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Motorola Right Angle Plug Telescoping back-of-set Police Scanner Antennas
DA-SCAN-RA (DA-SCAN-8 fits) white plastic motorola plug =WEP-SCAN-1
WEP-SCAN-1 =AT-156 White Motorola Plug .185 diameter 5-section 6-1/2 to 26" ($7,80)
WEP-SCAN-1 fits R1040, R1050, R1060, R1070, R1075, R1080, R1090, R1099
RI-STRAP-2H Scanner Five-section 9-1/2 to 39" antenna, molded-on Motorola plug $11.90
RI-STRAP-2H fits hole in back of US-built Electra Bearcat & Regency TMR/TME-series etc. police scanner receivers
Telescoping Antennas with BNC plug; for handheld & desktop scanners
W-7000 short gold color swivel-base-loaded telescoping ant adjust-angle BNC plug $13,39
WEP-23 long telescoping center-loaded extended range antenna straight BNC plug $19,26
WS-4 long telescoping antenna with BNC plug $?.??
WEP-SCAN3 telescope .210" dia, 6-1/2 to 22" long, 3MM male sutd +right angle plastic BNC plug $9.12
RI-TEL-19H & RI-TEL-27H fit on right angle plastic BNC plug for Uniden BC855 & BC860
Flexible Rubber BNC antennas; for handheld & desktop scanners
W144-3 short 3 inch rubber high band antenna $9,92
W144-6 rubber 6 inch; comparable to original antennas $10,94
W144-12 rubber extended range 12 inch High band straight BNC antenna $15,84
W270-12 rubber 12 inch extended range High & UHF straight BNC antenna $16,50
HR-12 extended range 15 inch rubber High & UHF straight BNC antenna $17,42
Base and Mobile Police Scanner Antennas
ST-1Kit Antennacraft Outdoor all band base scanner antenna, tri-mount & 50 ft coax
UVS-200 Colinear 8-foot High Band & UHF Band gain base antenna $74,25
UVS-300 Colinear 17-foot High Band & UHF Band gain base antenna $130,50
T-601 discone base antenna transmit 125Mhz to 500+Mhz $57,50
CR75-495 AM/FM Antenna Y-cord for Mobile Police Scanner $5,85
A/S-MON-1 High/UHF 3/8" Roof/Deck hole mount antenna 118-470Mhz 23,50
A/S-MON-2 Quick Grip trunk lid mount antenna for 130-512mhz 32,25
A/S-MON-3 base station ground plane antenna 150-512Mhz 30,95
A/S-MONR-6 cowl or deck mount center load antenna 25-50mHz & 130-174mHz
A/S-MONS-10 AM/FM Cowl Mount (30-50mHz) & (130-174Mhz) antenna
A/S-MONR-12 gutter clamp mount antenna 25-50 & 130-174Mhz$35,25
MON-13 Trunk Lid Mobile Low/High Monitor Antenna
A/S-MONR-16 trunk lid mount gain antenna 130-174mHz
A/S-MON-30 gutter clamp mount antenna 130-174mHz & 450-512mHz 26,50
MONR-31 Gain Base Antenna 25-1000mHz for 1" mast
A/S-MON(R)-32 trunk lid antenna Low/High/UHF bands
A/S-MONR-51 magnet ant 25-50mHz, 130-174mHz & 450-512mHz $74,98
Telescoping Antennas: BoomBoxes, Police Scanners, TV's, Cordless Phone Bases
Antennas with Male Tongue-Blade for Swivel Joint
RI-TEL-3H Five Section; .070" Tongue, 7 to 27.5" long; .205" diameter ($9.10)
RI TEL-3H compatible (swivel up) for Panasonic RF2400
AV-RI-SIM-2H Seven Section .078" Tongue thickness 5-24" long .250 diameter $12,00
SIM-2H compatible (swivel up) Sony ICW-SW7600GR & ZS-H10CP radios
SIM-2H compatible (swivel up) Montgomery Wards GEN1476A AM/FM/SW radio
AV-RI-SIM-3H 8-section .078" Tongue; 7 to 45" long; .285" diameter $13,00
