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Datak/Philmore Electronic Kits to build
Note: "special order" kits usually have one to three week delivery time availability
[special order] PH80-005 Stairway to Heaven Game Kit $21.72
[special order] PH80-007 Stereo RIAA Equalizer Preamp Kit $14.34
[special order] PH80-010 Three Digit Counter Module Kit $37.24
[special order] PH80-012 Two-LED Flasher Kit $9.52
[special order] PH80-013 Infrared Beam Door Minder Kit $36.12
[special order] PH80-020 LCD Celsius Temperature Meter Kit $51.38
[special order] PH80-030 LED Dice Kit with Slow-Down $21.76
[special order] PH80-035 PLL Experimenter Kit $50.14
[special order] PH80-040 Dual Regulated Power Supply (5VDC +Variable) $23.86
[special order] PH80-043 PC Board Mounted Relay Kit $13.96
[special order] PH12-605 Datak two/pak blank relay circuit boards $4.18
[special order] PH80-045 RF Mar-6 Amplifier Kit $21.48
[special order] PH80-050 Stereo 22-Watt/Channel TDA1554 Power Amp Kit $46.90
[special order] PH80-055 PLL FM Stereo Transmitter Kit $107.40
[special order] PH80-057 PLL Stereo FM Transmitter Kit $163.26
[special order] PH80-060 Stereo FM Transmitter 9V Kit $79.68
[special order] PH80-065 Wireless Mike FM Transmitter 9V Kit $18.68
[special order] PH80-070 FM Transmitter 3-Volt Kit $14.24
[special order] PH80-075 Stereo Tone/Balance/Volume Preamp Kit $41.06
[special order] PH80-077 DC Electric Motor Kit $19.46
[special order] PH80-080 Light Alarm Kit $17.60
[special order] PH80-088 Stereo 10-Watt/Channel TDA2009 Audio Amp Kit $30.50
[special order] PH80-090 Oscillator Building Block Kit $15.24
[special order] PH80-100 Touch or Contact Switch Kit $13.96
[special order] PH80-103 Photo Sensor Kit with Control Relay $12.18
[special order] PH80-105 Robotic/Male/Female Voice Changer Kit $19.08
[special order] PH80-106 Sound Effects Generator Kit $10.50
[special order] PH80-111 Square Wave Audio Oscillator Kit $21.72
[special order] PH80-124 Positive Adjustable Power Supply Module Kit $24.74
[special order] PH80-126 Mini-VOX Sound Activated Relay-Switch $22.28
[special order] PH80-129 Four Digit Up/Down Counter Kit $43.42
[special order] PH80-130 VOX Sound Activated Switch for cassette recorder $20.64
[special order] PH80-137 Touch Switch with Relay Kit $15.24
[special order] PH80-140 110VAC Strobe Light Kit $45.18
[special order] PH80-141 Multi-Mode Programmable-IC Timer Kit $41.06
[special order] PH80-146 Forty Second Message Recorder Kit $58.58
[special order] PH80-160 Parasitic FM Telephone Transmitter Kit $15.24
[special order] PH80-162 Xenon 6-Volt Flasher Kit 36.36
[special order] PH80-170 Audio LM386 Amplifier Kit $18.76
[special order] PH80-200 Ultrasonic Movement Detector Kit $46.24
[special order] PH80-210 Two Station wired LM386 Intercom Kit $31.18
[special order] PH80-230 OpAmp Function Generator Kit $16.14
[special order] PH80-240 Logic Probe Kit $17.20
[special order] PH80-260 Fiber Optic Audio Link Kit $82.48
[special order] PH80-270 One Watt Audio Amplifier Kit $15.36
[special order] PH80-272 Big Ear (Electret Mic) Amplifier Kit $15.42
[special order] PH80-280 Sound Activated FM Transmitter Kit $19.94
[special order] PH80-290 Electronic Combination Lock Kit $22.78
[special order] PH80-300 PIR Movement Detector Kit $49.22
[special order] PH80-310 Nine-Volt Siren Kit $15.24
[special order] PH80-320 Two Stage 9V FM Wireless Microphone Kit $14.24
[special order] PH80-340 LCD 3-1/2 Digit Panel Meter Kit $41.18
PH80-525 Sequential 5-LED Flasher kit $15.24
[special order] PH80-570 ION Generator Kit $25.82
[special order] PH80-580 Infrared Toggle (Relay) Switch Kit $30.50
