emmanuel TV (Duetsch)
*Kingdom of Jesus Christ
*Korean Christian Broadcasting

Stuff USED for Dish Network and Direct TV
SW21 22kHz Switch to control signals from two LNBF's $20
SAS-A50D Circular Polarity LNB (D-shape 1-1/8 x 1-7/8") Dish Network & Direct TV $18
CP-LNB-Rect Circular Polarity LNB (Rectangle 3/4 x 1-3/4") Dish Network & Direct TV $30
DO-LNB-D Dual Output Circular Polarity D-Mount LNB for Dish/Direct $35
DO-LNB-R Dual Output Circular Polarity Rectangle-Mount LNB for Dish/Direct $35
DHIRC-HH Direct TV Hughes InfraRed Hand-Held Remote Control $30
DRIRC-HH Direct TV RCA SystemLink4+ InfraRed HandHeld Remote Control $25
18-20 Dish with J Pole mount foot/leg; for single circular polarity LNBF $50
MFJP-18 Mount Foot with 18" x 1-5/8" J-Pole for Dish Network 300/500 & Direct TV satelite dish $24,00
Mount Hardware: Mast Tripods Tower
6x158 Six Ft 1-5/8" Mast for mounting Small Satelite Dishs $22,50
CM9075 Ground Stake 4ft long rod $6,89
6Fx12 Ground Stake 6ft long rod $8,98
142 Lag screws 2 inch by inch (100/bag) each $0,39
15-826 U-Bolt Quarter-inch 1-3/4" centers, 3-1/4" length, antenna-mast clamp $2,76
NPM-2CB non-penetrating mount for DISH & DIRECT use 2 cement blocks $46.00
DMBT-2 DISH Mounting Bracket for Rohn & PI Towers $24.00
709 Tripod 3 ft rivet feet for peak of roof
711 Tripod 5 ft rivet feet for peak of roof
712 Tripod 10 ft ladder style for peak of roof
NPM-2CB DISH mountDMBT-2 Dish Bracket709 Tripod 3-Ft711 Tripod 5-Ft712 Tripod 10-Ft
Ground Blocks for Coax Cable, Signal Combiners & Splitters
GRB-1 =PHFC55 single coax ground block lightning surge protector $1,68
GRB-2 =PHFC25 dual coaxial ground block lightning surge protector $2,37
TDSM-2150 Satelite & TV splitter 40-2150Mhz
CR75-705 Satellite & OTA-TV Diplexer Signal Combiner/Splitter $14,85
32-3031 Chan 3 signal combiner add VCR/Satelite signal to antenna wiring $18,72
32-3041 Channel 4 signal combiner add VCR/Satelite signal to antenna wiring $18,72
SC-3 TV Channel 3 signal combiner $17.22
SC-4 TV Channel 4 signal combiner $17.22
UCM-8 RF modulator: DVD or VCR Audio & Video to TV Channel 19 (retunable 14-32) $25.00
55-798 Flat Wire feed RG6 thru Window or patio door $4,89
UCM-8 Modulator55-798 flat window wireCoax Jumper
Antenna Selector Coaxial Switch
AB-4 Pushbutton High Isolation Two Position Coax Switch $11,52
ACS-8 High Isolation Premium quality Two position Coax Switch $10.50
Connectors, Wall Plates, Satelite Finder Meter
CC-7B nail-in cable clips 7MM for RG6 cable
CT50B black 7" cable ties$0.25/ea$19.71/C
ST-1P Remove & Install wrench for F connector $7,35
75-608 Twist-on F56 connector plug $1,00
F81 barrel connectors $0,84
KDF1 Push Fit F quick disconnect adaptor $1,64
FC306 Compression F connector for RG6 coax 4/pak $6,54
BP-1 Blank Wall Plate with 3/8" hole $0,90
PH-TV45 Ivory Wall plate with two F81 connectors $3,00
CR75-728 Satellite .950-2.3GHz Signal Finder Meter + audio tone $27.00
CR75-729 LED Indicator Satellite .950-2.3GHz Signal Finder Meter $37.00
Consumer-Owned Satellite Dishes & other Antennas FCC "OTARD" RULES
FCC rules prohibit local governments, landlords, community associations etc. from unreasonably restricting a resident wanting to install and use an antenna under the OTARD rules. These rules apply to property areas that the antenna user owns, leases or rents and has exclusive use or control. The following antennas or dishes are covered by OTARD rules:
* a "dish" antenna one meter (39.37 inches) or less in diameter
* commercially-available analog and digital television antennas
Antennas covered by the rule can be mounted on "masts" to reach the height needed to receive or transmit an acceptable quality signal (maintain line-of-sight contact with the transmitter or view the satellite). Masts higher than 12 feet above the roofline may be subject to local permitting requirements for safety purposes. Reasonable restrictions to prevent damage to leased property are permissible; example: a lease restriction forbidding drilling holes through the roof.
Fixed Wireless Antennas that Receive and Transmit voice and data services ... it is permissible (for landlords) to require that fixed wireless providers have their equipment professionally installed.
For more information. see the fcc website: Federal Communications Commission, Consumer Affairs Bureau, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554, 1-888-CALL-FCC
Satellite TV information:
Big Dish: actuating arms on these ancient systems used 24VDC @2 Amps supplied by the receiver; the polarity determed the direction of rotation with a pulse counter for sensing the position.