SIM-3H can be used (swivel up) on GE SuperRadio 7-2880 and 7-2885A
SIM-4H Five Section .110" Tongue Thickness 9-3/4 to 41" long .257" Diameter ($7.34)
RI-SIM-5H Six section, .133" Tongue thickness; 9 to 42-1/4" long; .250" diameter $9.00
RI-SIM-7H Four section; .080" Tongue; 9-5/8 to 32" long; .210" diameter $9,99
RI-SIM-7H compatible (swivel up) for Sony 2010 & Realistic DX-392
SIM-11H Six Section .077" Tongue thickness 4 to 16-3/4" long .212" Diameter use TEL-9H
SIM-12H Five Section .080" Tongue thickness 8 to 31.5" long .212" Diameter see SIM-7H
SIM-12H compatible (siwvel up) for GE Superadio's
AT&T-5500-TBA Nine section AT&T 5500 Telephone Base Antenna; 4-1/4 to 24" long $14.98
AT&T-5500-TBA fits 5200, 5500, 5655 Cordless Telephone Base units
Antennas with Female Slot for Swivel-Joint
RI-MIS-1H Six Section, Female Slot; 4-3/4 to 17-1/2" long; .215" diameter ($8.00)
WEP-WMIS-3H =RI-MIS-3H Eight Section; Female Slot; 7 to 45" long; .290" diameter ($9.27)
Telescoping Antennas with female thread at bottom
td>RI-ST-6H Five section .215" dia, 5-1/2 to 20-1/2" 3MM female thread retap 6-32 for Regency
WEP-SCAN-1 VHF Scanner 5-sect .185" dia 6-1/2 to 26" 3MM female thread +motorola plug ($7,80)
RI-W-3H multisection telescoping "universal replacement" CB Walkie Talkie Antenna
WEP-W3H identical specifications to RI-W-1H
Some CB Walkie Talkie Antennas on CB antenna webpage--Walkie Talkie paragraph
RI-ST-2H VHF Scanner 7-section .250" dia 7-1/8 to 42-1/2" long 4MM & 3.5MM female thread ($9,09)
WEP-A3 9-section WT, female 3MM thread; 6-1/4 to 43" long; .330" diameter $9.00
RI-ST-4H 11-section .415" dia, 6-7/8 to 55-1/4" long ant 3MM female thread $11,90
DA-SCAN-6 VHF .220" dia 5-1/2 to 20-5/8" long 6-32 female thread ($9.00)
SCAN-REAL telescope .180" diameter, 6-3/8 to 25-3/4" long; 3MM female thread Realistic "PRO-" scanners $8.80
SCAN-REAL fits Realistic PRO-53, PRO-57, PRO-2010, PRO-2011, PRO-2015, PRO-2021, PRO-2022, PRO-2024, PRO-2032, PRO-2035
Thunder & Air Hogs RC transmitter: replace 2.6MM stud to 3x8MM bolt/nut; use SCAN-REAL
CR75-471 Coil Loaded CB Walkie Talkie Antenna Female 3MM thread, length 7-3/4 to 46-1/2" diameter=.375" ($9.90)
Telescoping Antennas with Male Thread at bottom
AV-RI-ST-1H VHF Police Scanner 5-1/2 to 23" 5-sect .185" hole, 2.5MM male thread + circuit board socket $12,00
RI-ST-1H & RI-ST-3H fit hole in top of US-built Electra Bearcat III & IV, BC210, BC220, BC250 desktop police scanner receivers
RI-ST3H VHF 5-sect .185" 5-3/4 to 23" 2.5MM male stud (similar WEP-SCAN-8) + circuitboard socket see AV-RI-ST-1H
WEP-ST-3H telescoping 5-sect .187" dia 5-3/4 to 23-1/4" with 3MM male stud thread, fits BC-860 BNC adapt (similar WEP-SCAN3) ($9,00)
WEP-ST-3H fits Realistic PRO2028, PRO2030, PRO2034, PRO2050; (PRO2033: increase hole size slightly)
WEP-SCAN-8 VHF Police Scanner telescoping antenna .187 dia 5-3/4 to 23" 2.5MM male stud thread (similar RI-ST-1H & RI-ST-3H)
Antennas with swivel ball mount at bottom
RI-BAL-3H 7-section .310" ball at bottom, length=7to38" diameter=.275" ($6.12)
RI-BAL-4H 7-section .268" ball at bottom, length=7to38" diameter=.270" ($6.12)
