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Excerpt from page 6: First you need to understand the "Smoke Theory of Electronics." This is much simpler than Electron Theory with its positive and negative charges, holes, donor atoms, conductors, etc. Ham Radio licensees don't really need to understand Electron Theory to build or repair a 10-Meter linear amplifier (to use with their CB converted to 10-Meter ham use). Just remember that electronic things really run on smoke: Put the right parts together to regulate the flow of smoke inside the wires & other components and it will work (this is a lot like a faucet controls water flowing thru a pipe)! If a part develops a leak and lets smoke out: then you replace the leaky part! (You should also determine if some other part overloaded the one that developed the smoke-leak). A well designed unit has cheap parts that leak smoke easily to protect the very expensive parts from developing smoke leaks.

The BLACK BOOK OF CB LINEARS was named because CB linears were sold on the "Black Market". This book is a valuable technical reference for ham radio operators who want to use former "CB Linears" for legal 10-Meter Band operation. It contains 60 schematics plus repair notes on nearly 100 additional models. The design pages include a circuit explanation & acceptable parts tolerances. The Tube & Transistor information contains rf power tube & transistor specifications & basing diagrams with substitution guidelines.

Table of Contents
1 What a linear does for your signal
3 Antenna information & test results
6 Two tube linear design
10 Two transistor linear design
14-58 Repair notes & schematics
15 ABC Linear
16 Black Cat linears
24 Courier linears
25 D & A linears
29 Demco Demon linears
33 Dentron
35 Digital Sport
37 Golden Eagle/Golden Falcon
40 Hygain Afterburners
43 Kenrich
43 Knight linear
44 Kicker linear
45 Kris linears
49 Lafayette
49 New Mosquito
50 Pace linear
50 Palomar linears
55 Pocket Rocket
56 Stinger
56 Texas Star
58 Thunderbolt
59 Tube & Transistor information order it now!! $25.00 + P&H

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