[special order] PH80-600 78xx Regulated Power Supply Kit $15.24
PH80-630 AM radio Kit; 9V, ZN414 IC, Audio IC, speaker $28.16
[special order] PH80-670 DC Motor Speed PWM Control Kit $40.06
[special order] PH80-680 Basic Variable Power Supply Kit $18.28
[special order] PH80-700 Battery Voltage Monitor Circuit Kit $14.78
[special order] PH80-710 Programmable Dice Game Kit $38.22
[special order] PH80-790 Three Light/Dark Activated Relay Switches $43.04
[special order] PH80-850 Three Timer Circuits Kit $58.58
[special order] PH80-870 Stereo One Watt/Channel KA2209 Audio Amp Kit $19.94
[special order] PH80-880 Stereo LED Bar-Graph VU Meter Kit $29.04
[special order] PH80-900 Stereo 3-Watt/Channel BA5406 Audio Amp Kit $38.74
[special order] PH80-910 Four Train Sound Effects Chip-On-Board Kit $15.24
[special order] PH80-970 Complete Variable Power Supply Kit $35.86
[special order] PH80-980 Monaural Preamplifier Kit $15.24
[special order] PH80-990 RF BUG Detector/Locator 9V Kit $39.42
[special order] PH80-1105 Mono 17.5W HA13001 Audio Amplifier $26.98
[special order] PH80-1401 PLL 440kHz-185mHz VFO MC145170 Package $150.70
PH-748 High Impedance Crystal Earphone; 7-ft cord $5.52
use PH-748 with 1N34 diode to build signal powered AM Crystal Radio
Prototype Circuit Boards for experimenters & hobbiests
PH-CF3 "Circuit Fix" Adhesive Copper Foil (2) 3-1/4" x 10" repair circuit boards $7.86
12-602 Datak general purpose 1.8" X 3.6" proto-board $5,67
12-607 Datak 1.8" X 3.6" IC proto-board $3,90
12-609 Datak 2/pak 2.56" X 3.23" proto-boards $8,94
12-611 Datak 1.7" X 2.9" general purpose proto-board $3,45
12-616 Datak 1.8" X 3.6" IC proto-board $3,60
12-617 Datak 1.9" X 5.16" IC proto-board $4,56
12-618 Datak 3.9375" X 6.3125" strip proto-board $7,77
PH13-110 Nylon PC Board Mount-Support 1" high $0.34 each 100/$22,14
PH13-120 Nylon PC Board Mount-Support 1/2" high $0.26 each 100/$17,22
PH-ER3 Dry Concentrate Ferric Chloride +water =1-pint $6.10
Solderless Breadboards
PH-RH32 work area 4-1/2 x 6-3/4" accomodates (12)20-pin IC's $31.95
Project Boxes, Enclosures, Chassis & Cabinets
PH12-218 ProtoBox Kit 4.4x2.3x1.1" Aluminum box with protoboard
GC16-158 Plastic box; plastic cover, size similar CR90-784
CR90-784 Plastic 3-1/4x2-1/8x1-1/8" box; aluminum cover $4.10
CR90-785 Plastic 4x2-1/8x1-5/8" box; aluminum cover $4.50
PB145 Plastic box aluminum cover 4.3 x 2.24 x .75" $4.00
PB165 Black ABS plastic box aluminum cover 5 x 1.5 x 1.4" $5.76
CR90-819 Aluminum 5-3/16 x 3-1/8 x 1-3/8" box; alum cover $7.00
CB-3 Plastic 5-7/8 x 3-1/2 x 2-1/16" box; plastic cover
H-2751 Plastic box; aluminum cover, 6-1/4 x 3-3/4 x 2" ($7.90)
PH-PB160 Black ABS Plastic box 4-1/8x2-1/8x1-1/2" aluminum lid $4.58
PH-PB160 metal covered box = size CR90-880 all plastic box
PH-PB150 Black ABS box aluminum cover 4x3x1-1/2" $5.06
PH-PB170 Black ABS box aluminum cover 5-3/4x3-5/16x2" $6.94
PH-PB155 Black ABS box aluminum cover 5-7/8x4x2-3/16" $7.16
PH-PB175 Black ABS box aluminum cover 7x4-4/16x2-3/8" $9.28
PH-PB175 metal covered box = size CR90-883 all plastic box
PH-PB100 Black ABS box plastic lid 3-1/4x2-1/8x1-1/4" $4.24
PH-PB100 all plastic box = size CR90-784 metal covered box
PH-PB110 Black ABS box plastic lid 5-1/8x2-3/4x1-3/4" $4.94
PH-PB120 Black ABS box plastic lid 6-1/4x3-3/4x2-1/8" $6.00
PH-PB120 all plastic box = size CR90-786 metal covered box
PH-PB130 Black ABS box plastic lid 7-3/4x4-3/8x2-3/8" $7.86
CR90-881 Plastic 5-1/8x2-1/2x1-3/4" box; plastic cover $5.10
CR90-882 Plastic 5-7/8x3-1/2x2-1/2" box; plastic cover $6.80
CR90-883 Plastic 7-3/8x4-1/2x2-9/16" box; plastic cover $9.10
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