JFD-TA406 5-Section, sliding captive .625" ball, length 8-3/4 to 39" diameter .280" ($10.00)
RI-POR-5H collapsed length 8-3/4" with .281" diameter $9.00
RMS-SRA-4 for RCA portable TV's
Antennas to retract into swivel ball mount (ball not included)
BAL-38-5 Countersunk 4MM thread, .280" diameter, 8-3/4 to 38-1/2" long 5 section $8.00
RI-POR-1H Countersunk 4MM thread, .280" diameter, 10-1/2 to 38-1/2" long 4-section $9,00
RMS-RA40-6 Countersunk 4MM thread, .325" diameter, 8 to 40" long 6 section $8.00
Zenith Royal 2000: use (2) RMS-RA40-6 antennas
many "one-of-a-kind" varieties also in stock
Antennas with retractable sliding mount for 46/49mHz Telephone Handsets
RI-TEL-2H 5-section, length=3-1/8to12-3/4" diameter=.180" $8.48
RI-TEL-4H 3-section, length=6-3/4to12-3/4" diameter=.185" $8.48
RI-TEL-8H 4-section, length=4-1/8to13" diameter=.180" $8.48
RI-TEL-15H 6-section, Panasonic righthand thread, max length=10-1/8" diameter=.210" $8.48
RI-TEL-18H 5-section, length=3-1/2to12-1/2" diameter=.205" $8.48
RI-TEL-20H 4-section, length=3-1/2to10-1/4" diameter=.210" $8.48
GN-20 similar to RI-TEL-20H
DA-PHON-21G Gray
DA-PHON-21A Almond (11.70)
RI-TEL-22H 7-section, Panasonic lefthand thread, max length=11-3/8" diameter=.245" $11.28
DA-PHON-24 similar to RI-TEL-22H for Panasonic lefthand thread
GN-29 6-section, GE #=EA82X105, max length=12" diameter=.210"
DA-PHON-30 7-section, max length=12" diameter=.255"
Cordless Phone Antennas with Male Threads at bottom
TEL-17H-EXT telescoping handset aantenna with 3MM male threads at bottom ($11.98)
RI-TEL-17H telescoping 6-section; 3mm thread; 2-3/16" below shoulder; 11-3/8" long; .215" diameter $8.48
DA-PHON-23 telescoping 7-section, 2-1/4" below shoulder; 11-1/2" long; .295" diameter
5500HSA Handset Ant: AT&T 4200, 4210, 4305, 4600, 4615, 5000, 5200, 5210, 5300, 5310, 5320, 5400, 5500, 5600 see RI-Telduk-7H
RI-TELDUK-7H Almond flexible rubber handset antenna 2-5/8" into; 6" above phone for .235" hole ($11.70)
RI-TELDUK-7H fits AT&T 4200, 4210, 4305, 4600, 4615, 5000, 5200, 5210, 5300, 5310, 5320, 5400, 5500, 5600
GN17R/26R White rubber antenna; 3MM thread; 2-1/2" below shoulder; (similar RI-TELDUK-7H)
GN17R/26R fits AT&T handsets like 5500HSA; also: Cobra handsets: CP86S, 91S, 92S, 93S
DA-PHON-21A telescoping 6-section, Almond Coil, 2-9/16" below shoulder; 14-1/4" long; .235" diameter
DA-PHON-21G telescoping 6-section, Gray Coil, 2-9/16" below shoulder; 14-1/4" long; .235" diameter
PHON-21-series fits same phones as -7H-series; "booster coil" for increased range
RI-Telduk-16H Almond rubber ant; 3MM thread; 3" below shoulder; 6" above phone; fits .235" hole ($11.70)
GN-16R Ivory rubber antenna; 3MM thread; 3" below shoulder; 6" above phone; for .235" hole
536-686-0-000 Black rubber ant 4" below shoulder, 6" above phone; fits .208" hole; CP464/474 ($11.70)
RI-TEL-19H telescoping 5-section; 3MM male threads; 3-3/4to13-3/4" long; .205" diameter $8.48
RI-TEL-19H fits Airship 1 RC Transmitter
GN-19 telescoping 5-section; 3MM male threads, 3-3/4to13-3/4" long; .205" diameter
