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*Antennas CB Antenna Parts  Gizmotchy & Maco  Boombox, Phone, & Police Scanner  Satellite  Television
*Belts EVG and PRB Belts & Tires  Telephone Answering Machine Belt Listings
*Books Ken's Repair Books  Begin CB Repair  mic wiring   CB Modification  Common CB Problems  finding shorts   Export & 10-Meter  Linears  Police Scanners  Telephone Repair  Sams Photofact CB Books  INDEX--popular manuals
*Capacitors Capacitors   Technical Tips: hum or buzz, noise; bulge-ey capacitors in Switch-Mode Power Supplies
*Coils Ceramic Resonators, Coils, Crystal SSB Filters, Filter Chokes, Balun Cores, IF & RF Transformers   Color Code
* Computer Stuff Computer Adaptors, Cables, & Fans; Circuit board headers & connector plugs
*Crystals CB & Ham Radio Crystals  Police Scanner MonitorRadio Crystals
*Crimp Connectors Aligator Clips, Battery Holders, Cord Bushings & Grommets, Rubber Feet, Blade Connectors & Ring Terminals & Spade Lugs, Terminal Blocks & Strips, Wire Nutstyle Splice Connectors, Wire Ties & P-Clips
*Fuses Circuit Breakers, Disc Thermostats, Fuses, PTC Polymeric Thermal Cutoffs, Thermal Cutoffs   identifying fuse size
*Ham Amatuer Radio Accessories, Antennas, Microphones, Power Cords
*Kits Electronic Hobby Learning Kits & Project Boxes
*Lights Incandescent Pilot Lights  Super Bright & Channel LED's  Recreational Vehicle fan-lights; brake & taillights
*Linear Parts Linear Schematics & Parts   Tube Substitutions
*Microphones CB, & Marine Radio Microphones  Mic Plugs & Jacks  Microphone Parts & Noise Toys
*Meters Replacement Meters for CB's & Wattmeters
* Modifications Modification Stuff for CB
*Phonograph Needle/Stylus   Ceramic Cartridge   Flipover Cartridge   Magnetic Cartridge   Tetrad  Idler Drive Wheel
* Plugs/Jacks Audio/Video Adaptors & Cables   RF Connectors & Adaptors
*Power Cords CB, Ham, Molex, Vintage Plugs & Sockets   Coaxial Power Plugs & Sockets portable stuff
*Radios CB & Ham Radios   CB Repair Parts Information   Radio Mounting Brackets   Police Scanner Accessories
* Resistors Potentiometers--Controls, Trimpots   Carbon, Flameproof, Metal Film, Wirewound Resistors   color code
* Semiconductors   ECG & NTE pricelist   Original Transistors & IC's   Zenith TV Modules
* Speakers Speakers: Extension & Replacement; Earphones, Headphones & Headsets
* Switches and Relays Switches   Zing Ear equivalents   NTE & Maintenance/Repair Original Relays
* Telephone Phone Stuff cords, jacks, plugs   Pouch Carrying Cases   for Phones, Walkie Talkies
* Tools & Test Equipment Electronics Tools  CB Test Equipment   Used Test Equip, CB/Ham/PoliceScannerRadios,
* Transformers Audio & CB Modulation Transformers   Power Transformers & Power Supplies   plug paks
* Tubes Electron Receiving Tubes and Valves
* Video Video Surveillance Cameras   Video Connectors, Adaptors & Cables   VCR Repair   fix your VCR
* Wire Coaxial Cable, Heatshrink Tubing, & Wire
Ken's Electronics, (Retail & Wholesale Electronic Parts) Kalamazoo, Michigan

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