Direct TV: programs on three satelites: locations 101, 110, and 119 degrees. Oval dish with three LNB's. (SW Michigan: 218 degrees Azimuth, 36 degrees elevation, skew (tilt) of 65 degrees. Main advantage of Direct TV over Dish Network is availability of NFL Football.
Dish Network: has had programs on two satelites: (110 and 119 degrees) for several years. Oval dish with two LNB's. SW Michigan: 223 degrees Azimuth (Compass Direction), 33 degree elevation (Upward Aim), skew (tilt) of 118 degrees. The 60 channel basic package and most "local" channels are on the 119 satellite with some premium channels on the 110 satellite. Dish network now also uses a third satellite at 129 degrees.
SW21 can be used to combine signals from two dishes such as one on 61.5 degrees plus a Dish 500 with 110 & 119 LNBF's together to one receiver; or two LNBF's on one older Dish etc. Channel Guide available on "turned off" receivers is useful to confirm that a dish is aimed properly to get a signal from at least one satellite.
Foreign Language Broadcasts: some are transmitted from Echostar III at 61.5 degrees West Longitude. (SW Michigan: 150 degrees Azimuth, 37 degrees elevation). Customer buys small 18 to 21" (Dish Network or Direct TV) dish with single Circular Polarity LNB and Dish Network receiver +pays for installation +Dish Network subscription. To confirm that dish is aimed properly: select channel 9902 with remote. 3ABN has been "free" (Since Sept 2007) on channel 9710 for anyone having a working Dish Network receiver connected to a small dish aimed at Echostar III. Channel 576 (Zeesa) & the Menu/information also operate without any subscription; these "free services" allow you to aim/install equipment.
Sky Latino (Spanish) and Arab and Asian programs available by subscription to Dish Network using small dish with circular polarity LNB.
Free-to-Air programs available on this satelite require 1-Meter (3-ft) dish with Linear Polarity (Horizontal/Vertical) LNB.
Globecast: Free to Air signals from AMC-4 satelite; 36 to 70 inch dish. (See Three Angels Broadcasting Network settings).
LNB or LNBF notes: LNB's for Direct TV and Dish Network use circular (CW or CCW) polarization. Therefore--a LNB for Direct TV works for Dish Network & vice versa) assuming that mounting is compatible. International broadcasts such as Globecast & 3ABN use linear LNBF's (horizontal=18V; vertical=13V) which switch polarity by the voltage powering them.
RV Satelite systems (for Direct TV) sold by RV dealers (about $1500) have a "low speed data" (DB9 or other style) connector to control the automatic positioner to aim the dish. New receivers sold for home use do not have the connector for the dish positioner.
Sky Angel: www.skyangel.com/about/faq Sky Angel switched the satelite broadcasts off on April 1, 2008 and went exclusively IPTV (Internet Protocal TeleVision) which requires high speed internet access. (1.5mbps speed reccommended). Three channels (Angel One, Angel Two, KTV) formerly on Sky Angel are available to Dish Network Satelite TV subscribers.
3ABN has been "free" (since Sept '07) channel 9710) to people with Dish Network equipment properly aimed at either the 61.5 or 129 satelites.
Three Angels Broadcasting Network www.3abn.org & HOPE TV www.hopetv.org signals from AMC-4 (formerly GE-4) at 101 degrees. (SW Michigan: 201 degrees Azimuth, 39 degrees elevation). Systems purchased from 3ABN ($199) includes Topfield TF3000Fi Free To Air receiver & 32" x 36" dish; preprogrammed for free reception of 7 TV + 4 radio channels (3ABN English & Latino; Hope/ACN/ATN; Loma Linda Broadcasting). "INFO" button on remote gets yellow signal strength indicator on screen for aiming dish Professional installation about 2-1/2 hours aproximately $125-150; about 5 to 8 hours for capable first-time do-it-yourselfer.
Voom: a subscription service with about 50 channels of High Definition programming on EchoStar III position 61.5 degrees (see also: Foreign Language Broadcasts); requires Linear (Horizontal/Vertical Polarity) LNB.

Losing reception during a rain or snow storm: Several factors affect reception: 1 Clouds block signals which makes the signal weaker before it gets to your dish.
2: Rain or snow on the dish makes the dish not focus the signals to the LNB very well. Spray Pam or other non stick cooking spray on the dish to reduce the amount of snow or number of raindrops sticking to the dish, so the dish doesn't loose as much of its gain.
3. Focus/Aim of your dish: connect your receiver to a portable TV outdoors near your dish. Use the remote control to access the "signal" indicator on-screen. "Flex" the dish slightly up/down and side-to-side; this will help you determine whether the aim is "peaked" as well as it possibly can be (not just focused "good enough" to work during clear weather!)

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