RI-Telduk-19H Almond rubber ant 2-3/4" below shoulder; 6" above phone; fits .235" hole ($11.70)
DA-PHON-33 telescoping 5-section; Ivory Coil, 2-5/8" below shoulder; 14-1/4" long; .195" diameter
RI-TEL-29H telescoping 4-section; 2-7/8" below shoulder; 9-1/4" long .155" diameter $8.48
DA-PHON-16 telescoping 6-section; 3MM thread; 3" below shoulder; 16-1/2" long; .212" diameter
RI-TEL-16H telescoping 6-section; 3MM thread; 3" below shoulder; 16-5/8" long; .215" diameter $8.48
GN-16 telescoping 5-section; 3MM thread; 3-1/16" below shoulder; 14-3/8" long; .215" diameter
RI-TEL-24H telescoping 6-section, 3-3/8" below shoulder; 15-3/4" long; .212" diameter $8.48
GN-25 telescoping 6-section, 3-3/8" below shoulder; 15-3/4" long .212" diameter
RI-TEL-27H telescoping 6-section; 4-1/16" below shoulder; 23" long; .215" diameter $8.48
GN-28 telescoping 6-section; 4-1/8" below shoulder; 23" long; .212" diameter
RI-Telduk-8HA Almond rubber antenna; 7MM=.310" threads; fits CP100R, EX1500, FF3500 ($11.70)
RI-Telduk-8HB Black rubber antenna; 7MM=.310" threads; fits CP100R, EX1500, FF3500 ($11.70)
536-696-0-000 Black rubber antenna; 7MM=.310" threads; fits CP100R etc. ($11.70)
Cordless Phone Antennas with sideways hole thru Flat Blade at bottom
RI-TEL-9H telescoping 6-section, 3-1/2to13-5/8" long; .215" diameter replaces T1129 & 043-015-9-003 $8.48
RI-Telduk-9H Almond rubber antenna 3" below shoulder; 6" above phone; for .235" hole ($11.70)
GN-9 telescoping 6-section; 3-1/2 to 13-5/8" long; .215" diameter
RI-TEL-14H 6-section, 3-1/2 to 13-5/8" long; .215" diameter $8.48
RI-Telduk-14H Ivory rubber antenna 3-7/8" below shoulder; 6" above phone; for .235" hole ($11.70)
Flexible Rubber Antennas for 46/49Mhz Cordless Telephone Handsets
RI-Telduk-1H ($11.70)
GN-7R ($11.70)
RI-Telduk-15H ($11.70)
RI-Telduk-16H ($11.70)
GN-19R ($11.70)
RI-Telduk-20H ($11.70)
GN-24R ($11.70)
RI-Telduk-26H 2-5/8 inch below shoulder, .238" diameter
RI-Telduk-29H ($11.70)
AM/FM Antennas for Automobiles & Trucks
FD-77FM Rectangular mount AM/FM ant for 65-79 Fords $9,43
FD-80FM Oval mount AM/FM antenna for 80-up Fords $9,43
FM-100 universal AM/FM antenna with ball/spring $11,98
GM-77FM AM/FM antenna for narrow fenders $9,91
H2 Harada AM/FM Antenna for 1980 & newer Honda Civic
RM-1 replacement 31" mast with setscrew, fits over broken stub $5,66
TR-100 mirror mount AM/FM antenna for westcoast mirrors $13,68
VA-AEL24 auto antenna extension wire 2-ft motorola plug to socket $4,47
VA-AEL36 auto antenna extension wire 3-ft motorola plug to socket $6,75
CR75-452 auto antenna extension wire 4-ft motorola plug to socket $4,50
AEL-72 auto antenna extension wire 6-ft motorola plug to socket $5,25
GM-6 =AADP-4 adaptor cable General Motors Delco Antenna Socket to Motorola Plug $10,80
GM-7 =AADP-3 adaptor cable Motorola Socket to General Motors Delco Antenna Plug $10,80
VA-MY2F auto antenna Y-cord (2-Motorola Female Jacks to Motorola Plug) $4,95
VA-MY2M auto antenna Y-cord (Motorola Female Jack to 2-Motorola Plugs) $4,86
Thread Adaptor one of 5 from QMU-5
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